Officers in the student senate, circa 1950.

Regent John M. Gregory established a student government with electoral, legislative and judicial functions to instruct students in the basic practices of political life. The chief student activity was in class government, class socials and class rivalries. After World War II, the Graduate Student Association became an important organization. In 1975, students obtained representation on the Board of Trustees. Student Government Records, 1870-83 (41/62/11, .3), contain record books of the Illinois Industrial University College government concerned with meetings of the general assembly. The series includes a journal (1877-83) containing minutes of Senate meetings, roll calls for meetings (1877-82) and related documents. The proceedings relate to the management of the ILLINI, elections, abolition of student government, by-laws and student discipline. Alumni Class Files, 1873- 1897 (26/4/5, 1), contain memorabilia, programs announcements, invitations for student events, student newspapers and tickets of parties campaigning for student government.

Class of 1892 Secretary's Book, 1888-92 (41/62/92, .1), contains minutes of class meetings, relating to election of officers, class social and athletic events, photographs, mottos, pins, SOPHOGRAPH and freshman-sophomore relations. The series includes a constitution and by-laws for the freshman class and a list of members.

Student Senate Files, 1948-68 (41/62/12, 3), relate to student organizations, finances, elections, academic freedom, social and athletic events, housing regulations, and the Committee on Student Affairs (1948-68). Graduate Student Association Subject File, 1967-71 (41/62/15, 6), includes minutes, correspondence, petitions, prospectuses, referenda and flyers of the executive committee relating to student housing, internal structure and policies, finances, publications, educational policies, student protests, elections and constitutional changes. The series includes newspaper clippings relating to campus events, campus organizations, brochures relating to student problems, and manuals and handbooks concerning advanced degree requirements. GRAD NEWS, 1968- 77 (41/62/915, .1), reports on university policies affecting graduate students, projects, consumerism, housing, politics and committee appointments. Illinois Student Association Records, 1978-83 (41/62/30, .3), contain statements of purpose, constitutions, correspondence and memoranda, meeting agendas and minutes, committee reports, press releases and news clippings. Student Trustees' Subject Files, 1975-85 (1/20/60, 3), includes correspondence to and from the student trustees, and reports, policy statements, resumes, and press clippings relating to academic affairs, admissions, athletic matters, housing affairs, Student Legal Service, McKinley Health Center, minority affairs, Student Trustees' staff, tuition and fees, and women's issues.