African-American Students

A newsletter detailing the progress of Affirmative action policy at U of I, circa 1975

Negro Matriculants List, 1887-1937 (2/9/16, .3), consists of a card file and list of black matriculants (1887-1937) compiled by Albert Lee for the Alumni Association. The papers include partial list of honors, awards and degrees earned by black students (1929-31), and lists of black sororities, fraternities, and independent houses (1931-37). Albert Lee Papers, 1912-28 (2/6/21, 1), contains Lee's papers as Chief Clerk of the President's Office (1920-42), including correspondence, programs, notes and memoranda relating to the admission, housing and placement of black students. Ernest H. Scott Papers, 1916-20 (43/1/26, .6), include correspondence, programs, sheet music and newspaper clippings. The Black Alumni and Ex- Students Project File, 1967-73 (35/3/50, 1.0), contains data sheets on black students attending the university before 1970.

Upward Bound Project File, 1966-77 (41/2/34, 5), includes correspondence and reports relating to special programs for the preparation of disadvantaged secondary school students for college work. Educational Opportunities Program File, 1966-77 (41/2/14, 6) of an office established to deal with housing, social, financial and education problems of minority students. The file includes correspondence and reports about financial aid, enrollment, student publications, field trips, newsletters, media coverage, tutoring, recruitment, entrance examinations, and program evaluation. Special Educational Opportunities File, 1968-70 (25/2/17, .6), includes student lists, transcripts and test scores of financially disadvantaged students. Educational Opportunities Program Publications, 1971-74 (41/2/804, .1), include a newsletter containing information on courses and careers for minority students. Afro-American Cultural Program Publications, 1969-90 (41/12/818, .1) includes program announcements, notices of events, "Griot newsletter, and related material. Afro-American Studies & Program Publications, 1971-82 (41/12/88, .6), includes program announcements, campus-community relations program brochure, course listings, "Afro-Briefs" newsletter (1977), guide to library reference materials (1982) and event announcements. Minority Student Affairs Office Issuances and Announcements, 1978-83 (7/1/821, .1) concern academic opportunities and placement for minority students.