Illini Union

Illinibook, an agenda and student handbook produced by the Union, circa 1975

In 1941, the new Illini Union building replaced the old Illinois Union rooms as the center for student activities. Annual Reports, 1940-68 (37/7/803, .3), of the Student Activities Division (1942-56). Social Events Programs, 1925-58 (41/2/12, .3) for class balls, formals, informals, cotillions, proms and military balls, alumni homecoming dances, fraternity and sorority dances, and dances sponsored by schools and departments. Illini Union Program and Social Activities Publications, 1913-72 (37/7/805, .6), include material about Dad's Day, Homecoming and Stunt Show, Mother's Day, Spring Carnival, student activities, Volunteer Illini Program - VIP and related material. Illinois Union Records, 1931-41 (37/7/7, .6), contain correspondence about band trips, dances and commencement. Other subjects include election of student officers, and correspondence with the YMCA and YWCA and Women's League.

Illini Union Board Minutes, 1942-65 (37/7/1, .6), show student members attending and absent, and actions taken regarding social events and observances, committees, and Illini Union student activities programs. ILLINI UNION ACTIVITY CALENDERS, 1944-69 (37/7/810, .4), list student activities and events sponsored by the Union, including socials, sports events, plays, dances, discussion groups, club meetings, and religious events and exhibits. Illini Union Publications, 1947-69 (37/7/804, .3), contain articles on musical and dramatic personalities, short stories and coming events. Illinibooks, 1959-84 (37/7/811, .3), consists of calender books with schedules, maps, information and photographs published by the University Press and the Illini Union. The books include feature articles, an events calendar, lists of student services and organizations, and Illinois songs and yells.