"Investigation of a Highway Bridge" Class Notes
100 Years of Campus Architecture
1881 Class Album
1886 Class Album
1888 Class Album
1937 Baseball Team Scrapbook
"208" Update for Agriculture
25th Reunion Report
4-H Activities Series Publications
4-H Camp Records
4-H Camping, Conservation, and Forestry Materials
4-H Club Weeks, Tours, Contests and Meeting Publications
4-H Foundation Annual Reports
4-H Girls Health Projects
4-H House Records
4-H Leadership Newsletters and Materials
4-H Photographs, Clippings and Pins
4-H Publications
4-H Staff Minutes
505th Air Force Band of the Midwest Records (Chanute Air Force Base, Rantoul, Illinois)
50th Anniversary Lecture Series
A Program of Applied Research for the University of Brasilia
A-V Bulletin
A. Belden Fields Papers
A. Frazier and Sons Records
A. Lynn Altenbernd Papers
A. Merrill's Store Records
A. R. Kelly Papers
A. Richard Williams
A.C. Littleton Papers
A.J. Graham Medical School Scrapbook
AAASS and Slavic Review Administrative Files
AAEA Adminstrative Correspondence, 1944-2002
AAEA Historical File, 1949-58,1978-97
AAEA Photographs
AAEA Publications, 1945-
AALS [i]Legal Education News Digest [/i]
AALS Communications News
AALS Current Issues in Legal Education Statements
AALS Faculty Appointments Registers
AALS Membership Planning Materials
AALS Open Letters to ABA
AALS Open Letters to Government Officials
AALS Annual Meeting Proceedings and Presentations
AALS Promotional Materials
AALS Reports to the Council of the American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
AALS Scholarly Papers Competition
AALS Statistical Report on Law Faculty
ABA Legal Education Publications
Abbott Power Plant Facility Planning and Management File
Abbott Power Plant Photographs
Abbott Power Plant Statistical Reports
ABC News
Abstracts of Land Contracts
Abstracts of Research Projects
Academic Appointment File
Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee File
Academic Library Survey
Academic Personnel File
Academic Personnel File
Academic Staff Files
Academy Admissions Jackets
Academy Publications
Accessibility Standards Project File
Accident and Vacation Advice Publications
Accident Compensation Committee Case Files
Accident Compensation Committee File
Accident Compensation Reports
Accounting Issuances
Accreditation Reports
ACDIS Announcements and Calendars
ACDIS Bulletin
ACDIS Occasional Papers and Research Reports
ACES 100 Course Packets, Audio and Videotapes
Acquisitions Department Correspondence
Acquisitions and Collection Development Materials
ACRL Student Chapter Records
Across the Dean's Desk
Activities Posters
Activity Announcements
Activity Calendars
Ad Council Campaign Results Reports
Ad Council: 50th Anniversary File
Ad Council: AAAA-Ad Council Campaigns File
Ad Council: Administrative Media File
Ad Council: Administrative Subject File
Ad Council: Annual Reports
Ad Council: Artifacts
Ad Council: Business Press Campaign Material
Ad Council: Campaign Bulletins and Catalogs
Ad Council: Campaign Files
Ad Council: Campaign Listings
Ad Council: Campaign Posters
Ad Council: Campaign Promotional Mailings
Ad Council: Campaign Video Recordings
Ad Council: Campaigns Review Committee File
Ad Council: Finance Committee File
Ad Council: Historical File
Ad Council: Industry Advisory Committee Correspondence File
Ad Council: Industry Advisory Committee File
Ad Council: Magazine Campaign Issuances
Ad Council: Media Monitoring Broadcast Clips
Ad Council: Meeting Minutes
Ad Council: Newspaper Advertisements
Ad Council: Non-Ad Council Materials
Ad Council: Outdoor Advertising Bulletins and Ads
Ad Council: Peggy Conlon Papers
Ad Council: Photographs
Ad Council: President's Speeches
Ad Council: Press Clippings and Publicity File
Ad Council: Press Releases
Ad Council: Public Policy Committee File
Ad Council: Radio Public Service Announcement Audio Recordings
Ad Council: Robert P. Keim Papers
Ad Council: Ruth A. Wooden Biographical and Awards File
Ad Council: Special Committees File
Ad Council: Special Publications
Ad Council: Speeches
Ad Council: Television Public Service Announcements
Ad Council: Theodore S. Repplier Papers
Ad Council: Transit & Bus Shelter Ad Bulletins & Transit Ads
Ad Council: United States Forest Service Campaign Material
Ad Council: War Advertising Council File
Ad Council: Washington Campaign Material
Ad Council: Washington Conference File
Ad Council: Washington Office Subject File
Ad Hoc Faculty Vietnam Committee File
Adah Patton Memorial Fund Records
Commencement and Convocation Addresses
Edmund J. James Addresses and Publications
Addresses and Publications
Addresses and Publications
Addresses and Publications
Addresses and Publications
Addresses and Publications
Addresses and Publications
Addresses and Publications
Adelphic Society Records
Adlon Jorgensen Papers
Administrative Affairs Resource Directories
Administrative Affairs Subject File
Administrative and Personnel Actions File
Administrative and Research File
Administrative Committee Minutes
Administrative Committee Minutes
Administrative Correspondence
Administrative Correspondence
Administrative Correspondence
Administrative Correspondence
Chronological Correspondence File
Administrative Correspondence File
Administrative File
Administrative Information and Services Office Publications
Administrative Publications
Administrative Reference Files
Administrative Reports
Administrative Subject File
Administrative Subject File
Administrative Subject File
Administrative Subject File
Administrative Subject File
Administrative Subject File
Administrative Subject File
Administrative Subject File
NIC Administrative Subject Files
Administrator Evaluation Report & Workpapers
Admission Application Records
Admission Information and Promotional Materials
Admission, Scholastic and Graduation Regulations
Admissions Committee File
Admissions Jackets
Admissions Office Publications
Admissons Office Subject File
Admissions Publications
Adriaan J. de Witte Papers
Adrian E. Scheidegger Papers
Advance Market Newsletter
Advanced Underwriters Clinic Proceedings
Advancement Office Donor Files
Advancement Office Photograph and Event File
Advancement Operations Subject File
Advertising Announcements
Advertising Occasional Papers
Advertising Seminar Programs
Advertising Working Papers
Advising and Counseling Undergraduate Students
Advisory Board and Administrative Publications
Advisory Board Publications
Advisory Committee File
Advisory Committee File
Advisory Committee File
Advisory Committee Materials
Advisory Committee on the Radio Station Publications
AE Publication Series
Aerial Photographs
Aerial Photography Program Administrative Files
Aeronomy Progress Reports
Aeronomy Reports
Aerospace Alumni News
Aerospace Engineering Department Ledger Book
Affiliated Faculty and Staff File
Affiliated Organizations File
Affirmative Action Subject File
African Students Organization Publications
Afro Scholar Working Papers
African-American Cultural Program Publications
Afro-American Studies Lecture Program File
AFSCME Publications
Ag Alumni Issuances
Ag Alumni News
Agenda Items
Agendas and Minutes
Agricultural Adjustment Conference File
Agricultural Adjustment Conferences
Agricultural Alumni Association File
Agricultural Alumni Association Historical Committee Records
Agricultural Career Publications
Agricultural Club Records
Agricultural Communication Course Materials
Agricultural Communications Materials
Agricultural Communications Office Special Promotions Mailings
Agricultural Communications Releases
Agricultural Communications Research Reports File
Agricultural Communications Subject File
Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Archives
Agricultural Economics Club Records, 1965-1972
Agricultural Economics Publications
Agricultural Economics Publications: Departmental
Agricultural Economics Publications: Farm Law
Agricultural Economics Publications: Farm Management
Agricultural Economics Publications: Marketing
Agricultural Economics Publications: Policy & Outlook
Agricultural Economics Publications: Prices & Statistics
Agricultural Economics Publications: Rural Sociology
Agricultural Economics Schools Publications
Agricultural Economics Seminar Minutes
Agricultural Economics Staff Papers
Agricultural Education Announcements
Agricultural Education Letterbooks
Agricultural Education Publications
Agricultural Engineering Department News
Agricultural Engineering Department Subject File
Agricultural Engineering Extension Annual Reports
Agricultural Engineering Extension Plans of Work and Project Reports
Agricultural Engineering Station Project Reports
Agricultural Events and Extension Service Calendars
Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins and Circulars
Agricultural Express Station Subject Files
Agricultural Finance Program Reports
Agricultural History Pamphlets
Agricultural Industries Forum Annoucements & Proceedings
Agricultural Organization Meeting Publications
Agricultural Publishers Association Archives
Agricultural Statistics of Counties
Agricultural Students' & Advisers' Handbook
Agriculture Engineering Slides & Films
Agriculture Library Correspondence
Agriculture Office Letterbooks
Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences Photograph File
Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences Slide Presentations
Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences Videotape File
AGRINEER and ASAE Branch Publications
Agronomy Alumni News
Agronomy Day
Agronomy Facts
Agronomy News
Agronomy Publications
Agronomy Research Reports
AID Projects Office File
AID Tunisia Project File
AID-ICA Agricultural Administration Reports
Air Crew and Technical Specialists Personnel and Training Research File
Air Force Contract Research Reports
Air Force Promotional Material
Air Force ROTC Policy Statements
Air Raid Warden's Material
Air Tranportation Service Brochures
Airport Dedication File
ALA Student Chapter Records
Alan G. Billings Papers
Albert & Harold White Farm Records
Albert Allen Wilbur Papers
Albert B. Hale Papers
Albert B. Sawyer Papers
Albert C. Spurlock Papers
Albert H. Lybyer Papers
Albert J. Harno Papers
Albert L. Richards Album
Albert L. Whiting Papers
Albert Lee Papers
Albert P. Carman Papers
Albert P. Marshall Papers
Albert S. Feng Papers
Albert Wattenberg Papers
Albert Z. Guttenberg Papers
Alberto Porqueras-Mayo Papers
Alda Rice Papers
Alden Gallup Roach Papers
Alethenai Society Records
Alexander Scheeline Papers
Alfred G. Harms Papers
Alfred Gregory Notebooks
Alfred Kagan Papers
Alfred Kaminski Kamm Scrapbook
Alfred O. Gross Journal
Alfred T. Fagerburg Jr. Papers
Alfred W. Hubbard Papers
