International Students

A guide for wives of foreign students published by the Office of Foreign Student Affairs, circa 1950s

Administrative files contain documentation on international students. International Student Publications, 1915-70 (41/5/801, .3), include a national directory (1915), facts about students enrolled (1943-45), issuances to students, Information for Students from Other Countries (1957-64), Guidebooks and Handbooks (1950-70), and Official Programs for New Foreign Students (1960-65). Lists of Indian Students attending under USAID Contracts, 1941-72 (8/1/19, .1), includes lists of University of Illinois program participants. National Association of Foreign Student Advisors File, 1959-64 (41/5/15, 2.3), relates to foreign student housing, transportation, publications, academic and social adjustment, and foreign student censuses (1961-63). International Student Regulations, 1962- (25/7/811, .3), include evaluation reports, (1982), brochures, releases, and new student programs (1963) for international students attending the university. NEWSLETTER, 1964-91 (41/5/802, .3), includes articles, information, and editorial commentary for by foreign students, and annual listings of foreign student organizations.