Independent Housing Groups

Residence Hall handbook, circa 1975

Early students lived in rooming houses. Harp Club Account Book, 1879- 80 (41/70/113, .1), shows boarders' names, payments, and the purpose and amount of club expenditures.

The university issued rules and regulations governing the facilities and programs for independents or non-fraternity students. Student Housing Handbooks, 1941-1985 (37/6/801, .3), contain rules, regulations, descriptions of facilities, and contract agreements for University-owned housing. Student Affairs Circulars and Announcements, 1970 (41/1/801, .3), describe facilities, services, programs, and list telephone numbers and an emergency operations plan.

The Men's Independent and Residence Halls Associations provided the structure for student participation. Men's Independent Association Subject File, 1945-69 (41/2/11, 2.6), contains reports, rosters and rankings on independent housing. The series also includes references to problems of black students, research on housing, age, home and marital status of black students (1965-67), and a proposal for a program for culturally deprived students. Men's Residence Hall Association File, 1954-66 (41/62/8, .6), includes constitutions (1963-65), Illini Guide posters, officer's and official's rosters (1958-64), President's Council minutes and reports (1962-65), publications, senior rosters (1962-66), and social events programs (1960-63). Housing Statistics, 1956-68 (37/6/816, .1), show housing for men. Independent Student Organization Records, 1982-83 (41/62/19, .1), include clippings, notices and flyers for independent students. THE INDEPENDENT, 1937-40 (41/62/805, .2), includes news of general campus activities and sports, announcements of independent group activities and student editorials and features. Men's Residence Hall Newspapers, 1957-67 (41/70/802, .3), contain articles on house social exchanges, sports events, news features, academic competition and awards and human interest news of house members, jokes, and related topics. Nabor House History, 1989 (41/70/82, .1), concerns the local fraternity history, awards, a membership list, scholarships and a constitution.

Women's residence halls records provide extensive documentation on student life. Women's Residence Halls Booklets, 1919-40, 1968-69 (37/6/807, .3), contain general information and regulations pertaining to all women's residence halls and specific halls. The Busey-Evans Hall Association Records, 1929-81 (41/70/27, 2), contain minutes of meetings, policy correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, newsletters, notes, and programs for social activities. Pennsylvania Residence Halls File, 1962-80 (37/6/41, .6), includes material on residence hall policies, governance, operations, regulations and procedures. Women's League Secretary's Books, 1919-42 (41/62/14, 1), contain minutes of the Woman's League regular, annual, advisory board and executive council meetings, relating to changes in the constitutions, financial and committee reports, social and business plans, roll call and elections. Women's Independent Student Association Scrapbooks, 1927-68 (41/62/13, 3), include newspaper clippings, photographs of officers and members, lists of house presidents, invitations, dance programs, Watcheka Sing programs, and related items concerning campus events, elections and announcements. Alpha House Histories, 1917-50 (41/70/5, .1), document the first cooperative house for women and list officers and members, and house scholastic averages. Descriptions contain comments on the social activities and personalities living in the house, parties, dates, vacations, examinations and pledges. McKinley Hall Scrapbooks and Photographs, 1948-64 (41/70/78, 2.6), include programs, announcements, newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence and related material concerning group social activities and individual recognition. The scrapbooks and photographs document Homecoming parades, spring carnival, Watcheka Sing, dances, open houses, awards ceremonies, queen contests, wedding and birth announcements, class prophecies and wills.