A booklet distributed by the Office of Public Information that details housing options in Champaign-Urbana, circa 1970

Although the first dormitory opened in 1917, the Housing Division was not organized until 1945. Residence Hall Staff File, 1919-78 (41/3/11, 9.3), includes materials relating to application, appointment and evaluation of quarter and half time graduate student residence hall assistants (1948-72). INFORMATION FOR HOUSEMOTHERS, 1930-38 (41/3/816, .1), contains information on types of houses, house inspections, standards, housemothers qualifications, housing rules, student absences and related topics. Housing Inspection Folders, 1936-65 (37/6/11, 6) for approved off-campus housing contain reports, floor plans, and correspondence with applicants for approval of their facilities, and with individuals involved in tenant-landlord disputes.

Housing Division Subject File, 1945-72 (37/6/1, 24), includes correspondence, publications, reports and surveys concerning student housing (1966-70), food service (1964-70), rates and services (1948-70), safety (1956-70), visitation (1969-72), student incident reports (1966-69), and residence hall living (1966-69). Housing Statistics, 1956-68 (37/6/816, .1), for men during the second semester, 1967-68. Housing Historical File, 1939-80 (37/6/10, 9.3), includes materials relating to cooperatives (1947-72), apartments (1948-64), fraternities (1941-63), housing standards (1938-68), statistics (1946-77), safety (1959-72), racial discrimination (1964-68), off-campus housing (1958-77), residence halls (1946-60), Men's Independent Association (1948-68), Transfer Student Association (1977-80), and Undergraduate Student Association (1969-71). Housing Scrapbooks, 1941-47 (37/6/14, .6), contains newspaper clippings about the men's housing situation (1938), conversion of buildings for military use (1942-45), and portable and prefabricated housing for veterans (1943-47).

The series includes news of residence halls and fraternities (1941-42), holiday dinners (1944) and dance programs (1945-47). History of Housing, 1967 (37/6/817, .1), consists of a history of the first 100 years of housing, including sections on men's, women's, church and "Y", and cooperative housing. Other sections deal with temporary housing and the formation of the Housing Division. Centennial Year Housing Brochure, 1968 (37/6/820, .1), contains descriptions and pictures of all University-owned student housing.