A program for the symposium held in Urbana to honor of the 50th anniversery of Phi Lambda Upsilon, circa 1949

Several academic honorary societies include students with superior records in all studies. Phi Beta Kappa Records, 1900-82 (41/63/46, 7), include correspondence, minutes, reports, lists of student members, clippings, manuals and handbooks, programs, constitutions, bulletins and material relating to membership, keys, initiation, approval of new chapters, programs and addresses, organizations (1908), and membership recommendations. Phi Kappa Phi Records, 1933-71 (41/63/50, 2), include correspondence, memoranda, reports, worksheets, programs, clippings and other documents relating to membership, initiation, scholarship, officers, faculty citations, constitution and by-laws, annual reports and meetings. Sigma Xi Nominations File, 1904-58 (41/63/80, 4.6), shows name, field, address, degree, publications and other qualifications of proposed members. Phi Delta Psi Minute Book, 1902-09 (41/63/114, .1), shows members, officers, membership and social activities of an honorary junior-senior women's organization.

Many academic honorary societies include students in specific disciplines. Gamma Alpha Chi File, 1946-66 (41/63/112, .3), a national fraternity for women in advertising, includes photographs, newspaper clippings and programs. The secretary's record includes minutes of meetings, membership lists, applications for membership, schedules of events, related correspondence, and the Gamma Alpha Chi national newsletter (1946-65). Phi Lambda Upsilon Records, 1909-87 (41/63/59, 9.3), an honorary chemistry fraternity, include constitutions and by-laws (1913-81), history and activities booklets (1950-83), ritual manuals (1936-77), correspondence of officers, chapter letters (1911-13, 1942-60), chapter correspondence files and petitions for membership, chapter site information, honorary membership files (1960-76), and an album- scrapbook (ca.1939). THE ZETA ION, 1935-69 (41/63/801, .1), the newsletter of the Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma (chemistry honorary), contains news of students, reports of social activities, job placement, initiations, house activities and awards. Kappa Delta Pi Scrapbook, 1920-64 (41/63/45, .6), an educational honorary fraternity, includes lists of officers and programs, announcement of meetings, circular letters, newspaper reports of meeting and addresses, initiation banquet and regional conference programs, membership rolls (1922-53), summaries of correspondence (1921-22), treasurer's journal (1920-25), photographs of initiates and members and related material concerning chapter activities. Eta Kappa Nu Records, 1904-63 (41/63/25, 1), an electrical engineering honorary society, includes correspondence (1905-26) relating to the constitution and by-laws, initiation, membership, approval of new chapters, election of officers, adjustment to World War I conditions and the post-war period, and employment placement. The records include minute books (1917-61), membership lists (1904-63), and financial records (1912-53). Theta Sigma Phi Archives, 1923-65 (41/63/87, .6), a professional journalism fraternity, contains materials from or sent to fraternity members concerning administrative and fiscal management. The series includes a Certificate of Charter, Constitution and By-Laws, directory of members, handbooks, fraternity manuals, membership, publicity and women in the press. The Library Science Student Awards File, 1973-74 (18/1/851, .1), contains documents relating to eligibility for awards. Delta Theta Epsilon Records, 1923-65 (41/63/24, .3), the honorary men's physical education fraternity, includes a constitution and membership scroll (1921-65), minute book (1923-65), scrapbook (1942-50), photographs and clippings, DELTA THETA EPSILON NEWS (1930), ritual handbooks for grand master of ceremonies, and correspondence (1942, 1963).