National Panhellenic Conference Archives

The Archives serves as the archives of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). Proceedings, 1933-88 (41/82/10, 1.3), consist of verbatim minutes of the biennial national conferences of NPC. The Conference File, 1962- 91 (41/82/11, .6), contains correspondence and publications relating to arrangements for conferences, undergraduate participation, and resolutions. The Chairman's File, 1951-92 (41/82/20, 1), includes correspondence (1959-78), and BULLETINS (1951-77). The City Panhellenics File, 1959-92 (41/82/30, .6), contains publications and correspondence relating to alumni panhellenics. Alumnae Panhellenics Guidelines, 1976-93 (41/82/831, .1), contain NPC rules, policies and procedures that apply to new and existing alumnae panhellenics, including restrictions of undergraduate assistance. The College Panhellenic Committee File, 1955-93 (41/82/40, 1), contains correspondence, reports, and publications covering workshops, problems of individual campuses, and new panhellenics. College Panhellenics Guidelines, 1973-91 (41/82/841, .1), contains NPC rules for college panhellenics and suggestions on how to run them, such as the election and rotations of officers. PH FACTOR, 1972-93 (41/82/842, .1), a biannual newsletter sent to college panhellenics by the College Panhellenic Committee, contains news of local events, suggestions on running college panhellenics and calendars of national events.

Committee File, 1947-85 (41/82/50, 1), contains correspondence from committees concerned with fraternity issues. Extension Committee File, 1958-87 (41/82/51, .3), concerns member sororities starting new chapters at individual colleges and NPC rules for this procedure. Field Consultant's Seminar File, 1986- 90 (41/82/52, .3), contains materials distributed at NPC's seminars for the field consultants of member groups. Slide Shows, Photographs, & Videotapes, 1971-91 (41/82/90, .3), contains photographs of national conferences, and NPC slide shows. Directories, 1973-93 (41/82/801, .3), include chapters by state & campus location (1973, 1983, 1987-88) and NPC Committee and rank (1983-86). Listings, 1983 (41/82/802, .1) record NPC committee assignments (1983). Sorority Handbooks, 1913-31 (41/82/806, .3), contain chapters on higher education for women and the history and mission of the sorority system, including listings of national academic sororities, professional sororities, academic fraternities, honorary societies, and data on colleges & universities.

Fraternity Organizations File, 1943-92 (41/82/7, 1), includes correspondence, publications and reports relating to the National Interfraternity Council (1951-84), National Interfraternity Foundation (1946-71), and other organizations. Interfraternity Research & Advisory Council Publications, 1947-88 (41/82/808, .3), include annual reports of IRAC National Meetings (1947-82) and copies of the IRAC BULLETIN (1949-86). Interfraternity Research & Advisory Council File, 1950-82 (41/82/8, .6), includes correspondence, publications and reports relating to fraternity objectives, exclusive rights for producing fraternity insignia, research and the dissolution of the IRAC (1985-86). Fraternity Affairs File, 1941-91 (41/82/9, 1.3), contains correspondence and publications about the All American Conference to Combat Communism (1951-72), Eligibility for NPC (1947-83), Little Sister Groups (1967- 77), National Student Association (1950-67), Operation Greek (1969-72), Sigma Gamma Rho (1971-75), and Philanthropy Reports from member sororities (1941-71). Manuals of Information, 1946-89 (41/82/809, .3), contain a history of NPC, rules and policies for college and city panhellenics, and general information about other fraternity organizations. Programs, 1935-89 (41/82/810, .1) from national conferences contain schedules and rosters of attendees. Reports, 1902-87 (41/82/811, .6) from national conferences, contain rosters, schedules, minutes and reports. NPC Bulletins, 1912-14 (41/82/812, .1), contain news and articles. The National Panhellenic Review, 1937-87 (41/82/813, .3), consists of an indexed guide to the actions of NPC on membership, ethics, standing committees, chaperones, and other topics. Rushing Publications, 1959-89 (41/82/850, .1) relate to NPC rushing rules and methods, such as bid-matching and rush counseling. Promotional Literature, 1957-89 (41/82/860, .1), relates to public relations for NPC, both within member groups and the general public.