Alice Cheever Bryan Notebooks
Alice Latzer Papers
Alice Lauretta Madden Harter Papers
Alice Lohrer Papers
Elbern H "Eddie" Alkire Personal Papers and Music Instrument Collection
All Our Thoughts
All-State Music Activity Programs and Announcements
All-University Committee on Community Problems Publications
Allahabad  Agricultural Institute Project Publications
Allan Chase Papers
Allan Hicks Papers
Allen B. Brown Papers
Allen Estrin Papers
Allen Family Papers
Allen S. Weller Papers
Allen Smith Curtis Photo Album
Allen V. H. Sapora Papers
Allene G. Allen Research File
Allerton Family Collection
Allerton House Conference Studies
Allerton Park
Robert Allerton Park Brochures and Newsletters
Allerton Park Collection
Allerton Park Institute Publications
Allerton Park Petitions
Alumni Association Proceedings
Alpha Chi Omega Scrapbooks
Alpha Chi Rho Records
Alpha Chi Sigma Association Records
Alpha Delta Pi Records
Alpha Delta Sigma Records
Alpha Epsilon Phi Records
Alpha Epsilon Records
Alpha Gamma Delta Records
Alpha Gamma Messenger
Alpha Gamma Rho Publications
Alpha House Records
Alpha Kappa Alpha Records
alpha Kappa Delta Phi Subject Files
Alpha Kappa Lambda Records
Alpha Lambda Delta Archives
Alpha Lambda Delta Records
Alpha Phi Alpha Records
Alpha Phi Omega Publications
Alpha Phi Omega Records
Alpha Phi Records
Alpha Psi Lambda Records
Alpha Rho Chi Records
Alpha Xi Delta Records
ALS Alumni Newsletter
Alta Gwinn Saunders Publications
Alternate Teacher Education Program File
Alternative Student Newspapers
Altgeld Chimes 75th Anniversary File
Alumnae (City) Panhellenic File
Alumnae Panhellenics Guidelines
Alumni Advisory Committee Correspondence and Record of Activities
Alumni and Faculty Biographical (Alumni News Morgue) File
Alumni and Faculty Biographical ([i]Alumni News[/i] Morgue) File
Alumni and Student Open House Programs
Alumni Association Correspondence
Alumni Association Membership Lists
Alumni Association Minutes
Alumni Association News
Alumni Association Publications
Alumni Association Publications
Alumni Association Publications
Alumni Association Treasurer's Books
Alumni Class Files
Alumni Club Program
Alumni Director's Correspondence
Alumni Directories
Alumni Directories
Alumni Directory
Alumni Directory
Alumni Directory
Alumni File
Alumni File
Alumni File
Alumni Information Reports
Alumni Issuances
Alumni List
Alumni News
Alumni News
Alumni News (Quarterly and Fortnightly Review)
Alumni News Clippings
Alumni News Promotional Material
Alumni Newsletter
Alumni Newsletter
Alumni Newsletters
Alumni Newsletters
Alumni Newsletters
Alumni Newsletters
Alumni Photographs
Alumni Programs and Publications
Alumni Publications
Alumni Publications
Alumni Publications
Alumni Quarterly Letterbook
Alumni Receptions File
Alumni Surveys
Alumni Tours File
Alumni University Fund Record
Alwin Schaller Scrapbook
Alyce T. Cheska Papers
Alyene Prehn Papers
Ameda R. King Papers
American Agricultural Economics Association Meeting File
American Agricultural Editors' Association Photography Awards and Workshops File
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Language Records
American Association of University Professors (Urbana Chapter) Correspondence
American Association of University Professors Publications
American Bar Association (ABA) File
American Bar Association Correspondence
American Chemical Society Section Records
American Chemical Society, Illinois Section, Programs and Announcements
American Home Economics Association (AHEA) Accreditation Report
American Library Association Correspondence
American Music
American Philosophical Association Western Division Records
American Railway Master Mechanic's Association Letterbook
American Society for Cybernetics Publications
American Society for Cybernetics/William Ross Ashby Papers, 1945-81
American Society for Legal History Archives
American Society of Agricultural Engineers Programs & Reports
American Society of Agricultural Engineers Records
American Society of Mechanical Engineers materials
American Vocational Association Programs
Americana Collection
[i]Amicus Curiae[/i] Briefs
[i]Amicus Curiae[/i] Files
"An Historical Record, 1868-1954"
Analytical Division Studies
Barbara Anderson Papers and Sousa U.S. Stamp Collection
Andrea H. Beller Papers
Andrew Barr, Jr. Papers
Andrew G. Leary Papers
Andrew I. Andrews Papers
Andrew M. Isserman Papers
Andrew O. Skye Papers
Andrew S. Draper Scrapbooks and Letterbooks
Andrew V. Granato Papers
Andrew V. Nalbandov Papers
Animal Disease Leaflets
Animal Disease Publications
Animal Disease Releases
Animal Nutrition Publications
Animal Photographs and Negatives
Animal Reproduction Symposium Proceedings
Ann Martens Warrick Papers
Anna C. Glover Papers
Annetta A. Saunders Album
Anniversary Illios
Anniversary Programs
Annotated Checklists of Research Reports
Announcement of Recordings
Class of 1929 Announcements
Announcements and Curricula Brochures
Announcements and Departmental Issuances
Announcements and Departmental Issuances
Announcements and Departmental Issuances
Announcements and Issuances
Announcements and Pamphlets
Announcements and Programs
Announcements and Programs
Announcements & Programs
Announcements and Programs
Announcements and Programs
Announcements and Programs
Announcements and Programs
Announcements and Programs
Announcements and Promotional Material
Announcements and Publications
Announcements and Publications
Announcements and Reports
Announcements and Schedules
Announcements and Time Tables
Announcements of Chemistry Show
Announcements, Price Lists and Schedules
Annual and Special Reports
Annual Architecture Awards File
Annual Calendars
Annual Extension and Faculty Development File
Annual Extension Reports and Plans of Work
Annual Graduate Symposium on Women's and Gender History Executive Committee Files
Annual Meeting Programs
Annual Meeting Records
Annual Meetings File
Annual Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops -- Audio Recordings
Annual Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops -- Photographs
Annual Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops -- Video Recordings
Annual Newsletter
Annual Outlook
Annual Plans
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report of Financial Aid to Students
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Dean of Students Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Library Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports & Computer Programs Manual
Annual Reports and Announcements
Annual Reports and Announcements
Annual Reports and Honor Rolls
Annual Reports of Public Services Department
Technical Service and General Service Departments Annual Reports
Annual Reports to the President
Annual Research Reports
Annual Reviews of Research
Anonymous Emails Investigative Report
Antenna Applications Symposia Proceedings
Anthony J. Janata Papers
Anthropology Colloquium Files
APLU/NASULGC Proceedings
Apple Orchard Fertilizer Experiments Records
Apple Orchard Field Notes
Applied Health Sciences Library Administration Subject File
Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee Records
Appointments File
Archeological Conference Tapes
Archibald B. Van Deusen Scrapbook
Archibald W. Anderson Papers
Archie J. Graham Papers
Architects Examining Committee File
Architectural Yearbook
Architecture Alumni Association File
Architecture and Art Library File
Architecture at Illinois
Archival Education Curriculum Packets
Archives & Special Collections Division Annual Reports
Archives Alumni Oral History Project Files
Archives Associations File
Archives Exhibits File
Aretas W. Nolan Papers
Argonne Universities Association Archives
Arithmetic Project File
Armory House Files
Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security Subject File
Army Contract Research Reports
Army ROTC Subject Files
Army Specialized Training Program Records
Arnold Emch Papers
Arnold H. Trotier Papers
Arnold S. Wajenberg Papers
Arnold Schenk Papers
Richard P Arsenty Papers
Art and Artists Photograph File
Art and Design Collection Catalogues and Inventories
Art Extension Announcements
Art, Music and Drama Programs
Arthur and Clara Morris Papers
Arthur B. Chilton Papers
Arthur B. Coble Papers
Arthur B. Seymour Notes
Arthur Blaine Haw Papers
Arthur C. Braucher Papers
Arthur C. Hobble Papers
Arthur C. Tosetti Papers
Arthur C. Willard Papers
Arthur C. Willard Scrapbooks
Arthur C. Willard's Newspaper Clippings Collection
Arthur E. Bestor Papers
Arthur G. Vestal Papers
Arthur G.  Froehly Scrapbook
Arthur H. Mason Family Papers
Arthur Hall Papers
Arthur L. Hooker Papers
Arthur James Heins Papers
Arthur L. Young Photographs
Arthur Linn Bear Papers
Arthur Linn Bear Photograph Album and Papers
Arthur N. Talbot Papers
Arthur Palmer Papers
Arthur R. Crathorne Papers
Arthur S. Davis Papers
Arthur T. Martin Papers
Arthur W. Ghent Papers
Arthur W. Secord Papers
Asian American Alliance Records
Asian American Cultural Center Publications
Asian Pacific American New Student Orientation Records
ASIST Student Chapter Records
ASLH - Susan Grigg Papers
Assembly Hall Construction and Management Records
Assembly Hall Construction Film
Assembly Reception & Activity Publications
Assistant and Associate Deans Committee File
Assistant Dean of Men for Freshmen and Foreign Students
Assistant Dean's Correspondence
Assistant Dean's Subject File
Assistant Director's Subject File
Assistant Librarian for Sp. Coll. and Coll. Dev. Subject File
Assistant to the Comptroller Files
Associate and Assistant Deans Subject File
Associate Dean's Correspondence
Associate Director for Conference Services Subject File
Associate Provost's Files
Association for Women in Science/Organization for Women in Science Records
Association for Women in Slavic Studies Archives
AALS Association Handbook
F. D. G. Ribble Papers
Association of American Law Schools Correspondence
AALS Newsletter
[i]Association of American Law Schools Placement Bulletin[/i]
Association of American Library Schools Correspondence
Association of American Universities Correspondence
Association of College Honor Societies Minutes
Association of College Honor Societies Reports and Publications
Association of College Honor Societies Subject File
Association of Concert Bands, Inc Records
Association of Cosmopolitan Clubs Records
Association of Graduate School Archives
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities Proceedings
Association of Physical Plants Administrators Records
Association of Women in International Development Subject File
Associations of University and College Business Officers
ASTP Student Papers
