Dean's Offices

General newsletters and publications convey university policies to students. The Chancellor`s CAMPUS REPORTS, 1967-79 (24/1/801, .3), report campus events, student regulations, legislation, and topics of current interest. STUDENT AFFAIRS, 1964-79 (41/1/802, .3), contains news of student and campus activities, announcements, calendars and descriptions of student services. Student Handbooks, 1961-69 (41/3/805, .1), contain publications on academic life, student discipline, history, student services, student life and activities. Student Affairs Announcements, 1911-64 (41/2/801, .3), includes information on undergraduate life, analysis of the cost of living at the university, staff manuals and announcements (1918-61).

The Office of Student Affairs files contain documentation on student activities, housing, organizations and services. Student Affairs Official Letterbooks, 1900-09 (41/2/2, 3), contain correspondence about the honor system and student riots. General Correspondence, 1912-82 (41/2/1, 79), concerns students' personal, financial, social, housing, health and extracurricular problems, academic work, discipline, financial support, fraternities and other organizations, and vocational guidance. The series includes correspondence about students' academic standing, probation, petitions, dishonesty in examinations, rules and regulations, health insurance, loans, scholarships, employment, fraternity affairs and publications, Interfraternity Conference, hazing, military affairs and service, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Rotary Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Freshman Week, Cosmopolitan Club, affirmative action, financial aid, handicapped students, education for ex-offenders, minority students, student athletes, student transfers and tutorial programs. Assistant Dean's Correspondence, 1922-30 (41/2/9, 10) concerns personal, financial, social, housing, health and extra curricular programs, academic work, discipline, financial support, fraternities and other organizations and vocational guidance. Correspondence File, 1943-66 (41/1/1, 49), contains correspondence with students concerning academic work, discipline, financial support, organizations and vocational guidance. The series includes letters relating to academic probation, petitions, rules and regulations, housing inspections, loans, scholarships, employment, fraternity affairs and publications, Inter-fraternity Conference, hazing, military affairs and service. Subject File, 1966-84 (41/1/6, 67), contains correspondence, reports, minutes, manuscripts and publications about student organizations and activities, conduct and discipline, codes and judiciary systems, housing, programs and services, admissions and enrollment, financial, fraternities and sororities, residence halls, international students and staff, New Student Week and student records. Dean's Subject File, 1943-88 (41/2/31, 12), includes reports from the Committee on Student Affairs (1951-58), Cosmopolitan Club (1951-60), housing (1953-60), military training (1953-60), new students (1958-62), Phi Eta Sigma (1943-60), and social activities. The file includes correspondence about student conduct, finances, grades, housing, registration, orientation, academic probation, counseling, women's concerns, minority issues, foreign students problems, religious cults, fraternities, student organizations, alcohol abuse, sexual assault and harassment, student discipline, the status of women and other student programs and services. Student Affairs Subject File, 1963-79 (41/2/30, 15.3), contains material on internal organization of student affairs offices, New Student Week (1971-79), orientation, student organizations, Black students, Afro-American Cultural Center, student housing matters, foreign student affairs, and the student speakers bureau (1968- 74).

Before the Offices of Dean of Men and Dean of Women merged in the 1960s, the Office for the Dean of Women maintained voluminous and detailed annual reports about female students. Dean of Women's Subject File, 1909-80 (41/3/1, 34, 34), contains material relating to Panhellenic activities (1921-74), Student Affairs Committee (1947-68), enrollment, Women's Group System (1931-51), Woman's League (1923-41), National Independent Association (1947-62), women's regulations (1945-70), housing policies (1946-72), financial aid (1960- 70), health services (1960-74), senior clearance for graduation (1956-75), and Student Services Building (1957-67). Dean of Women's Annual Reports, 1920-82 (41/3/2, 8.6), of deans responsible for residence hall counseling, freshmen women, panhellenic affairs, independent women, organization social events, and housing units contain material relating to housing, counseling, health, scholarship, social life and events, discipline, finances, and student organizations. Dean of Students Annual Reports, 1914-39 (41/2/10, .3), relate to student life, student employment, student discipline, student scholarship, fraternities, sororities, financial aid, housing, student health, student organizations, student loans, and student government. Student Affairs Annual Reports, 1934-80 (41/1/30, 3), discuss activities of the deans relating to foreign students, student organizations, student employment, placement, housing, and Illini Union student activities.