Professional and Occupational


Professional organizations provide students with the opportunity to affiliate with national societies and associate with other students in their field. Alpha Delta Sigma Records, 1946-68 (41/67/9, .6), include files on activities, field trips, awards (1959-67), membership information (1966-68), treasurer's financial records (1947-64), publications (1943- 67), photographs (1963-64) and history. Phi Upsilon Omicron Records, 1931-73 (41/67/123, .3), concern activities, organization, rules and regulations, chapter inspection, duties of members and officers, membership, initiation, governance and finances of an organization of students.


Agricultural Club Records, 1888-1948 (41/67/2, .7), include constitutions and by-laws, minutes of meetings (1888-1943), photographs (1913), programs (1888-24), correspondence (1901-05), critics' books (1907-18), and treasurer's books (1925-48). AGRINEER and ASAE Branch Publications, 1950-77 (41/67/829, .3), of the Illinois Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, contains photographs and captions about students, student- staff stags, dances, field trips, open houses and banquets, and ASAE Student branch annual banquet programs. Dairy Technology Society Files, 1958-69 (41/67/52, .1), include minutes, notices of meetings and special events, lists of officers and members, a constitution, and correspondence (1968- 69). Student News and Information Bureau Publications, 1961- (8/3/880, .3), include newsletters about agriculture student activities.


ARCHITECTURAL YEARBOOK, 1906-28 (41/67/834, .3), published by the Architects Club, includes lists of club officers and members, and design sketches and drawings. Scarab Records, 1953-71 (41/67/140, 1), a professional architectural student fraternity, includes manuals, handbooks, description of the pledge program, minutes of national conventions, chapter correspondence, membership lists, schedule of meetings, minutes, a constitution, and treasurer's reports.


Astronomical Society Records, 1980-89 (41/68/12, .1), include correspondence, newsletters, publicity and open house announcements concerning meetings and activities of the Society and its 35th anniversary (1989).


ILLINOIS CHEMIST, 1915-25 (15/5/825 .4), a quarterly published by chemistry students contains lists of degree recipients, class notes, jokes, Chemistry Club news, fraternal activities, and reports. Iota Sigma Pi Records, 1915-75 (41/63/33, 1), and its local affiliate, the Iodine Chapter (formerly Alpha Theta Chi), include constitutions, by-laws and Officer's Handbooks (1917-63), recordbooks (1915-72), convention reports (1924-60), correspondence (1924-67), local and national history (1915-63), the IOTAN (1944-69), membership directories (1919-46), membership records (1952-66), minutes of the meetings of the local chapter (1918-71), newsletters (1931-41), and photographs (1960- 63). Alpha Chi Sigma Association Records, 1924-31 (41/67/8, .1), include minutes of the Board of Directors meetings (1924-31) and related documents concerning the by-laws of the association.


Beta Nu Kappa Secretary's Book, 1924-28 (41/67/42, .1) includes an account of the founding of the men's honorary banking fraternity, minutes of the meetings (1925-28), instructions to pledges, mailing lists, Commerce Club letter and list (1919-20), initiation program (1928), and a treasurer's record (1924-28). Beta Alpha Psi Archives, 1927-86 (41/67/541, 5), includes books, videotapes, correspondence, ledgers, newsletters, notes, photographs, and reports of an accounting fraternity concerning chapter activities, membership policies, rules for establishing and maintaining chapters, brochures, membership lists, constitution and revisions, chapter visitation and an auditor's report. Rho Epsilon Records, 1954-65 (41/67/139, .1), concern the organization of a professional real estate society, including constitution and by-laws, membership lists, minutes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.


Phi Delta Kappa Publications, 1934-80 (41/67/916, .3), include lists of officers, chapter news, lists of members, letters and social activities. Phi Delta Kappa History, 1986 (41/67/116, .1), concerns the governance, programs and membership of Pi Chapter of organizations of students in education.


Electrical Engineering Society Records, 1904-28 (41/67/23, .1), include a treasurer's day book showing date, payor or payee, amount received, financial statement, correspondence, vendor's statements, check stubs, orders and workpapers for the 1928 Electrical Show. Mu-San Records, 1954-59 (41/67/100, .3), a fraternity for students in municipal and sanitary engineering, includes the constitution, general assembly, correspondence, financial information, newsletters and publication, the PIPEFITTER. Engineering Student Newsletters, 1974-90 (11/1/807), consist of "North of Green," including news of student social activities, organizations, government, academic requirements and awards.

