Ballet dancers that performed on campus, circa 1966

Musical Performances & Concert Series, 1879-1947 (37/8/806, .3), includes orchestral concerts (1913-15), symphony concerts (1915-24), festival concerts (1925), symphony series (1940-41) and chamber music, recital and summer series (1945-47). Star Course Programs and Announcements, 1899- 1987 (37/8/805, 1), of musical and dramatic performances and lectures in the Star Course series. Star Course Records, 1923-82 (37/8/5, 10.3), contains files of student managers of the Star Course Program, a student-run organization responsible for presenting concerts and other entertainments, including financial correspondence, applications for positions, press clippings (1966-79), Star Course Handbook (1968-69), Star Course policies, purpose and history (1967-68).

Correspondence includes that between agents and student managers. Everett D. Kisinger Papers, 1934-76 (12/9/21, 8.8 ), contains reports and photographs of the football band or "Marching Illini" (1948- 76), the first and second regimental bands, Rose Bowl Trips (1949-52, 63-64), awards, Band Day (1963-70), concerts, and band formations (1934-75). Traditional Music Festival File, 1971-76 (41/2/39, .3), includes materials of the Ad Hoc Committee for a Traditional Folk Festival, and course materials relating to folk culture, folklore and folk songs.