ASTP-NCTP Student Records
Astronomical Society Records
Astronomy Lecture Series
Astronomy Slides
Athletic Association Audit and Financial  Correspondence File
Athletic Association Correspondence
Athletic Association Correspondence and Minutes
Athletic Association Records
Athletic Coaching Curriculum Materials
Athletic Handbooks
Athletic Publicity Office Releases
Athletic Situation File
Athletic Team Promotional Schedules and Trading Cards
Athletics Clippings
Athletics Committee Chairman and Faculty Representative's File
Atius-Sachem Records
Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory Records
ATO Administrative Form Letters
ATO Alumni Associations Subject File
ATO Architectural Drawings
ATO Board of Governors Correspondence and Foundation Subject File
ATO Chapter and HQ Files
ATO Chapter and HQ Files_2
ATO Chapter Charters
ATO Chapter Condition and Standing Reports
ATO Chapter Files
ATO Chapter Newsletter Publishing Service File
ATO Congress Proceedings
ATO Congress Published Proceedings
ATO Congress Subject File
ATO Directories
ATO Expansion File
ATO Expulsions
ATO Financial Records
ATO Foundation Board of Governors Minutes and Reports
ATO Founders
ATO Historian Correspondence
ATO Leadershape Institute Subject File
ATO Life Loyal Tau Subject File
ATO Manuals
ATO Membership Card File
ATO Membership Registers
ATO National Headquarters Correspondence and Subject File
ATO National Headquarters Plant and Personnel
ATO National Newsletters
ATO National Officers Conference Subject File
ATO National President's Correspondence
ATO Negatives File
ATO Palm (Bound Volumes)
ATO Palm (loose issues)
ATO Palm Microfilm
ATO Regional Leadership Conference Subject File
ATO Scholarships File
ATO Slides
ATO Songbooks and Sheet Music
ATO Sound Recordings
ATO Special Gatherings
ATO Website
Atomic Energy Commission Contract Research Reports
Audio-Visual Aids Catalogs
Audio-Visual Presentations
Audiovisual Materials
Audiovisual Presentations
Audit Reports
Audit Reports-External
Auditorium Historical Photographs
Audley E. Patton Papers
Audley E. Patton Records
Audrey Kupferberg Collection of Samson Raphaelson Documents
Ritva Aulikki Kokko-Cunningham Papers
Austin and Elaine Dyson Papers
Autograph Albums
Automated Services Subject File
Avery Brundage Collection Microfilm
Aviation Psychology Laboratory Reports
Aviation Research Lab Subject File
Aviation Research Laboratory Publications
Awards and Citations
Awards and Financial Aid Announcements
Awards Announcements
Awards Convocation Programs
Awards Programs
Martha Awkerman WAF and Long Beach Band Papers
B. Othanel Smith Papers
B. Smith Hopkins Papers
BACH Music Ensemble Records
Bacteriology Club Record
Baker Testimonial File
Ballroom Dance Club Records
Balwant Rajput College Project Publications
Band Motion Pictures
Band Recordings
Bank Activity Reports
Bank of Tolono Records
1927 Reunion Publications
Banquet Programs
Banta's Greek Exchange and The Fraternity Month
Baptist Student Foundation Records
Barak Rosenshine Papers
Barbara A. Yates Papers
Barbara Anderson Papers
Barbara Forgy Schock Papers
Barbara Montgomery Papers
Barnard Hewitt Papers
Barry Brehm Photographs
Baseball Games and Highlights Videotapes
Basic Training Course Materials
Basketball Coaches Show Vidoetapes
Basketball Game Films and Videotapes
Basketball Highlights, Recruiting Films and Videotapes
Robert Bass University of Illinois Bands and Orchestra Collection
Basudeb DasSarma Papers
Bea Nettles Papers
Beatrice Horneman Papers
James W Beauchamp Harmonic Tone Generator and Papers
Paul A. Beck Papers
Beckman Institute Publications
Guy M. Beckwith Bible and Letter
Beckwith Hall Publications
Beef Cattle Research Technical Committee Report
Beef Feedlot Handbook
Harry Begian Papers
Gerard Behague and Everett Helm Latin American Sheet Music Collection
Being Black At Illinois Records
Herman Bellstedt Music Manuscripts
Natalia M Belting Sound Recording Collection
Ben Edwin Perry Papers
James L. Benefiel Papers and Music Instruments
Benjamin A. Jones Papers
Benjamin A. Rasmussen Papers
Benjamin Franklin Magazine Awards File
Benjamin Franklin Morey Papers
Benjamin Nelson Scrapbook
Benjamin R. Purvin Papers
Bennett Tarleton Papers
Bent Farms, Inc. Records
Berenice A. Carroll Papers unprocessed
Bernard A. Strauch Photograph Collection
Bernard Karsh Papers
Bernita Davies Papers
Beryl Love Bristow Papers
Beta Alpha Psi
Beta Alpha Psi Archives
Beta Gamma Sigma Records
Beta Nu Kappa Secretary's book
Beta Phi Mu National Publications
Beta Phi Mu National Records
Beta Phi Mu Alpha Chapter Records
Beta Sigma Psi Records
Beta Upsilon Booster
Betatron Correspondence
Betatron Project Records
Beth McCamly Dohme Scrapbook
Betsy Hearne Papers
Betsy Ross Papers
Betty Richards Papers
Betty W. Starr Papers
Beverly Kimes Papers
Bevier Historic Costume and Textiles Collection Management Files
Bevier Lecture Programs
Bi-Univ. Institutional Liaison for Devel. Conf. Proceedings (BUILD)
Bicycle Facilites & Regulation File
Biennial Reports
Biennial Reports
Paul E Bierley Papers
Big Ten Conference Chronological File
Big Ten Records Book
Bill Books
Bill Record
Bills File
Billy Morrow Jackson Posters
BIMA (Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association) Project File
Binding Book
Binding Department Sevice Record
Binding Division Subject File
Gordon W Binkerd Music Manuscripts
Biochemical Division Studies
Bioengineering Committee Annual Reports
Biographical Information Forms, 1960-1979
Biological Computer Laboratory Contract and Conference File
Biological Computer Laboratory Publications
Biological Control Systems Lectures
Biological Experiment Station Publications
Biological Notes
Biological Science Lecture File
Biological Sciences Divison File
Biology Honors Program File
Biology Library Files
"Biology Plus"
Black Alumni and Ex-Students Project File
Black Caucus Project File
Black Graduate Student Association Records
Black Student Association
Black Student Association Publications
Black Students for Revolution Records
Blair Kling Papers
Blanche H. Larson Papers
Shirley Meyer Blankenship Music and Papers
Block I Records
Bloomington Bank Records
Blueprint Folio
Board of Natural Resources and Conservation (BNRC) Minutes
Board of Directors Minutes
High Council and Board of Directors Correspondence
High Council and Board of Directors Minutes
High Council and Board of Directors Subject File
Board of Trustees Clippings File
Board of Trustees Proceedings
Eunice Boardman Papers
Boneyard Book Mathematical Problems
NCTE/Book and Product Sales Reports
Book Catalogs
Book Lists and Course Descriptions
Book Lists for Farmers and Homemakers
Book News
Book Promotion Flyers
Book Sale and Book Auction Files
Bookplate Collection
Books in the History of Cataloging and Classification
Bookstacks and Circulation Staff Manuals, and Facilities Monitoring Logs
Boris I. Balinsky Memoir
Botanist's Correspondence
Bowen Case Issuances
Boys' 4-H Activities Manuals and Record Books
Bradley Hull Papers
David Braham Music
Brainard G. Hatch Papers
Brainerd C. Snider Papers
Brazilian Student Association Publications
Brian Levitsky Papers
Brian W. Voth Papers
Brian Wilkie Papers
Maynard and Jane Brichford Early Sound Recording Collection
Brochures and Announcements
Brochures and General Announcements
Edward A Brooks University of Illinois Marching Band Scrapbook and Sousa Band Concert Programs
Neil C. Brooks Papers
Richard Brooks Papers and Chief Illiniwek Triptych Panel Mural
William Brooks Papers
Robert E Brown Papers and Center for World Music Records
Robert E Brown Center for World Music Publications
Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center Subject File
Bruce Hannon Papers
Bruce L. Hicks Papers
Bruce L. Larson Papers
Willis Bruce Papers
Avery Brundage Collection
Bryce Club Record Book
Budget and Resource Planning
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Chancellor's Office Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
Budget File
School of Social Work Budget File
Budget Files
Budget Material, 1918-1975
Budget Priorities Advisory Committee
Budget Requests for Capital Funds
Budget Requests, Internal Budgets & Summaries
BUILD Conference Proceedings
Building and Statue Dedication Programs
Building Announcement, Programs and Contracts
Building Committee File
Building Committee File
Building Dedication Addresses
Building Dedication File
Building Dedication Program and Floor Plan
Building Dedication Program Subcommittee File
Building Dedication Programs
Building Dedication Programs
Building Dedication Programs
Building Finance Investment File
Building Floor Plans
Building Materials
Building Operations Publications
Building Photographs
Building Plans and Seating Charts
Building Plans and Specifications
Building Program Committee File
Building Program Committee Publications
Building Program Committee Subject File
Building Program Issuances
Building Program Requests
Building Programs
Building Publications
Building Research Journal
Buildings and Grounds Portfolios
Bulletin and Publications Lists
Bulletin Users Correspondence
NPC Bulletins
Bulletins and Announcements
Bulletins and Announcements
Bulletins and Announcements
Bulletins and Announcements
Bulletins and Announcements
Bulletins and Research Monographs
Bulletins and Special Publications
Bulletins, Announcements, and Brochures
Bulletins, Information Circulars and Statistical Summaries
Bulletins, Newsletters and the Illini News
Bulletins: Papers in Dairy Marketing
Bunce Family Papers
Burdette A. Johnson Papers
Bureau Publications
Cary C. Burford Papers
Burnet Hobgood Papers
Burrill Hall Building Records
Thomas J. Burrill Addresses and Publications
Thomas J. Burrill Correspondence File
Bursar and Payroll Issuances
Burt E. Powell Papers
Burt Powell's Semi-Centennial History Transcripts and Source Material
Burt T. Anderson Scrapbook
Burton A. Ingwersen Papers
Burton and Trelease Real Estate and Travel Agency Records
Carl Busch Papers and Music Instrument Collection
Busey-Evans Hall Association Records
Anna Fay Herron Bush Papers
Business Advisory Council Materials
Business Advisory Council Records
Business Agent's Reports
Business and Economic History
Business Editorials
Business Education Graduate Program and Publications
Business Education Newsletter
Business Innovation Issuances
Business Management Aids
Business Management Reports
Business Management Scrapbooks
Business Management Survey Reports
NCTE/Business Manager Correspondence
Business Manager's File
Business Manager's Subject File
Business Manager's Subject File
Business Office History
Business Policy and Procedures Manual
