Political and Social Action

Walrus was an outlet for radical students in the 1960s, circa 1969

Political and social issues have motivated students to organize, hold rallies and protests and issue publications advocating their ideas. Young Democrats Club Records, 1952-65 (41/66/17, .3) includes a scrapbook, minutes, mailing and attendance lists, constitutions, publicity posters, clippings, news releases, correspondence concerned with speaking engagements, treasurer's information, and the club's activities with the National Young Democrats and the Illinois' Citizenship Clearinghouse. WALRUS, 1968-72 (41/66/869, .3), an underground newspaper published by groups of students, contains feature articles, cartoons, poetry, movie and book reviews, editorials and advertisements about the University. People Publications, 1970-71 (41/66/969, .4), published by "a political education collective," Radical Union and the Print Co-op, contain articles about university policies, radical movements on campuses, alternative lifestyles and community affairs. THE BONEYARD EXAMINER, 1971 (41/66/896, .1), published by the Boneyard Press to "be a thorn in the side of those who perpetuate exploitation and injustice in our community," contains news of student interest, feature articles, advertisements and cartoons. Women's Student Union Records, 1974-84 (41/66/100, 2), includes minutes, newsletters and program materials concerning rape, the Equal Rights Amendment, family planning, sexual harassment and feminism, the National Women's Music Festival (1976-80) and Women's Film Festival (1981, 1984), and the Committee on Women's Concerns (1979- 80).