A guide for faculty who advise undergraduates, circa 1967

Since World War II, the university has provided student counseling services. Career Development and Placement Office Brochures and General Announcements, 1932-87 (41/7/801, .3), concern career planning and development, including career conference reports (1949-58), career counseling handbooks (1987), Aids for women, and minority students (1978). Psychological & Counseling Center Administrative Subject File, 1949-78 (41/9/3, 7.6), includes minutes, correspondence, guidelines, inventories and receipts on campus unrest (1970), intimidation (1969-75), and suicide prevention (1966-68). Counseling Issuances, 1958-87 (41/9/801, .3), contains Counseling Center publications, including brochures, annual reports, guides, handbooks and manuals. ADVISING AND COUNSELING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS, 1959-68 (41/9/805, .3), contains information on student counseling services, the Office of Student Activities, Health Services, admissions requirements, and a supplementary directory of university services, placement and counseling activities. Career Development and Placement Subject File, 1969-80 (41/7/1, 2), contains materials concerning career counseling and placement, campus recruiting, career programs and aids, the Summer Employment Opportunity Fair, women's career development and the women's career conferences. The Ombudsman's Subject File, 1960-80 (24/1/11, .6), concerns proposals and reports pertaining to residential units, Freshman Seminars, student demonstrations (1969-70), and statistical reports on requests for information regarding admissions, academic advising, health services and housing.