Business Records Correspondence
Business Short Course Materials
Business Studies
Bylaws Committee Files
Bylaws, Brief and Opinions, Membership Lists, Resolutions and Citations
Byron R. Lewis Papers
C. Dale Greffe Papers
C. Ernest Dawn Papers
C. H. "Dusty" Farnham Letters
C. Ladd Prosser Papers
C. W. Parmelee Papers
C.P.A. Examination Information
CAC & ERG Documents Manuscript File
Cafeteria Issuances
Cahokia Mounds Publications
Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events
Calendars and Events
Calendars and Lecture Announcement
Calendars and Schedules
Call Number
Cameron C. Gullette Papers
Campus Administrative Manual
Campus and Student Activity Slides
Campus Commentary
Campus Crime Report Logs
Campus Crime Report Logs
Campus Cues
Campus Digest
Campus Facilities Planning Committee Records
Campus Folksong Club Oral History Project File
Campus Folksong Club Records
Campus Guardian
Campus Guides and Descriptive Brochures
Campus Guides and Descriptive Brochures
Campus Honors Programs Newsletters
Campus Master Plan Reports
Campus News Briefs
Campus Pathways
Campus Planning and Development File
Campus Planning Publications
Campus Reports
Campus Reports
Campus Research Board File
Campus Scout
Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support (CUTES) Records
Campus Unrest File
Campus-wide Research Reports
Car Book File
Career Publications
Career Publications
Career Publications
Career Publications
Careers in Engineering
Carl A. Menzel Papers
Carl C. Colvin Scrapbook
Carl C. Searle Papers
Carl Deal Papers
Carl L. Colwell Papers
Carl M. White Papers
Carl Stephens Manuscript History
Carl Stephens Papers
Carl W. Muhlenbruch Photographs
Carl Woese Papers
CARLI Bibliographic System Manuals and Correspondence
Carlysle Pemberton Jr., Photographs
Carnation and Snap Dragon Research Records
Carol Boast Papers
Carol Schaffner Dickson Papers
Carol E. Malmgren Papers
Carol Hillsman Sagers Papers
Carol Irene Hasemeyer Papers
Carol Kyle Papers
Carroll W. Evans Scrapbook
Cartographic Users Advisory Council Subject File
Caryl A. Holton Scrapbook
Case Report Instructions
Cash Books
Cash Journals
Catalog of Apparatus
Cataloging and Classification Manuals
Cataloging Slides
Catalogs and Announcements
Catalogs and Registers Masters File
Catalogs of Courses
Catalogs, Circulars, and Time Tables
Catalogs, Time Tables and Registration Materials
Catalogue of Titles
Caterpillar Tractor Research Working Papers
Catherine Salika Library Automation Files
Cattle Division Reports
Cattle Feeders Day Programs & Proceedings
CATV Committee Files
CDMS Issuances and Reports
Center for Democracy in the Multiracial Society (CDMS) Subject File
CE Bulletin
Celia Lavatelli Papers
CEMREL Aesthetic Education Program Administrative Files
CEMREL Aesthetic Education Program Audio Recordings
CEMREL Aesthetic Education Program Materials
CEMREL Aesthetic Education Program Motion Pictures
CEMREL Aesthetic Education Program Publications and Reports
CEMREL Aesthetic Education Program Slides
Centennial Booklet
Centennial Committee Records
Centennial Convocation Videotape
Centennial Exhibition Teacher's Register
Centennial History File
Centennial Year Housing Brochure
Center for Children's Books Bulletin
Center for Global Studies Director's Subject and Correspondence File
Center for International Business Education & Research Working Papers
Center for International Comparative Studies File
Center for International Educ. & Research in Accounting Monographs
Center for International Education & Research in Accounting Bulletins
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets Annual Reports
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets Briefing Files
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets Site Briefing File
Center for the Study of Reading Technical Reports
Center for the Study of Reading--Reading Education Reports
Center Issuances
Central Administration Staff Files
Central Food Stores Issuances
Central Labor Union Conference Publications
Central Stores Computer Center Issuances
Ceramic Engineering Student Organizations
Ceramics Building and Equipment Negatives
Ceramist Photograph Files
History, Ceremony, and Conference Programs
Certified Public Accountant Examination Questions
Chairman's File
Chamber of Commerce Conference Announcements & Programs
Champaign County Greenways and Trails Committee Records
Champaign Redistricting Project
Champaign, Illinois Community Bands Collection
Champaign-Urbana Amnesty International Records
Champaign-Urbana Civic Design Study
Champaign-Urbana Coalition Against Apartheid
Champaign-Urbana Peace Council Records
Chancellor's Appointment Books
Chancellor's Issuances
Chancellor's Office Restricted Subject File
Channel 12 News
Channing-Murray Foundation Records
Chapin Family Papers
Chapter Composites File
Chapter Correspondence Files
Chapter Officers' Leadership Conference Subject File
Chapter Photographs File
Charles A. de Krafft Bunting Scrapbook
Charles A. Kiler Furniture Store Records
Charles A. Kiler Papers
Charles A. Siler Farm Records
Charles B. Garrigus Journals
Charles B. Hagan Papers
Charles B. Shuman Papers
Charles Dutton Terry Scrapbook
Charles E. Keck Papers
Charles E. Osgood Papers
Charles E. Tuttle Collection
Charles F. Hottes Papers
Charles H. Bowman Papers
Charles H. Butler Scrapbook
Charles H. Johnston Papers
Charles H. Sandage Papers
Charles H. Shamel Papers
Charles H. Shattuck Papers
Charles H. Spaulding Papers
Charles J. Gaa Papers
Charles J. McIntyre Papers
Charles K. Brightbill Papers
Charles L. Stewart Papers
Charles Lonergan Scrapbook
Charles M. Kneier Papers
Charles M. Thompson Papers
Charles McKinley Ettinger Scrapbook
Charles O. Patier and the New York Mercantile Company, 1839-1914
Charles Robertson Papers
Charles S. Hyneman Conference Proceedings and Lectures
Charles C. Stewart Papers
Charles Sherman Bouton, Jr. Scrapbook
Charles Thomas Baumgart Papers
Charles W. Bailey Papers
Charles W. Clabaugh Papers
Charles W. Sanford Papers
Charles Zeleny Papers
Check Register and Journal
Chemical Engineering Alumni Letters
Chemical Engineering Annual Reports
Chemical Engineering Division Publications
Chemical Engineering Research Reports
Chemistry Department Subject File
Chemistry Library Annual Reports
Chemistry Show Correspondence
Cheris Kramarae Papers
Chester C. Zych Papers, 1956-59
Chester O. Jackson Papers
Chester P. Siess Papers
Chi Beta Records
Chi Omega Records
Chi-Illini Cues
Chiang Mai Project Publications
Chicago Circle Campus Dedication, Tape Recording
Chicago Circle Center
Chicago Circle Engineer
Chicago Circle Material
Chicago Circle Studies
Chicago Illinae Club Archives
Chicago Illini
Chicago Labor Education Program File
Chicago Professional Colleges Faculty-Alumni Newsletter
Chicago, Paducah, and Thebes Railway Company Journal
[i]Chicago Sun-Times[/i] Movie Press Kits
Chicago Teachers' Petition for a Branch of the Univ. in Chicago
Arnold Lamont Chick Sousa Band Photographs and Papers
Chief Executive Officer Correspondence and Subject File
Chief Illiniwek Clippings Files
Chief Illiniwek Dialogue Responses & Board of Trustees Files
Chief Illiniwek Subject Files
Chief's Correspondence
China Seminar Proceedings
Chinch Bug Correspondence
Chinese Heritage Association
Christine E. Hammer B.A. Thesis
Christmas Newsletters
Charles C. Price Papers
Christopher U. Faye Papers
Christopher Walters Papers
Chronological Theater Programs
Chronology of Campus Protests
Church and Community Institute Publications
CIC-AID Rural Development Research Project File
CIES Annual Reports
CIES Reports
Cinema Studies Issuances and Announcements
Pietro A Cipollone Music and Personal Papers
Circle Report
Circular Series
Circulars and Announcements
Circulars and Announcements
Citizen's Committee File
Citizen's Committee Records
Citizens Committee Newsletter
Civil and Environmental Engineering Departmental Posters
Civil Defense Announcements
Civil Defense Course and Conference Papers and Guidebook
Civil and Environmental Engineering Newsletters
Civil Engineering Bibliographies
Civil Engineering Systems Laboratory Research Series
Soil Mechanics Series
Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Compliance Reports
Clara E. Davis Scrapbook
Clara Hamilton Scrapbook
Clarence A. Berdahl Papers
Clarence A. Loyde Notebooks
Clarence G. Derick Papers
Clarence H. Freeark Scrapbook
Clarence W. Fick Scrapbook
Clark C. Spence Papers
Clark E. Cunningham Papers
Clark R. Griggs Memoir
Dorothy E. Clark Papers
Herbert L Clarke Music and Personal Papers
Herbert L Clarke Manuscripts - Microfilm Negatives
Class and Workshop Announcements
Class and Workshop Notices
Class History
Class Lists
Class Lists and Photographs
Class Materials
Class News Letters
Class of 1935 Newsletter
Class Newsletters
Class of 1881 Photographs
Class of 1888 50 Year Reunion Album
Class of 1888 Reunion
Class of 1892 Secretary's Book
Class of 1907 Reunion Records
Class of 1916 Secretary's Papers
Class of 1921 Records
Class of 1928 Records
Class of 1939 Reunion Materials
Class of 1940 Reunion Materials
Class Photograph Album
Class Photograph Negatives
Class Record Books
Class Records
Class Reunion File
Class Reunion Publications
Class Reunion Publications
Class Reunion Publications
Class of 1917 Reunion Records
Class of 1891 Reunion Record
Class Reunion Records
Class Specifications and Compensation Plans
Classica Americana
Classics Announcements
Classics Department Subject File
Classics Library Subject File
Classification of Colleges
Classified Employees Association Issuances
Classified Employees Association Records
Classified Records Management File
Claude M. Swanson Papers
Claude W. Gifford Papers
Clell L. Metcalf Papers
C. F. Marley Photographs
Clerical Administrative Personnel File
Cletus J. Boodell Papers
Clifton E. Barnes Papers
Clifton G. Bergeron Papers
Clifton Zabka Photographs
Clinic on Library Application of Data Processing Publications
[i]Clinical Law Review[/i]
Clinical Psychology Ford Foundation Fellowship Grants File
Clinical Psychology Reports, Statistics and Student Records
Clipping Files
Clippings File
Clippings File
Clothing Division Annual Reports
Cluster, Microtutor, and NovaNET Files
Clyde P. Davis Family History
Clyde S. Johnson Fraternity Collection
Coalition Against Coke Contracts Records
Coleman R. Griffith Papers
Collection Development Admin File
Collection Development and Acquisitions Policy Committee Files
Collections Analysis Project Records, 1979-1981
College and Curricular and Course Announcements and Circulars
College and University Reference Files
College Announcements
College Building and Equipment Issuances
