Student Newspapers

Daily Illini editors and reporters, circa 1937

Students have published a newspaper since the early days of the university. THE STUDENT, 1871-73 (41/8/802, .3), includes articles, essays on literary topics, news, student activities and organizations, university meetings, addresses and personals. THE DAILY ILLINI, 1874-1991 (41/8/801, 73.3), was issued as a monthly and a bi-weekly until 1905 and as a daily (six days a week) since that time. It contains campus and national news. THE CAMPUS SCOUT, 1913-86 (41/8/822, .3), consists of reprints of a popular column from the DAILY ILLINI, containing poems, anecdotes and jokes. DAILY ILLINI Photographs, 1971-80 (41/8/11, 12.3), and Photograph Negatives, 1967-80 (41/8/12, 10.6), includes news, portrait and feature photographs taken for publication in the DAILY ILLINI. There is a Subject Index, 1971-78 (41/8/13, 3), which includes subject cards for photographs taken for publication in the DAILY ILLINI, ILLIO and TECHNOGRAPH. Style Book and DAILY ILLINI Studies, 1915-45 (41/8/832, .1), contains suggestions to writers, an admittance card to the Illini Publishing Company dinner (1928), and a 1935 questionnaire about DAILY ILLINI coverage and service.

Illini Publishing Company Constitution and By-laws, 1921 (41/8/831, .1) state purpose and membership duties of officers, salaries, qualifications and responsibilities of staff for publications. DAILY ILLINI Subscriptions Publications, 1926-62 (41/8/833, .1), include subscriptions, subscription letters, and subscription cards. The NEW STUDENTS' ILLINI, 1937-75 (41/8/807, .3), includes features on University activities, social life, athletics, and recreation. Official Notices from the DAILY ILLINI, 1952-53 (41/3/834, .1), contain data on new courses, course changes, publications, announcements, regulations and appointments. DAILY ILLINI Information & Recruitment Publications, 1976-83 (41/8/835, .1), list student organizations and services, and notices of employment opportunities with the DAILY ILLINI.