Organizations and Activities

The Office of Student Affairs provides activities and organizational supervision for students. Student Organizations & Activities Assistant Dean's Correspondence, 1919-81 (41/2/5, 23.6), includes materials concerning student activities, meetings, dances, fund drives, contests and publications, international students, students on probation and related subjects. Student Organizations & Activities Committee File, 1939-65 (41/2/6, 2.6), includes committee minutes, student petitions, dance and special events reports, and financial reports. Fraternity Affairs Subject File, 1948-75 (41/2/19, 10), relates to fraternity finances (1948-58), Interfraternity Council (1951-74), Interfraternity Council programming (1970-72), discrimination in fraternities (1948-69), National Interfraternity Conference (1953- 58), fraternity membership records (1951-69), rushing (1954-59), coedification (1967, 70), and fraternity publicity (1954-57).

Student Organizations & Activities Asst. Dean's Events File, 1954-68 (41/2/7, 9), includes documents for dances, concerts, sales, fund raising activities contests, Spring Carnival, sponsored by fraternities, sororities, student interest groups, glee clubs, agriculture groups, foreign student groups, religious groups, Illini Union Student Activities, dormitories, political groups, professional organizations and Women's Independent Student Association. Daniel J. Perrino Papers, 1966-77 (41/2/22, 6), relate to Student Programs and Services (1956-70), fraternities and housing (1948-73), New Student Week (1970-72), Student Speakers Bureau (1968-75), Volunteer Illini Projects (1972-77), and women's programs and events (1972-77). Emergency and Personal Incident Files, 1985-88 (41/2/43, .1), contain correspondence, file memoranda, notes on telephone conversations and personal interviews, reports, and policy handbooks concerning students involved in cases of sexual harassment or assault, gender-based discrimination, suicide attempts, and other emergencies affecting students' personal and academic lives. Student Organizations Publications, 1980 (41/6/801, .1), lists policies and services of university offices.