History & Home Economics

History Graduate Student Association File, 1968-72 (41/67/219, .3), includes constitution, by-laws, agenda and abstracts of meetings, committee reports, correspondence, directories, questionnaires, election ballots, newsletters, newspaper clippings, departmental announcements and reports and flyers about HGSA sponsored activities and faculty opinions of HGSA. Home Economics Club Records, 1948-70 (41/67/70, 1.1), includes reports, correspondence, brochures, newsletters, memoranda, scrapbooks, programs, photographs, lists, calenders of events, and documents concerning the organization of the club, fund raising, activities, conferences, membership, officers, events sponsored, initiation and induction, trips, and governing the club. Home Economic Student Council Records, 1950-71 (41/73/19, 1), include minutes, reports, recommendations, correspondence, memoranda, brochures, photographs, questionnaires, lists of members and transfer student, and booklets concerning activities, committees, meetings, membership, and duties and responsibilities of the Home Economics Student Council.


ILLINI JOURNALIST, 1925, 1931 (13/3/808, .1), a newspaper for journalism students contains enrollment, transfer students, and student expectations and activities, and includes THE ILLINI JOURNALIST's 1931 yearbook edition, histories of the College of Journalism, journalism organizations and THE DAILY ILLINI, and lists of journalism students. Sigma Delta Chi Records, 1926-74 (41/67/142, 3), include constitution and by-laws (1948, 1970), correspondence (1936, 1950), student rosters (1955, 1971), pledge certificates (1960-63), programs (1940, 1947), financial records (1929-64), minutes, reports, newsletters, notes and drafts, awards and convention files regarding administrative functions rituals and history of a journalism fraternity. THE ILLINI OBSERVER, 1938-43 (13/3/811, .2), a weekly newspaper published by Journalism 54 students, contains local community and campus news articles, columns and advertisements. THE COLLEGE TUMOR, 1932-82 (41/67/942, .6), contain articles, photographs and cartoons satirizing and parodying campus life, the homecoming football game, social activities and sex.


CAVEAT, 1956-90 (14/1/820, .3) consists of a monthly publication by law school students, containing news of classes and students, student societies, student grade averages, feature articles and editorials, and proceedings of moot court competition.

Library & Information Science

Library Science Student Newsletters, 1939-40, 1955 (18/1/807, .1), contain news notes, placement reports, personal items and class news. Library School Class and Student Council Minutes, 1947-59 (41/67/90, .1), includes class meeting minutes (1947-53), treasurer's records (1947-54), and student council and class officers meeting minutes (1953-59) concerning elections of officers, finances, constitutions, social activities, colloquia and the function of student organizations. Beta Phi Mu Record Chapter Books, 1953-73 (41/67/43, .6), a series of contributions to the literature of books and librarianship, includes correspondence, a constitution, by-laws and amendments, announcements, and lists of officers and initiates. Women Library Workers Subject File, 1979-82 (41/67/183, .3), includes announcements, applications, reprints and newsclippings, newsletters, photographs, and correspondence about organization funding, meetings and activities, feminist issues, and conferences.


Mathematical Club Minutes and Protocol Books, 1900-18 (41/67/92, .3), include meeting minutes about business discussed and officers elected, and protocol books containing copies of papers presented by students. The minute book includes a constitution (1900), rolls (1900-07), and treasurer's reports (1902-07).


University Choral and Orchestral Society Records, 1898-1913 (41/65/9, .4), contains account books (1898-1912), cancelled checks (1911-12), programs (1911-12), and a Board of Directors list of minutes (1912-13). The series includes a scrapbook of the Choral Society containing programs for performances, lists of Society members, news announcements, publicity brochures, newspaper clippings (1898-1907), photographs, and copies of correspondence. Campus Folksong Club Records, 1961-66 (41/65/1, .3), include executive committee materials (1962-65) relating to constitutional amendments, minutes, membership, entertainment, news clippings (1961-63), and copies of folksong publications (1961-66). Symphony Orchestra Central and South American Tour Scrapbook, 1963-64 (41/65/16, 1), relates to the University Symphony Orchestra tour of Latin America in which 80 students participated.

Rehabilitation, Science, Theater & Veterinary Science

Delta Sigma Omicron Publications, 1953-73 (41/68/826, .3), include annual banquet programs and newsletters for students in rehabilition education. Sigma Delta Epsilon Records, 1923-76 (41/67/143, 2), the graduate women's scientific fraternity, includes minutes, membership lists, constitutions, clippings, newsletters, treasurer's reports, correspondence, data sheets on members, history and material related to initiation, installation and social functions. Mask and Bauble File, 1913-23 (41/63/31, .3), contains the secretary's minutes for meetings (1916-20), financial records of the organization, including check and savings books (1913-22), correspondence revitalizing the Associated University Players and the constitutions of Mask and Bauble and the Associated University Players. The Krannert Center Student Association Announcements, 1981- (12/12/809, .1), contains announcements of work opportunities for students at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. THE ILLINOIS VETERINARIAN, 1958-70 (41/67/999, .4), contains articles, news items, legal advice and advertisements relating to veterinary medical education, class reunions, conventions and professional meetings.