Student Affairs Commitee

A booklet detailing the Student Affairs Code, circa 1952

The Student Affairs Committee files include folders on student life and organizations. The Committee on Student Affairs Publications, 1931- 63 (4/2/821, .6), consist of codes, regulations, reports and letters, including "Hints for Students" issued by the Committee on Students' Welfare (1892), letters on student social life issued by the Committee on Student Organizations and Activities (1928-29), a report on student living and working conditions (1931), bicycle traffic code (1940), and material relating to student organizations and activities.

Student Affairs Committee File, 1939-58 (41/1/8, .3), includes lists, appointments, minutes, recommendations, reports and related correspondence for fraternity affairs (1946-54), Men's Independent Association (1946-54), Panhellenic Affairs (1951-54), and committees and boards dealing with student affairs. Student Affairs Committee Correspondence, 1940-41 (4/2/121, .3), contains the correspondence of Dean Fred H. Turner, Executive Secretary with Chairman William J. Putnam and assistant dean for student organizations V. James Hampton concerning student organization activities and membership eligibility, including a file on the American Student Union and its Peace Week Convention (April 18-26, 1941).