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Life and Death Of the Elephant: the Secret History Of the First University Building

When Urbana was chosen as the site of the Illinois Industrial University (now the University of Illinois) in 1867, one of the advantages it had over other potential locations was the Urbana and Champaign Institute, a brand-new, five-story, empty school building that was ready for the University’s immediate use. This building became the University of Illinois in 1867, […]

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History of the University Name

By William J. Maher and Bryan Whitledge August, 2011 Illinois Industrial University and the Change to the University of Illinois The University of Illinois began in 1867 as the Illinois Industrial University, a name with roots in the philosophy of higher education that led to the creation of land-grant universities. In an October 4, 1866 […]

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Brief History of the University of Illinois

My first meaty post will be in honor of our founding archivist Maynard Brichford.  The text below was written by Maynard in 1970 and was revised on June 1, 1983.  The figures cited are valid as of 1983. The history of the University of Illinois is the history of over 250,000 people who have studied, […]

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