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The Black Student Association logo, circa 1972.

Students with particular ethnic, national or regional origin have formed organizations for others with a similar background. Komenian Society Records, 1908-11 (41/64/42, .1), a club composed of Bohemian students, contains a treasurer's book and correspondence. Black Alumni and Ex-Students Project File, 1967-73 (35/3/50, 1), contains data sheets for black students showing name, birthdate, deathdate, birthplace, deathplace, date of attendance at the university, student activities, and degrees received. The series includes a file showing names of black students (1967-68). Black Student Association Publications, 1967-74 (41/66/826, .3), contain feature articles, editorials, poetry, book reviews, cartoons, photographs, announcements and advertisements about the University, Black events, and education.

Minority Student Publications, 1990 (41/12/801, .1), includes a descriptive brochure, a minority student handbook, and THE SPECTRUM, a student newspaper. Association of Cosmopolitan Clubs Records, 1908-19 (41/64/8, .3), a member of the international Corda Fratres, includes correspondence, programs and reports relating to the Association, THE COSMOSPOLITAN STUDENT, conventions, and foreign students. International House Association (C-U Chapter) Records, 1952-58 (41/64/43, .3), includes minutes (1952-58), guest book (1953-58), annual reports and president's reports (1952-58), by-laws, a charter, a chapter manual and correspondence on the discontinuation of the chapter (1958).