A foot race held near campus, circa 1890s. The Photographic Subject File contains numerous such photographs of student life.

The principal archival photograph collection is the Public Information Photographic Subject File, 1868-1963 (39/2/20, 63.6), relating to student activities, agriculture, athletics, campus scenes, the Chicago campus, colleges, engineering, housing and food services, military, students' organizations, physical education, and students. Public Information University Photograph Albums, 1906-30 (39/2/21 & 24, 1-3), contain photographs of campus scenes, university celebrations, athletic events, commencements, military day, fraternity and sorority houses, student activities, agricultural operations and athletic events. The collection of campus photographer Bernard A. Strauch, 1890-1950 (26/30/2, 4.8), includes prints, negatives and plates relating to student activities, campus scenes, colleges, interscholastic circus, bands, military, and student organizations. The photographic collection of his successor, Harlan D. Fairchild, 1911-43 (26/30/5, 2), includes prints of photographs of student activities (1920-41), athletic teams and events - especially baseball and football (1911-36), interscholastic track meets (1927-42), commencement (1930-43), and bands (1913-39). Faculty, Staff and Student Portraits, 1933-82 (39/2/26, 18.6); include many photographs of students. NEWS-GAZETTE Negatives, 1935-64 (39/2/30, 56), include a chronological file of negatives taken by photographers for use in the local newspaper. Topics include sports, and university activities & events. University Videotapes, 1960-89 (39/1/15, 7.2) of television programs by or relating to the university concerning College Bowl (1960), Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (ca. 1965), and University Christmas shows (1970-79).

Homecoming Badges, 1914-63 (41/6/810, .6) includes homecoming badges. Dance Programs, 1920-55 (41/6/805, .6), include programs for homecoming, fraternity, interfraternity, Military Ball, class and other dances.