The Sophograph was a yearbook
published by the Sophmore class during the University's early years, circa 1885

THE SOPHOGRAPH, 1882-92 (41/8/806, 1), an annual commentary on student life, features articles, poetry, cartoons, photographs, jokes, advertisements, quotations describing personalities, class rolls, directories of student officers, and class histories. The book includes reports on class rivalries, athletic activities, military drill, and social events. The ILLIO, 1895- 1990 (41/8/805, 9), the annual student yearbook, contains photographs, descriptions of student organizations, honorary societies, student activities, fraternity, sorority and dormitory residents, intercollegiate athletics and seniors. Since 1924 there is an alphabetical index of students mentioned. ILLIO Editor's File, 1915 (41/8/5, .3),includes the editor's working draft of the 1915 Illio with the editor's marking and some photographs.