Campus Humor Publications

Shaft was one of the numerous humor publications created by the students on campus, circa 1948

THE DOPE SHEET, 1909-12 (41/68/813, .3), published by the student Athletic Association for the May Interscholastic Circus, contains satire and parody about student activities and social events. THE SIREN, 1911-39 (41/8/804, 2), the college humor magazine, includes cartoons, jokes, feature articles and advertising. TOM-TOM, 1945-46 (41/8/814, .1), a campus humor publication, features short articles, photographs and jokes. SHAFT, 1947-54 (41/8/820, .7), and CHAFF, 1957-62 (41/8/821, .3), are college humor magazines, which include cartoons, stories and advertising. BLAST, 1965 (41/8/823, .1), a campus humor magazine, contains humorous feature on campus life, cartoons and jokes.