Clyde S. Johnson, Leland F. Leland, & Wilson Heller Collection

Clyde S. Johnson Fraternity Collection, 1931-70 (41/2/50, 14), concerns fraternities, college life, higher education, autonomy, hazing, housing, house management and finances, interfraternity councils, pledging, rushing, scholarship, civil liberties, student government and organizations and personal and business affairs. The series includes a card file of articles and books on fraternity and college life. Leland Publishers Records, 1933-71 (41/2/51, 5.6), concerns national and local fraternities and sororities (1941-65), fraternity publishing, the National Interfraternity Conference (1938-68), and National Panhellenic Conference (1949-65), and Tau Kappa Epsilon (1942-63).

The Wilson Heller Papers, 1937-83 (41/2/52), 13.2) consist of correspondence and subject files used in compiling annual comparisons of fraternities and sororities and FRATERITY INSIDER articles. The series includes notes, surveys, chapter ratings, magazine and newspaper clippings, copies of POT-POURRI (1964-65) and FRATERNITY INSIDER (1965-83), and publications of the College Survey Bureau and Fraternity Consultants. Subjects include chapter management, College Fraternities Secretaries Association (1967- 77), Fraternity Hall of Fame (1972-83), Interfraternity Research Advisory Council (1955-62), National Interfraternity Council (1949-79), and Phi Kappa Alpha alumni (1950-80).