Honors Announcements, 1903, 1960 (24/3/802, .1), include the Edmund J. James program for superior undergraduate students, and other Honors Program materials. Honors Day Programs, 1925-54, 1956-71 (24/3/804, .3), list the names of organizations and individual students recognized by the Honors Committee, including recipients of prizes and awards. Director's Office Subject File, 1919-84 (39/1/1. 34.3), includes material on dedications, Honors Days, and Kappa Tau Alpha. Public Information Press Releases, 1935-65 (39/1/10, 20) relate to bands, engineering departments, enrollment, Festival of Contemporary Arts, Illini Union Student Activities, Krannert Art Museum, library and library science, mathematics, opera groups, physical education, press, ROTC, WILL radio and TV and similiar topics.

Honors Program Subject File, 1958-71 (24/3/1, 2.0), includes correspondence, minutes and reports about the honors program. Honors Program Annual Reports, 1960-71 (24/3/801, .3), include awards and recognitions, student retention, fellowship winners and Edmund J. James Scholars (1960-63). Honors Research Reports, 1961-86 (24/3/805, .1), include copies of research studies. Student Honors Lists, 1966-72 (24/3/5, 1), lists information about honor students, including name, social security number, sex, marital status, class, high school, college, curriculum and grade point average. James Scholar Newletters, 1968-90 (24/3/810, .1), contain information on the James Scholar Program, seminars, advisory board, graduate study and special courses.