New Students

A schedule for new students, circa 1959

New students are a major concern of the student affairs staff. New Student Programs, 1925-68 (41/3/803, .3), include schedules of meetings, activities, and tests for new students before classes begin, directories of student services, and descriptions of recreational facilities and information on counseling, placement and advance enrollment. Pre-College, New Student and Freshman Issuances, 1931-34, 1943-49, 1962-84 (25/7/806, .3), contains publicity and programs for pre-college and orientation programs. New Student File, 1932-71 (41/3/16, 1.6), concerns programs for entering students. GUIDE FOR NEW STUDENTS, 1935-63 (41/3/804, .3), contains information in admission, financial aid, housing, services and student life for freshmen.

The Committee on Education Program for Freshmen & Sophomore Students Publications, 1936 (4/5/816, .1), include a June 1, 1936 report on Freshmen problems, curriculum changes and general education. Freshman Advisor Scrapbook, 1948-57 (41/3/14, .1), includes newspaper and magazine clippings and photographs relating to workshops, orientation, open house, Freshman Week, pledging, housing and counseling. Illini Guide Handbooks, 1948-67 (41/3/806, .3), include the Illini Guide Programs, a planning guide for New Student Week, material on the orientation of freshmen, a "Know Your University" section, and information on scholarships, academic procedures, social and customs and house traditions. New Student Record, 1985-90 (41/8/815, .1), contains photographs of incoming freshmen with listings of hometowns, favorite activities and various student organization.