College Day File
College Issuances
College Needs Statements
College of Agriculture Accounting Procedures Manual
College of Business Communications Office Audiovisual File
College of Business Communications Office Photograph File
College of Business MBA Publications
College of Commerce Faculty Minutes
College of Dentistry Student Record Books
College of Education Alumni Association Papers
College of Engineering History
College of Engineering History
College of Literature and Arts Letterbooks
College of Science and College of Literature and Arts Minutebooks
College of Science Annual Reports
College of Science Correspondence
College of Science Letterbooks
College of Science Publications Scrapbooks
College Panhellenic Committee File
College Panhellenics Guidelines
College Policy and Development Committee Files
College Policy and Plans Reports
College Program Issuances
College Publications
College Publications
College Publications
College Student Survey Questionnaires and Transcripts
College of Veterinary Medicine Subject File
College Teachers Summer Institute File
Colloquia Tapes
Colombia Housing Project File
Color Centers in Alkali Halides Symposium Records
Color Slides
Columbian Exposition Aquarium Correspondence
Columbus Quincentennial Exhibit Comments
Coming Events Announcements
Commemorative Events File
Commencement Addresses
Class of 1887 Commencement and Reunion Clippings
Commencement Committee File
Commencement Convocation Programs
Commencement File
Commencement Program File
Commencement programs
Commencement and Convocation Programs
Commencement Speakers Bulletins and Data Sheets
Commerce Alumni Newsletters
Commerce Women's Club Records
Commercial and Business Education Conf. Materials
Commercial Tests Record
Commission on Colleges and Universities File
Commission on Institutions of Higher Education File
Commission on Research and Service File
Commission on Secondary Schools File
Commission Papers
Commitee Files
Commitee on the Organization of a College of Fine & Applied Arts Publications
Committee Correspondence and Reports
Committee File
Committee File
Committee File
Committee File
Committee Files
Committee Files
Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure Cases File
Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure File
Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure Publications
Committee on Accountancy Receipts Journal
Committee on Accreditation File
Committee on Admissions from Higher Institutions Minutes
Committee on Admissions Publications
Committee on Allerton Park Records
Committee on Alumni Activities Publications
Committee on Appointment of Teachers Publications
Committee on Athletics & Recreation Publications
Committee on Athletics and Recreation File
Committee on Audit and Association Investment Policy
Committee on Belgian Relief Correspondence
Committee on Calendar Publications
Committee on Commencement Publications
Committee on Committees Publications
Committee on Community Problems File
Committee on Continuing Education & Public Service Publications
Committee on Copyrights and Recordings
Committee on Culture and Cognition Publications
Committee on Education Program for Freshmen & Sophomore Students Publications
Committee on Educational Organization and Administration Publications
Committee on Educational Policy File
Committee on Educational Policy Publications
Committee on Faculty Benefits Publications
Committee on Fees Publications
Committee on Future Programs Publications
Committee on General Education Publications
Committee on Honorary Degrees Publications
Committee on Honors Publications
Committee on Inquiry Into Educational Organization & Processes File
Committee on Institutional Cooperation Publications
Committee on Institutional Cooperation Subject File
Committee on Libraries File
Committee on Military Affairs Records
Committee on Minority Groups Publications
Committee on Occupational Deferment Files
Committee on Organization and Efficiency File
Committee on Organization of University Boards Report
Committee on Overseas Projects Minutes
Committee on Professional Development File
Committee on Professional Development Publications
Committee on School Mathematics File
Committee on Sections and Annual Meeting File
Committee on Selection of a Regent Correspondence
Committee on Student Economics Study File
Committee on Student Affairs Minutes
Committee on Student Affairs Publications
Committee on Student Discipline Publications
Committee on Student Discipline Records
Committee on Student English Office Files
Committee on Students' English Publications
Committee on Surplus Property Publications
Committee on the Admission of Student Athletes Administrative File
Committee on the Directorship of the Library Publications
Committee on the History of the Participation of the University in WWI File
Senate Committee on the Library Reports
Committee on the Selection of a President of the University of Illinois
Committee on the Selection of a President Publications
Committee on the Status of Women Records
Committee on the Teaching of Hygiene Publications
Committee on Unemployment and Relief Publications
Committee on University Statutes & Senate Procedures Publications
Committee Publications
Committee Publications File
Committee Reports
Committee Reports and Correspondence
Committee Reports and Correspondence
Committee Reports and Correspondence
Committee Reports and Correspondence
Committee Reports and Correspondence
Committee to Study Consolidation of the Chicago Campuses Reports
Committee to Study Needs for Recreactional Facilities Publications
Committee Files
Committees File
Applied Health Sciences Committees File
Committees on Human Relations and Equal Opportunity
Committees on Institutional Data Minutes
Communicable Disease Materials
Communication Perspectives
Communication, Control & Computing Conference Proceedings
Communications and Publications Subject File
Communications Evaluation Reports
Community and Parents Issuances
Community Information and Education Service Publications
Community Planning Data
Community Planning Notes
Community Problems Committee Subject File
Community Research Center Subject File
Community Research Forum Publications
Community Studies and Surveys File
Comparative International Studies Publications
Comparative Literature Studies
Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics Publications
Computer Assisted Management Program Publications
Computer Promotion File
Computer Science Alumni News
Computer Science Audiovisual Materials
Computer Science Department Subject File
Computer Science Department Technical Library
Computer Science Photograph File
Computer Terminal Usage Statistics
Computer Use Survey File
Computer Utilization Committee
Concert and Recital Programs
Concert and Recital Programs. Classified by Type
Concert Guides
Concert Programs
Concert Tour Announcements & Programs
Concrete Canoe Team Records
Concrete Testing Research File
Conf., Lecture & Short Course Pubs.
Conference & Short Course Announcements & Proceedings
Conference and Clinic Announcements
Conference and Clinic Papers
Conference and Congress Publications
Conference and Course Announcements and Programs
Conference and Institute Files
Conference and Institute Programs
Conference and School Programs & Outlines
Conference and Short Course Announcements
Conference and Short Course Programs
Conference and Symposium Proceedings
Conference and Tournament Housing Issuances
Conference and Workshop Publications
Conference Announcements, Programs and Proceedings
Conference Announcements, Programs & Proceedings
Conference Athletic Directors Minutes
Conference Faculty Representatives Minutes
NIC Conference Files
Conference on Architectural Design Proceedings
Conference on Conduct Governance File
Conference on Curriculum Design Proceedings
NCTE/Conference on English Education Subject File
Conference on Problems of Higher Education in Illinois File
Conference on Religious Education Proceedings
Conference Proceedings
Conference Proceedings
Conference Proceedings
Conference Proceedings
Conference Programs
Conference Programs and NAEB Material
Conference Programs and Proceedings
Conference Publications
Conference, Institute and Lecture Announcements
Conference, Institute, Symposium and Extension Course Announcements
Conference, Lecture, Course and Program Publications
Conference, Seminar and Workshop Announcements
Conference, Symposium and Lecture Materials
Conferences & Institutes File
Conferences, Minutes and Proposals
Conger Reynolds Farm Records
Connie Ogden Photographs of North Campus
Constantin Fotitch Papers
Constitution and By-Laws
Constitution and By-laws
Constitution and Bylaws
Constitutional Convention File
Constitutions, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures
University of Illinois Construction and Renovation Projects File
Construction Research Series
Consultant's Report
Consumer and Homemaking Education Program (CHEP) Administrative Files
Consumer and Homemaking Education Program Materials
Consumer Behavior Reports
Consumer Education Program Materials
Continuing Conversations
Office of Continuing Education & Public Service Subject File
Contract and Agreement Files
Contract Publications
Contract Register
Contract Research Reports
Contributions from the Zoological Laboratory
NCTE/Convention Previews
Convocation and Commencement Programs
Convocation File
Cooperative Extension Promotional Materials
Cooperative Extension Service Annual Reports
Cooperative Illinois Coal Mining Investigation Records
Cooperative Projects and Gift Funds File
Cooperative Reports
Coordinating Placement Council Annual Reports
COPE Action Report
COPE Recommendations and Responses
Copyright Registration Files
Cora E. Thomassen Papers
Corda Lucas Album
Corn Research Annual Reports
Cornelia Kelley Wolfe Papers
Corporation Files
Corpus of American Architecture
Comptroller's Correspondence
Correspondence and Reports
Correspondence and Subject File
Correspondence File
Correspondence File
Correspondence File
Correspondence files
Cost Reports & Studies
Council for Basic Education Correspondence
Council for Basic Education Publications
Council for Research in Music Education Publications
Council Notes
Council of Administration Letterbooks
Council of Administration Minutes
Council of Planning Librarians Bibliographies
Council of Planning Librarians Editorial Correspondence
Council of Planning Librarians Subject File
Counseling Issuances
County Chairmen File
County Chairmen's Handbooks
County Extension Councils Law, Guides and Letters
County Farm Advisers Issuances
County Home Advisers Issuances
