Health Services

Nurses perform for bedridden patients, circa 1920s

The construction of McKinley Hospital in 1927 expanded student health services. Health Service Annual Reports, 1917-41 (33/1/801, 2), contain statistical reports, a history (1941) and instruction at the Rehabilitation-Education Center and the Health Service of Chicago Undergraduate Division. Health Service General Correspondence, 1916-43 (33/1/1, 1), includes correspondence with students about medical advice, health, hygiene and athletic safety, student pamphlets, and health reports. Hospital Reports, 1923-66 (41/2/33, .3), consist of copies of students' hospital reports. Environmental Health Maps, 1934 (33/2/801, .1), indicate residences of students and number of students at each address. The maps were created for inspection of student residences. Health Service Clippings, 1948-68 (33/1/10, 1), contains newspaper clippings of health service and health care issues. Health Service Photographs, 1964-80 (33/1/11, .4) of former Health Service buildings, and staff.