Financial Aid

Financial aid is a major assistance program to help students pay for university costs. Tuition and Fees Schedules, 1961- (25/3/805, .1), contain material concerning tuition, and resident and non-resident fees and expenses. Financial Aid Publications, 1869-62 (41/4/801, .6), concern tuition, expenses and aid, awards, and employment available to alleviate costs. Annual Reports of Financial Aid to Students, 1959, 1974 (25/1/811, .1), lists financial aid amounts, number, source and types of aid. Financial Aid for Graduate Students, 1960-66 (7/1/808, .1), is a brochure concerning financial aid procedures for graduate students.

Scholarship Records, 1896-1916 (25/6/5, 2), contain applications from high school students for undergraduate scholarships, including personal and academic data. Student Affairs Ledgers, 1919-23 (41/2/36, .4), show accounts of the Graduate Club Loan Fund, and Students' Hospital Association. Student Loan Fund Records, 1927-47 (41/2/37, 2), concern scholarships and loan funds for students. Special Reports of Student Loan Funds, 1954-67 (6/4/812, .1), include an annual operations summary, and a historical summary of changes in loan fund balances.