Galesburg and Chicago Publications

THE GALESBURG ILLINI, 1946-49 (49/12/802, .2) contains athletics, student editorials, feature articles and photographs. THE PLEXUS, 1895-1911 (52/1/810, 1), a monthly publication of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, includes editorials, social notes, class notes, poetry, and humor. THE ILLINI SCOPE, 1939-48 (50/13/830, .1), published by students in the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, contain articles on students, campus activities, professional fraternities, announcements and editorials. Medical Center Student Directories, 1949-63 (50/11/816, .1), contain addresses and telephone numbers of student residences, a list of members of the student government executive council, and a list of students at the Medical Center with their college or school, year of school and school address and telephone number. Medical Center Proview, 1960-64 (50/13/810, .3), contains photographs and commentary on graduating seniors, class groups, campus organizations, greek societies and campus social activities.

Chicago Circle Faculty-Staff- Student Directories, 1946- (60/9/815, .6), have included student phone and room numbers after 1967-68. CHICAGO ILLINI, 1948, 1957- (60/4/881, 2.5), contains news of the Chicago campus, student, and athletic activities, editorials and letters to the editor and campus issues. PEER Handbill, ca. 1948 (60/4/884, .1), announces the first issue of the Chicago Circle student feature magazine. Chicago Circle Yearbooks, 1950-73 (60/4/810, 1), contain photographs and descriptions of student activities and sports events. THE PIER GLASS, 1960-63 (60/4/885, .1), contains outstanding freshman themes, fiction and expository writing.