Special Publications

The Illinois Songs and Music File, 1907-58 (0/1/804, .4), contains published sheet music, song lyrics, and song books for about 40 Illinois songs. The series includes a 50-page listing of lyrics and sources for "University of Illinois Songs" by Elynor Hansen '39 (1937). UNIVERSITY CALENDAR, 1914-90 (38/1/810, 13), lists date, time, location, speaker and title of exhibits, concerts, lectures, seminars, dances, discussion groups, colloquiums, motion pictures, convocations, plays, sports events, doctorate examinations, vesper services, vacations, recitals and similar events. IT'S AT, 1969- 75 (41/2/810, .1), a weekly calendar of "intellectual and cultural affairs" shows date, time, admission, location, type and title of campus events. ILLINOIS AGRICULTURALIST, 1897-1950 (41/8/812, 3), contains editorials, college news of building programs and conferences, student achievements and appointments, class notices and news, news of women's activities and news of club activities. ILLINI RURAL OBSERVER, 1950-54 (41/8/813, .1) written by students in the College of Agriculture, includes editorials, feature articles, news, student activities and achievements and news of student clubs and societies.

THE ENTERPRISER, 1920-30 (41/8/811, .3), published by students in the College of Commerce, contains news of college and professional organizations, articles for women, and editorials. ILLINETTE, 1900 (41/62/804, .1), includes a list of students, an editorial on the ILLINETTE as the organ of the Preparatory Department, articles on the football team, the English Club, life in a college town, and poetry and essays written by class members. TECHNOGRAPH, 1885-1990 (41/8/810, 4), published by and for Engineering students, includes editorials, departmental notes, alumni notes, news of professional societies, news of campus activities, and articles and features. ILLINI ALUMNI NEWS, 1907-91 (26/2/801, 5.6), contains articles, photographs, feature stories editorials, class news, and reports of student life, fraternities and sororities, and athletic events. Newsreels, 1960- 66 (26/1/10, 1), consists of black and white sound motion picture films for each semester recording homecomings, athletic events, student social activities, Commencement, and celebrations for showing to alumni groups.