County Programs Evaluation Materials
Course and Conference Programs and Proceedings
Course and Program Announcements
Course and Program Announcements
Course Announcements
Course Announcements
Course Change Approvals
Course Descriptions
Course Descriptions
Course Enrollment Statistical Reports
Course Guides
Course in Athletic Coaching File
Course in Athletic Coaching Publications
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Materials
Course Notebooks
Course Outlines
Course Outlines
Course Schedules
Course Syllabi
Course Syllabi
Course Syllabi and Study Guides
Couse Materials
CPC Handbook
CPRD Issuances
Craig Poffenberger Papers
David H. Craker Marching Illini Band Halftime Field Show Charts
Howard E Crawford Papers
Cream of Tartar Report
Creativity Factors Technical Reports
Credit Union Issuances
Criminal Justice Brochure
Crop Breeding Research Materials
Crop Production. Plant Breeding and General Letterbooks
Crop Science Staff Newsletters
Crystallization of Perovskite Lead Titanate Progress Report
Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets Research Reports and Conference Material
CSO Updates
CSX-1 Computer File
David Cubberly Urbana-Champaign Local Music Photographs
Cultural Values & Ethics Program Issuances
Current Advances in Dentistry Publications
Current Affairs and Staff Memorand
Current Comments on Egg and Poultry Marketing
Current Economic Comment
Current Research Activities
Curricular and Program Announcements
Curriculum Laboratory Reports
Curriculum Outlines
Curriculum Publications
Curriculum Review Tape Recordings
Curt Beamer Photographic File
Custom Rates for Farm Machines
Cut Book
Jean Cutler Theatrical Films, Audio Recordings and Papers
Cyberfest Twentieth Anniversary File
Cyril G. Hopkins Papers
D. Philip Locklin Papers
D. Walter Gotshalk Papers
Dads Day Meetings File
Daily Flight and Aircraft Rental Records
Daily Illini
Daily Illini Information & Recruitment Publications
Daily Illini Photograph Negatives
Daily Illini Photographs - Prints
Daily Illini Photographs Subject Index
[i]Daily Illini [/i]Special Editions
Daily Illini Subscriptions Publications
Dairy Herd Improvement Association Summaries and Records
Dairy Manufactures Short Course and Conference Proceedings
Dairy Marketing Facts, AE Series
Dairy Products Judging File
Dairy Science "D" Publications
Dairy Technology Society Files
Dale S. Sutton Papers
Dan G. Swannell Letter
Dance Program File
Dance Programs
Dance Programs
Dance Programs
Daniel Alpert Papers
Daniel C. Drucker Papers
Daniel Curley Papers
Daniel J. Perrino Papers
Daniel K. Bloomfield College History
Daniel W. Shea Papers
Danville Brewing and Ice Company Records
Darl M. Hall Papers
"Data Tapes and Reels"
David A. Cobb Papers
David Bechtel Papers
David Brian Reed Papers
David C. Baum Memorial Lecture Series
David C. Baum Papers
David C. Lazarus Papers
David D. Henry Lecture Series
David D. Henry Personal Papers
David Dodd Henry Lecture Files
David E. Lindstrom Papers
David Eisenman Papers
David F. Linowes Papers
David Goodman Papers
David Gottlieb Papers
David H. Carnahan Papers
David Kinley Papers
David O. Matthews Papers
David Reiner Papers
David S. Malcolmson Papers
David W. Plath Papers
Jack W Davis Papers
Dean of Applied Health Sciences Chronological File
Dean E. McHenry Papers
Dean's Correspondence
Dean's Installation Proceedings, Testimonials and Memorials
Dean's Issuances
Dean's List Interviews
Dean's Office Correspondence
Dean's Restricted Subject File
Dean's Restricted Subject File
Dean's Subject File
Deane G. Carter Papers
Deans Directory
Deans Memoranda
Deanship Nominating Committee File
Richard H. DeBaugh Papers
Decennial Survey of Graduates
Dedication and Facilities Publications
Dedication Festival Publications
Dedications and Installations
Dorris Alexander "Dee" Brown Publications
Degree and Curriculum Requirements Issuances
Degrees Conferred Reports
Division of Environmental Health and Safety Subject File
Luca Del Negro Trumpet
Delmar Wilken Family Account Books
Delta Chi Records
Delta Gamma History
Delta Phi Records
Delta Sigma Omicron Publications
Delta Sigma Omicron Records
Delta Sigma Phi Records
Delta Sigma Pi Records
Delta Sigma Theta Records
Delta Tau Delta Records
Delta Theta Epsilon Records
Delta Zeta Publications
Demitri B. Shimkin Papers
Denton E. Alexander Papers
Department and Student Publications
Department Chair's Administrative File
Department Histories
Department Newsletters
Department of Dance Records
Department of Mathematics History
Department of Mathematics Weekly Calendars
Department of Orthodontia Bulletins
Department of Psychology Audiovisual Materials
Department of Psychology History
Department of Special Education Subject Files
Department of Transportation Study Publications
Department Policy Manual
Departmental Advisory Board Files
Departmental and Subject File
Departmental Announcements
Departmental Announcements and Calendars
Departmental Correspondence
Departmental Correspondence
Departmental Correspondence
Departmental Correspondence
Departmental Correspondence
Departmental Dinner Meeting Minutes
Departmental Grievance Policy Administrative File, 1993, 1996, 1998-2001
Departmental Histories
Departmental History
Departmental History
"Departmental History"
Departmental Histories
Departmental History, 1997
Departmental History/ Wendell Miller Collection
Departmental Issuances
Departmental Issuances
Departmental Issuances
Departmental Issuances
Departmental Issuances
Departmental Issuances
Departmental Letterbooks
Departmental Letterbooks
Departmental Library Services Issuances
Departmental Library Materials
Departmental Minutes
Departmental Minutes
Departmental Minutes
Departmental Newsletter
Departmental Newsletter
Departmental Newsletter
Departmental Newsletters
Departmental Newsletters and Announcements
Departmental Oral Histories
Departmental Personnel Files
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications
Departmental Publications & Issuances
Departmental Publications and Issuances
Departmental Publications and Issuances
Departmental Reports
Departmental Reprints
Departmental Reprints and Publications Lists
Departmental Research Reports
Departmental Research Studies
Departmental Administrative Subject File
Departmental Subject File
Architecture Department Subject File
Departmental Subject File
Departmental Subject File
Departmental Subject File
Departmental Subject File
Departmental Subject File
Mathematics Department Subject File
Departmental Subject File
Depot Press Publications
John DeRoule Music and Personal Papers
Descriptive Brochures
Descriptive Inventory of Resources
Descriptive Materials
Descriptive Materials
Development and Public Affairs Subject File
Development Office Editor's File
Development Office Photographic and A-V Production Materials
Development Office Publications
Development Director Files
Dewey Decimators Softball Team Records
Dial Club Proceedings
Dialogue Newsletter
Diane Koenker Papers
Dianne Sautter Campbell Papers
Eduardo Diazmunoz University of Illinois Opera Theatre Records
Digests of Illinois Park and Recreation Laws and Personnel Directories
Digital Computer Laboratory Specifications
Dillon E. Mapother Papers
Dillon S. Brown Recollection
Diplomas and Certificates
Director of Campus Administrative Systems Committee File
Director's Letterbooks
Director's Letterbooks
Director's Letterbooks
Director's Minutes
Director's Office Photograph File
Director's Subject File
Krannert Art Musuem Director's Office Subject File
Director's Subject File
NIC Directories
[i]Directory of Law Teachers[/i]
Disability Reference File
Disciplinary Hearings Transcripts and Reports
Discussion Paper Series
Dissertation Abstracts
Digital Projects and Programs Administrative Files
Diversity Committee Reports
Division of Rehabilitation Education Services Subject File
Division of Rehabilitation Education Services Negatives
Division of Rehabilitation Education Services Photograph File
Division Publications
Dix Harper Papers
Dixon Springs Publications
Dixon Springs Sheep Day Proceedings
DLS Administration and Governance Manuals
Documentation of the Assembly Hall
Documents and Issuances
Documents Office Publications
Oscar H. Dodson Papers
Dolphin Queens Photos
Dominic Skaperdas Papers
Don C. DeVault Papers
Donald A. and Helen O. Lowrie Papers
Donald Crummey Papers
Donald F. Benson Papers
Donald Holt Papers
Donald L. Burkholder Papers
Donald L. Kemmerer Papers
Donald M. Ginsberg Papers
Donald S. Hoebel Interview
Donald W. Chamberlain Papers
Donald W. Kerst Papers
Donald W. Krummel Papers
Donnell Hunt Papers
Doris Duke Indian Oral History Program Archives
Dorothy M. Black Papers
Douglas Bernstein Papers
Douglas Mills Papers
Douglas S. Butterworth Papers
Douglas S. K. Chien Papers
Downs Publication Fund Publications
Drama, Dance, and Lecture Series Programs
Dramatic Club Records
Andrew S. Draper General Correspondence File
Division of Rehabilitation Education Services Scrapbooks
Driver Education Course, Class and Seminars Announcements
Driver Education Scholarship Announcements
Duane T. Englis Papers
Guy M Duker Papers
Raymond F Dvorak Papers
Dwight B. Leigh Farm Records
Dwight P. Flanders Papers
E. A. Curtiss Papers
E. Atlee Jackson Papers
E. Robert Baumann Papers
Earl H. Regnier Papers
Earl M. Hughes Papers
Earl W. Porter Audiocassettes
Earl R. Swanson Papers
Early Childhood Education Certification Hearing File
Dennis Eberhard Music and Papers
Executive Committee Confidential Subject File
Econ. Opportunity Act and Neighborhood Youth and Corps Issuances
Economic Geology File
Economic Status Reports
Economics and Sociology Library Correspondence
Economics for Agriculture
Economics Newsletters
Economics Seminar Minutes
Ed Kieser Papers
Edgar J. Townsend Papers
Edgar L. Erickson Papers
Edith A. Emerson Lemarr Scrapbook
Editorial Committee of the Illinois Studies in the Soc. Sciences File
Editorial Office Agricultural Communications Research Reports
Editorial Office Communications Handbook
Editorial Office Extension Notes and Extension News
Editorial Office Home Economics Publications
Editorial Office IFWBA Newsletter
Editorial Office It Says Here and Extension Messenger
Editorial Office News for Farm Paper Editors
Editorial Office News for Women
Editorial Office News from Agriculture
Editorial Office Radio Program Announcements
Editorial Office Service Materials
Editorial Office Timely Paragraphs
Blaine Edlefsen Papers
Edmund J. James Lectures on Government
Edmund Mech Papers (Foster Youth Project Files)
Edna Lucy Goss Notebook
Education Library File
Education of the Deaf Publications
Education Publications
