Intercollegiate Sports

Illinois competes against Notre Dame in a track and field competition, circa 1920

Intercollegiate sports have involved many students as participants and spectators. Individual Sports Programs, 1892-1990 (28/5/814, .6) for baseball, womens' basketball, cross-country, fencing, golf, hockey (1938, 1971), track, interscholastic track and wrestling. Football Programs, 1898-1988 (28/5/811, 4.3), contain rosters, lineups, photographs and articles on teams, and features for Homecoming and Dad's Day. Basketball Programs, 1944-1988 (28/5/812, 2.3), contain rosters, lineups, photographs, and articles on teams. Business Manager's Scrapbooks, 1930-76 (28/1/10, 6.6), contain programs, tickets and publicity for intercollegiate athletic events. Eligibility File, 1936-63 (28/1/5, 1), lists students eligible to receive letters and numerals in baseball, basketball, cross-country, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, polo, swimming, tennis, track, wrestling and cheerleading.

The Athletic Committee Chairman and Faculty Representative's File, 1907- 68 (4/2/12, 9.3), contains significant material on financial aid to athletes, investigations of reported rules violations, the Rose Bowl, eligibility, and the Illinois slush fund scandal and the NCAA-AAU dispute. "I" Men's Directories, 1941-62 (28/20/801, .3), list Illinois athletic lettermen, showing name, graduating year, lettered sports, occupation, address and if deceased or "lost." The Sports Interviews file, 1967 (0/1/808, .3) contains filmed interviews with Burt Ingwersen and Claude "Buddy" Young concerning football at Illinois in the 1907, 1914-19, 1945-47 periods, including relationships between students and athletes, school spirit and loyalty, football formations in 1917, effects of athletic competition on race relations, and professionalism in college football.