Admissions and Records

The first student contacts with administrative officials involve the Office of Admissions and Records. Admission Application Records, 1880-96 (25/3/8, .1), show year, student's name and residence (1884-96), admission status, examination grades (1883-96), rejections and excused absences. Matriculation Record, 1911-20 (25/3/12, .1), shows the number and full name of students matriculating at the University. A major source of enrollment data are the Registrar's Annual Reports, 1911-13, 1930-66, 1971 (25/7/805, .6), contain tables on enrollment, degrees conferred, and reports on academic and personal information with breakdowns by campus, college, year, sex and semester. Registration Statistical Tables, 1919-55 (25/3/809, .4), contain registrar's reports, on the year, sex, and number of enrolled students on the main and Chicago campuses. Grade Distribution Statistics, 1917-52 (25/3/813, .3) contain statistical information concerning student grades and academic records.

North Central Association File, 1907-80 (25/1/3, 137.6), includes School and College Relations annual reports, correspondence and newspaper clippings. High School Conference Proceedings and Programs, 1898, 1900-42 (25/4/811, 1), include proceedings and statistical information on high school- university articulation. College Day File, 1947-57 (41/2/35, 2), includes correspondence, programs, schedules, class lists, school publications and reports of interviews. Admissions Subject File, 1922-65 (25/1/2, 8), contains material on fees and scholarships (1946-63), registration (1950-52), enrollment (1953- 61), campus religious foundations and accreditation of religious education courses (1949-65), student economics (1959-62), and selective service policy (1941-55). Admissions and Records Subject File, 1946-50, 1955-63, 1966-76 (25/3/1, 3.3), contains policy (1955-62), records retention (1957-59), Selective Service, admissions procedures, Tuition /Housing Installment Plan (1959), summer orientation (1959), class-ranking, foreign students, examinations (1971-76), fees (1969-72), grades and honors (1971-76), regulations and voluntary student fees (1971-72). Admissions and Records Administrative Correspondence, 1956-79 (25/1/1, 43.6), includes material on Freshman or New Student Week, intercollegiate professional meetings, registration, residence, quotas, scholarships, student affairs, and files relating to educational programs for the disadvantaged (1963-70), foreign students, sex & racial discrimination and financial aid. Admissions Committee File, 1944-86 (25/1/7, 3.6), includes materials on transfer policies and freshman testing programs.

Women's Grade Records, 1923-65 (41/3/8, 1), include grade summary sheets (1923-65), statistical summary sheets (1958-65), and James Scholar lists (1959-65), showing new scholars, women scholars, persons on probation and those dropped from the program.

Men's Student Records, 1944-64 (41/3/5, 171), show name, identification number, college and course, birthplace, birthdate, home address, parent or guardian, previous college education, fraternity and religious affiliation, transcripts, grade reports, identification cards, photographs, withdrawal forms, disciplinary actions, ILLIO records and class schedules.

The university has published several statistical series on student enrollment. Enrollment Tables, 1933-90 (25/3/810, 3), contains statistics concerning student body enrollments. Geographical Distribution of Student Reports, 1936-50 (25/3/811, .3), consist of statistical summaries of the geographical distribution of students. Intrants Statistical Reports, 1938-55, (25/3/812, .1), list statistical information on first semester entrants, including breakdowns by college, geographical distribution of students.

The Office of Admissions and Records issues studies of enrollment data and trends. Admissions Research Memoranda, 1920, 1963-64 (25/1/815, 1), include a report on grade distribution, memoranda on freshmen academic achievement, freshmen class profiles and reports on the characteristics of transfer students. Admissions Research Reports, 1932- (25/3/814, .1), list the number and size of classes (1932), research reports on classes, and registration and enrollment projections. The Charles W. Sanford Papers, 1943-67 (25/1/20, 2.3), include correspondence, reports and minutes relating to educational problems.