Education School Bulletins
Education Scrapbooks
Educational Adviser Correspondence
Educational and Institutional Organizations File
Educational Association Conference and Meeting Programs
Educational Brochures, and Publications Lists
Educational Opportunities Program File
Educational Opportunities Program Publications
Educational Organization and Administration Committee File
Educational Placement File
Educational Programs for the Disadvantaged Publications
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Administrative Files
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Publications
Educational Series
Educational Slide Series
Educational Television File
Educational Theory
Edward "Dwight" Brauns Correspondence
Edward Atkinson Papers
Edward Bartow Papers
Edward M. Bruner Papers
Edward Bruner Polish Poster Collection
Edward C. Jordan Papers
Edward C. Schmidt Papers
Edward E. Bauer Papers
Edward E. Stafford Papers
Edward F. Potthoff Papers
Edward G. Howe Papers
Edward G. Lewis Papers
Edward H. Davidson Papers
Edward H. Tyner Papers
Edward J. Filbey Papers
Edward J. Hess, Jr. Papers
Edward L. Allen Papers
Edward McDonald Farm Records
Edward W. Cleary Papers
Edward W. Voss, Jr. Papers
Edward Waldo Papers
Edwin B. Peebles Papers
Edwin C. Rae Papers
Edwin D. Lawson Papers
Edwin M. Adams Papers
Edwin M. Banks Papers
Effect of Children's Interest Upon School Performance Technical Reports
Norman Eisenstein Photographs and Papers
Eisner Family Papers
Maurice Eisner Papers
Eldon Johnson Papers
Eldonna Evertts Papers
Eleanor Blum Papers
Eleanor Roper Notebooks
Electrical Engineering Society Records
Electrical Engineering Statistics
Electrical Engineering Subject File
Electrical Show, Open House Programs
Electron Microscopy Publications
Electronics Representatives Management Institute Proceedings
Elementary Education Subject File
Elementary School Science Project Publications
Eligibility File
Elisabeth Debar Russian Railway Letter File
Ella C. Leppert Papers
Ellery B. Paine Papers
Ellis MacLeod Papers
Ellsworth Hazzard Papers
Elmer J. Donahue Farm Records
Elmer L. Sauer Papers
Elmer M. Dicke Papers
Elmer Roberts Papers
Elroy E. Golden Papers
Elvin Warrick Papers
Embossing Cuts and Engraving Dies
Emergency and Personal Incidents File
Emergency Housing Facilities Lists
Emerson Scholl Farm Records
Emil W. Lehmann Papers
Emmanuel H. Brandt Collection
Emmett B. McNatt Papers
Employee Lists
Employee Lists
Employment Policies, Programs, and Issuances
Employment Statistics
Endowment Farms Financial Reports and Account Books
Endowment Farms Records
Endowment Fund Register
Energy Research Group Documents and Technical Memoranda
Energy Research Publications
Engineering Accreditation Subject Files
Engineering Alumni Committee Manual
Engineering Documents Center Administrative Files
Engineering Faculty General Committee File
Engineering Library Correspondence
Engineering Open House
Engineering Photographs and Negatives
Engineering Reports
Engineering Scrapbooks
Engineering Student Reading Lists
Engineering Tips
Engineering War Training Program Announcements
College of Engineering Company Files
College of Engineering Subject File
English as a Second Language Publications
English as a Second Language Research Publications
NCTE/English For Today Project Files
English Journal Club Records
Enrollment Statistics
Enrollment Statistics Reports
Enrollment Tables
Entomology Fact Sheets
Entomology Office File
Entomology Publications
Entrants Statistical Reports
Bill Entwistle Nature's Table Digital Photographs
Environmental and Energy Conservation Education Publications
Environmental Geology Notes
Environmental Health and Safety Publications
Episcopal Church Foundation Records
Equal Employment Opportunity Committee Records
Equipment Inventories
Ernest B. Lytle Papers
Ernest Bernbaum Papers
Ernest C. Faust Papers
Ernest D. Rutenber Current Events Newspaper Clippings
Ernest H. Scott Papers
Ernest Ingold Papers
Ernest J. Reece Papers
Ernest J. Smith Papers
Ernest L. Bogart Papers
Ernest M. Lyman Papers
Ernest T. Hiller Papers
Ernst A. Philippson Papers
Errol Rodda Papers
Erwin E. Ziemann Papers
Essential Oil and Spice Ltd. Records
Leigh Estabrook Papers
Esther R. Steinberg Papers
Eta Kappa Nu Records
Etta Arntzen Papers
Eugene and Margaret Mathis Papers
Eugene Bertin Scrapbook
Eugene Davenport Papers
Eugene F. Scoles Papers
Eugene Rabinowitch Papers
European Studies/European Union Center Subject File
Evaluation of the University Librarian File
Evelyn Bristol Papers
Evelyn Burrill Lewis Papers
Evelyn E. Brown Papers
Evelyn J. Weber Papers
Evelyne Accad Papers
Events Publications
Everett R. Peters Papers
Evolving Archives Initiative Oral Histories
Michael E Ewald Collection
Examination Papers
Examination Papers
Examination Questions
Examination Questions
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards
Executive Committee
Executive Committee and Faculty Meeting Minutes
Executive Committee Hearings File
Executive Committee Information Items
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes and Agenda File
Executive Committee Memoranda
Executive Committee Minutes
Executive Committee Minutes
Executive Committee Minutes
Executive Committee Minutes
Executive Committee Minutes and Reports
Executive Committee Subcommitee Files
NCTE/Executive Committee Subcommittees Files
Executive Compensation Workshop Proceedings
Executive Development Center Publications
Executive Development Program Announcements
NCTE/Executive Director's Subject File
Executive Faculty Minutes
Executive Secretary's Annual Reports
NCTE/Executive Secretary's Committee File
Executive Visit Reports
Executive, Biennial and Annual Reports
Exhibit and Lecture Announcements and Exhibit Catalogs
Exhibit Announcements
Exhibit File
Exhibit Materials
Exhibition Catalogs
Exhibition Schedules, Promotional Brochures, Announcements & Dedication
Exhibition Volume
Expanding Horizons: History of DRES
Expenditure Journals
Expenditure Records
Hoticulture Experiment Records
Experiment Station Projects
Experiment Station Publications Lists
Experimental Music Studios Records
Experiments in Strength of Materials
Extension Advisers and Specialists Lists
Extension and Program Development Handbooks and Manuals
Extension Announcements
Extension Announcements
Extension Announcements
Extension Audiovisual Materials
Extension Bulletins
Extension Class File
Extension Committee File
Extension Conference Announcements and Programs
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Announcements
Extension Course Materials
Extension Editor's Slides, Tapes and Film Catalogs
Extension Issuances
Extension Lecture Bulletins
Extension Lectures and Circulars
Extension Scrapbook
Extension Service Project Reports
Extension Staff Conference Minutes
Extramural Credit Course Announcements
Extramural Non-credit Course Announcements
F. F. Lumberg Manuscript
F. Samuel Bauer Papers
F. Wheeler Loomis Papers
F. Wilfrid Lancaster Papers
F.F.A. Reporter's Workshop Material
Facilities and Services Project Drawings and Plans
Facts for Freshmen
Faculty Adviser's Handbooks
Faculty Advisory Committee Publications
Faculty and Academic Professional Personnel File
Faculty and Academic Staff Employment File
Faculty and Staff Directories
Faculty and Staff File
Faculty and Staff File
Faculty and Staff Lists
Faculty and Staff Lists
Faculty and Staff Press Release File
Faculty and Student Research Papers
Faculty Announcements and Committee Reports
Faculty Appointment File
Faculty Bulletin
Faculty Correspondence
Faculty Correspondence
Faculty File
Faculty Files
Faculty for University Reform File
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Handbooks
Faculty Handbooks
Faculty Issuances
Faculty Issuances
Faculty Letters
Faculty Lists, Handbooks, Reports, Speeches, and Announcements
Faculty Lists, Manuals and Newsletters
Faculty Meeting Minutes
Faculty Meeting Minutes
Faculty Memoranda
Faculty Minutes
Faculty Minutes
Faculty Minutes
Faculty Minutes
Faculty Minutes
Faculty Minutes & Communications
Faculty Musical and Literary Works Lists
Faculty News
Faculty Newsletters
Faculty Newsletters
Faculty Organization Publications
Faculty Personnel File
Faculty Personnel File
Faculty Personnel Files
Faculty Personnel Files
Faculty Players Records
Faculty Portraits
Faculty Portraits
Faculty Publication Lists
Faculty Publications
Faculty Publications
Faculty Publications
Faculty Publications
Faculty Publications
Faculty Publications
Faculty Publications and Dissertation Lists
Faculty Publications and Doctoral Dissertations
Faculty Publications and Lists
Faculty Publications Cards
Faculty Record
Faculty Recreation Committee Publications
Faculty Recruitment Conference Issuances and Announcements
Faculty Reports
Faculty Reports
Faculty Representative's File
Faculty Reprints
Faculty Research and Professional Interests Directories
Faculty Seminar Meeting Notices
Faculty Social Committee Minutes
Faculty Working Papers
Faculty, Staff and Student Portraits
Faculty-Staff-Student Directories
Family Camping Show Material
Farm & Home Week Publications
Farm Account Books & Record Books
Farm Account Summary Sheets
Farm and Home Account Record Summaries
Farm and Home Week File
Farm Bureau Separation File
Farm Business Analysis Studies for Champaign and Piatt Counties
Farm Business Reports
Farm Business Surveys in Conservation Areas
Farm Cost Accounting Records
Farm Economics Facts and Opinions
Farm Financial Record Studies
Farm Foundation Administrative Subject Files
Farm Foundation Annual Reports and Organizational Histories
Farm Foundation Audiovisual Materials
Farm Foundation General Publications
Farm Foundation Great Plains Region Committee Files
Farm Foundation Lowden Plantation Records
Farm Foundation National and Interregional Committee Files
Farm Foundation North Central Region Committee Files
Farm Foundation Northeast Region Committee Files
Farm Foundation Southern Region Committee Files
Farm Foundation Western Region Committee Files
Farm Foundation Workshops, Seminars, and Conference Files
Farm Journals
Farm Leases and Agreements
Farm Management Brochures
Farm Management Service Publications
Farm Management Test Demonstration Farm Reports
Farm Management Tour Material
Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers Publications
Farm Safety Publications
Farm Sports Festival
Farm Structures Talk
Farm Structures, Machinery & Water Resources File
Farm Work Diaries
Farm, Field and Fireside Collection
FarmHouse Fraternity Publications
FarmHouse Fraternity Records
Lloyd P. Farrar Music Instrument Collection and Personal Papers
Fay M. Sims Papers
