A student hangs a banner on campus, circa 1968

Y.M.C.A. - Y.W.C.A. Student Handbooks, 1884-1954 (41/69/321, .6), or "I-Books" published by the Christian Associations for student reference and record use, include information on Y.M.C.A. purposes, advice for students, library rules (1884-91), reports of student religious work, descriptive matter on student literary, social, engineering, scientific and musical associations, data on student publications, opportunities for self help (1890-1900), athletic records, and campus social customs, traditions and definitions, songs and cheers. Y.M.C.A. Publications, 1886, 1895, 1898-1953 (41/69/320, 1.3), include promotional and descriptive material about programs, services and facilities, and membership material. The series includes materials about wartime services, social notices, post-exam jubilee programs (1904-22), foreign student directories (1951-53), and community service material. Y.M.C.A. Photographs, 1922-71 (41/69/322, 1.3), include prints of the community, awards and recognitions, student cabinet officers and groups, campus scenes, Fraternity All-Pledge Banquets, Freshman Camps and Conferences, Freshman Fellowship and Conference, graduate student groups, International student trips to Springfield and other Illinois cities and towns, International student organizations and suppers, membership, recreation and social, student groups and individuals, and student officers.

Y.W.C.A Publications, 1903-82 (41/69/333, .3), contain programs, (1914, 1941-82), announcements and programs for events (1909-82), membership promotions, and program announcements. Y.W.C.A. Subject File, 1906-84 (41/69/331, 10), contains histories (1906-84), committee minutes and reports (1906-20), and correspondence, minutes and reports about programs sponsored or co- sponsored by the Y.W.C.A., including Women Against Rape (1973-79), and freshman conference (1966-73). The series includes materials relating to the national Y.W.C.A and the National Student Council (1950-72), including Black women, foreign students, racism, religious education and the status of women. Y.W.C.A Photographs, 1902-84 (41/69/332, .3), show committees and conferences, international dinners and teas, founding group of the Student Fellowship for Christian Service, freshman and Lake Geneva conferences, committees, fall retreats, and program activities.

Religious foundations have played a major role in student life and culture at Illinois. Their buildings, located between student residences and the campus, are centers for student activities as well as religious worship. Campus foundation staff are members of the Religious Workers Association. Episcopal Church Foundation Records, 1901-85 (41/69/8, 2), includes correspondence about the foundation's work with students. Wesley Foundation Publications, 1902- (41/69/829, 1), include promotional brochures and circular letters, church bulletins and conferences, and lecture, banquet and concert programs. Religious Workers Association Papers, 1922-84 (41/69/70, 1.3), a cooperative of ministers and priests of campus religious foundations, include correspondence, minutes, reports, budgets, rosters, and issuances of publicity concerning committee activities. HILLEL POST, 1927-47 (41/69/806, .4), the newsletter of the Hillel Foundation, contains news articles on foundation activities, columns on social, dramatic and sports activities, editorials, and notices of religious events. Harry Applewhite Papers, 1964-67 (41/69/35, .3), concern school integration, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and a conference on the Roles of Education and Religion on Foreign Policy Formation.