An issue of the Illini Wise, an annual handbook produced for freshman women, circa 1951

Some university services are directed specifically toward women students. Women's Publications File, 1925-78 (41/3/812, .1), lists suggested courses for women relating to World War II, vocational pamphlets (1943), and Feminist Scholarship conference material (1978) from the Office for Women's Resources and Services. Women's Student Records, 1932-58 (41/3/6, 125), show name, college and course, birthplace and birthdate, home address, parent or guardian's name, address and occupation, previous college education, sorority and religious affiliation. The series includes transcripts, grade reports, attendance records, health slips, personal activity records, ILLIO records, photographs and identification cards, information cards and sheets, personality assessment reports, sorority initiation reports, housing applications and graduation interviews.

ILLINI WISE, 1944-60 (41/3/810, .1), a handbook for freshmen women, contains descriptions of Freshman Week, the Dean of Women's Office, housing organizations, student activities, student regulations and campus traditions, suggestions on study habits, clothes, manners and money, and information on bus service, and religious foundations. Handbook for Married Students, 1964-73 (41/3/815, .2), contains descriptions of the services available to married students including housing, financial assistance and employment, health and welfare facilities, educational facilities, libraries and cultural, social, and recreational facilities. Independent Women Housing File, 1965-70 (41/3/13, .3), concerns visitation policies, housing violations, and addresses of residents for independent dorms and women's houses. Women's Resources Subject File, 1963-73 (41/2/13, 2.3) relates to continuing education for women (1963-72), married students (1967-73), and childcare facilities. Women's Resources and Services Correspondence, 1965-81 (41/3/10, 1.3), includes notices of meetings and workshops, material on activities at other colleges, and announcements of programs of interest. Student Affairs CONTINUING CONVERSATIONS, 1967-91 (41/3/814, .3), focuses on issues and concerns of women at the university and includes announcements of events, reports, books on the status of women, education and career information and other topics. Assistant Dean of Women's Subject File, 1969-72 (41/3/12, 1.6), includes material on advance enrollment (1960-70), Illini Guide program (1969-70), orientation (1969-72), sex education (1966-72), transfer students (1969-72), University Women's Caucus (1971-72) and Women's Week (1972).