Charles E. Osgood:

An Inventory of the Charles E. Osgood Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.


Private papers and personal correspondence

1 Personal correspondence, (8 folders),, 1950-81
Institute of Communications Research, sabbatical leaves, Battelle consulting and professional work; Osgood genealogy and Charles Osgood Wood; Hadly Cantril Memorial Fund Award; Dartmouth College, Philip Osgood; Interamerican Psychology Award; International Linguistic Association
American Psychological Association; Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award; peace movement
Permissions to use copyrighted material, 1983
Interview with R.W. Rieber, 1980-81
82 pp., Psycholinguistics interview (1977-79)
The MacAdam/Jozef Cohen Affair, 1975-77
Guggenheim sabbatical, 1972-73
Cross-cultural research
Biographical & Autobiographical Sketches of Osgood, Obituary
Satires of Osgood
Osgood-Vita, 1964
Publications List, 1966
Travel, 1964-22
National Academy of Science, 1972, 1975
Hamburg Affair, 1974-75
Stolen suitcase in Germany
Kurt Lewin Award, 1970-71
Psychology Today - Hall, 1973, 1975
Parade Magazine article by M. Gershen, 1972
Sabbatical, University of Hawaii, 1964
University of California, San Diego, 1956-63
Dartmouth Commencement, 10 June 1962
University of Illinois - Job, 1949, 1959
Defense Department, Wilbur Schramm, 1958-59
Basic research in social sciences
Consulting, HEW, USAF, Battelle Memorial Institute, universities, 1953-70
Semantics, arms control
AI/SAB Facility, security clearance, 1945-63
Project Michelson Advisory Committee (PMAC)/Hawaii, 1964-65
U.S. Naval Ordinance Test Station
Arms Control & Disarmament Agency (ACDA) I-III (3 folders), 1964-71
Osgood was appointed to the Social Science Advisory Board of ACDA in 1964;material includes ACDA publications, annual reports, 1962, 1963, conduct guidelines for ACDA employees and correspondence between Osgood & ACDA
CIA involvement on campus, 1977
MK Ultra & Soc. for Investigation of Human Ecology

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