Feasibility Studies
Fecker Brewing Company Records
Federal Aid Interstate 270 (FAI-270) Reports
Federal and Interstate Extension Publications
Scientific Research and Development Correspondence File
Philipp P Fehl Papers
Felicia L. Turyn Papers
Felix & Donatella Baroncini Adler Papers
Fellowship and Scholarship Announcements
Ferdinand A. Mendel Postcards
Festival of Contemporary Arts Programs & Announcements
Festival of Contemporary Arts: Catalogs of Exhibitions
Festival of Traditional Music and Folk Life Booklets
Fidel V. Ramos Publications
Field and Furrow Records
Field Consultant's Seminar File
Field Entomologists File
Field Entomologists' Correspondence
Field Service Publications
Field Work File
Fighting Illini Dugout Club
Filbey Family Papers
Film Catalogs
Film Society Records
Film/Video Center Publications
Films Project File
Films, Videotapes, and DVDs
Final Competition Programs and Instructions
Final Exam Schedules
Finance Department Chronological (Reading) File
Financial Aid Announcements
Financial Aid Announcements
Financial Aid Brochures
Financial Aid for Graduate Students
Financial Aid Issuances
Financial Aid Publications
Financial Book
Financial Drives and Contributions
Financial Reports
Financial Reports
Financial Reports
Financial Reports of Organizations
Financial Statements
Financial Statements and Audit Reports
Financing and Estimating Issuances
Myron Fink Music
Fiora Grace Pagliarulo Dunn Papers
Fire College Announcements
Fire College Proceedings
Fire Department Publications
Fire Service Delivery Studies
Fitness Tests and Programs
Earl Flanagan University of Illinois Band Uniform
Stanley Fletcher Papers
Flight Lines
Float'N Illini Records
Florence B. Robinson Papers
Florence C. Brown Papers
Florence Hood Miner Papers
Florence Lee Scrapbook
Florian Znaniecki Papers
Floriculture Division Records
Floriculture Publications
Floriculture Research Photographs
Floriculture Scrapbook
The Florograph
Florists Association Meeting File
Flower Exhibition Photographs
Floyd R. Watson Papers
Foellinger Auditorium Rehabilitation Photographs
Folke Dovring Papers
Food Processor School Materials
Food Science Audio/Visual Teaching Aids
Food Supports Sports Publications
Football Coaches Correspondence
Football Coaches Show Videotapes
Football Game Films and Videotapes
Football Highlights Films and Videotapes
"For and About Illinois Rural Youth"
"For Your Home" Exhibition Catalogs
For Your Information
For Your Information and General Releases to Extension
Ford Foundation Grants File
Foreign Aid Program Reports
[i]Foreign Exchange Bulletin[/i]
Foreign Staff Data Sheets
Forester's Correspondence
Forester's Workpapers
Forestry Publications
Forestry Research Reports
Form Letters
Form Letters and Memoranda
Forrest I. Peters Papers
Foundation Board of Directors & Committee Minutes
Mark Foutch Brass Band Music and Bass Drum
Mark Foutch Collection
Frances Best Watkins Papers
Frances E. Wine Papers
Frances Edelson Krauss Papers
Frances M. Day Papers
Frances Marie Rutenber Leslie Scrapbook
Frances Myers Bauer Papers
Francis G. Wilson Papers
Francis J. Koenig Papers
Roger Francisco Sound Recordings
Frank A. Kopf Scrapbook
Frank A. Pitelka Notebook
Frank Appleby Papers
Frank C. Baker Papers
Frank D. Murphy Papers
Frank E. Schooley-Victor L. Krannert Correspondence
Frank Freidel Papers
Frank G. Dickinson Papers
Frank H. McKelvey Papers
Frank H. Mynard Papers
Frank Hall Armstrong Papers
Frank J. Roos, Jr. Papers
Frank Leggitt Papers
Frank M. Chase Scrapbook
Frank N. Decker Manuscript
Frank P. Rohrer Papers
Frank W. Scott Papers
Wilber J. Fraser Photographs and Correspondence
Fraternity Affairs File
Fraternity Affairs Subject File
Fraternity and College Book Collection
Fraternity and Sorority Correspondence and Subject Files
Fraternity Communications Association
Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group Correspondence and Subject File
Fraternity Organizations
Fraternity Reference Files
Fraternity Rush Statistics
Fred A. Shannon Papers
Fred August Kummerow Papers
Fred E. Berger Scrapbook
Fred H. Turner Papers
Fred L. Williams Papers
Fred M. Jones Papers
Fred S. Rodkey Papers
Fred T. Duncan Papers
Fred Velcomyn Papers--Unprocessed
Fred W. Tanner Papers
Frederic D. Moyer Papers
Frederic R. Steggerda Papers
Frederick C. Bauer Papers
Frederick C. Dietz Papers
Frederick C. Kalthoff Scrapbook
Frederick Dean Miles Papers
Frederick F. Weinard Papers
Frederick H. Newell Papers
Frederick J. Ruegsegger Papers
Frederick John Giehler Scrapbook
Frederick K. Beutel Papers
Frederick M. Raubinger and Harold C. Hand Manuscript, 1967
Frederick S. Holbrook Scrapbook
Frederick S. Siebert Papers
Frederick Seitz Papers
Frederick W. Panhorst Papers
Frederick W. Salogga Papers
Freedom of Information Act Requests (Disclosed)
Freedom of Information Act Requests (Undisclosed)
Freedom Study Committee Records
French House Scrapbooks
French Student Associations Records
Freshman Advisers Files
Freshman Honors Seminar Publications
Freshman Hygiene Syllabi
Freshman Rhetoric Manuals and Calendars
Freshman Social Affair Expulsion File
Friends of WILL Issuances
From the Hearts of Men Video Production Records
Fruit Paintings
Fulbright Awards Committee File
G. C. Willis Clothing Store Records
G. Day Ding Papers
G. Frederick Smith Papers
Gabriel Guevrekian Papers
Kenneth Gaburo Papers
Gail Hueting Papers, 1978-2011
Gail M. Fosler Papers, 1951-1983
Gail Robert Yohe Papers
Galesburg Admission Survey
Gamma Alpha Chi file
Gamma Gazette
Gamma House Scrapbooks
Gamma Mu News
Gardner Family Papers
Garret L. Jordan Papers
John Garvey Music and Papers
John Garvey Music Collection
Gary Bruce Kesler Papers
Viktors and Louise Geislers Photo Albums
Gene C. Shove Papers
Gene E. and Kristine J. Campbell Aerial Photographs Collection
Gene S. Graham Papers
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Correspondence
General Engineering Resume Book
Intercollegiate Athletics Subject File
General Issuances
General Issuances
General Journal
General Letterbooks
General Letters and Releases to Advisers
General Scrapbook
General Scrapbooks
General Scrapbooks
General Scrapbooks
General Scrapbooks
General Services Issuances
Genetics and Development Subject File
Geneva G. Belford Papers
Geodesy Lectures
Geographical Distribution of Students
Geography and Map Division Archives
Geography Department Course Materials
Geology Colloquium Files
Geology Department Scrapbook
Geology Library Subject File
George & Lester Schroll Farm Records
George & Paul Shuman Farm Records
George A. Huff Papers
George A. McCammon Papers
George A. Miller Lecture Announcements
George A. Miller Papers
George A. Zeller Papers
George Agle and Son Account Book
George and Edna Brown Titus Papers
George B. McMillen Papers
George Bosworth Brown Reprint File
George C. McVittie Papers
George Chapin Papers
George D. Beal Papers
George D. Fisher Notebook
George D. Klein Papers
George D. Stoddard Papers
George Dement '27 Papers
George E. Catlin Papers
Kessler Family Collection
George E. Morrow Papers
George Ehrlich Papers
George Fell Papers
George H. & Arleigh K. Hohenboken Farm Records
George H. Douglas Papers
George Hoeffliger Farm Records
George Kinningham Papers
George L. Clark Papers
George Masters Farm Records
George P. Stauduhar Papers
George S. Bonn Papers
George Scouffas Papers
George T. Flom Papers
George T. Frampton Papers
George W. Goble Papers
George W. Hall Farm Records
George W. Howard III Papers
George W. Myers Papers
George W. Swenson Papers
George W. White Papers
Georgia S. Macklin Farm Records
Geoscience Information Society Archives
Gerald P. Wirtz Papers
Gerald Peterson Papers
Gerald W. Smith Papers
James W. Gerdemann Papers
Gerontological Committee File
Gerontology and Aging Studies Subject File
Gifts and Grants Reports
Gifts Correspondence
Gifts Manuscript
Gilbert P. Haight Papers
Gilbert P. Waldbauer Papers
Girdling Experiment and Forestry Reports
Girls' 4-H Circulars - Clothing
Girls' 4-H Room Improvement Project Materials
Girls' Electricity Projects
Girls' Food Project Materials
Gizz Kids/Ms. Kids File
Frank Gladney Papers
Gladys May Brown Scrapbook
Glass Plate Reference File
Glass Slides
Glass Slides
Glass Slides
Glen F. Stice Papers
Glen H. Breen Papers
Glenn L. and Mildred C. England Papers
Glenn Mann Papers
Glenn W. Schroeder Papers
Godfrey Sperling, Jr. Papers
Gold Star Illini Book
Samuel Goldberg Papers
Golden Gate Illini Club Records
Scott Goldthwaite Papers
Goodwill Industries Correspondence
Gordon W. Reed Papers
Claude Gordon Personal Papers and Music Instrument Collection
Gottfried S. Fraenkel Papers
YMCA Governing Board Minutes
Government Relations File
Govindjee Papers
Grace Kenyon Yunker Papers
Grad News
Grade Cards
Grade Collection Issuances
Grade Distribution Statistics
Grade Records
Graduate Admissions Issuances
Graduate and Family Housing Images
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Announcements
Graduate Bulletins and Announcements
Graduate Bulletins and Announcements
Graduate College Centennial Committee File
Graduate College Ledger Cards
Graduate College Memos
Graduate Colleges and Catalogs
Graduate Employees' Organization Records
Graduate File and History
Graduate Newsletter
Graduate Program Announcement
Graduate Program Announcements
Graduate Program Announcements
Graduate Program Announcements
Graduate Program Announcements
Graduate Program Announcements
Graduate Programs Announcements
Graduate Student Advisory Council File
Graduate Student Association Subject File
Graduate Student Handbook
Graduate Student Handbooks
Graduate Student Issuances
Graduate Student Working Paper Series
Graduate Study Announcements
Graduate Study Brochures and Announcements
Graduate Study Programs and Awards Announcements
Graduate Theses Lists
Grain Dealers Management Conference
Grant Applications
Grant Applications and Progress Reports
Joe Grant Papers and University of Illinois Women's Glee Club Records
Fund-raising and Grants in Aid Publications
Grants-In-Aid Program
Grape Reports
Robert Gray Papers, Music and Instruments
Great Lakes Resource Access Project Publications
Great Lakes Quality Improvement Center for Disabilities Records
Greek Affairs, Subject File
Greek Chapter History Project Records
Green and Gilbert Records
The Green Observer
Gregorio Weber Papers
Peter J Griffin Papers
Group Health Insurance Brochures
GSA Coal Division Archives
GSLIS Photograph File
Guest Registers
Guide for New Students
Guide Series Publication
Guide to Athletics for Students with Disabilities
Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services
Guidebook Series
Guides for Supervisors Series
Guilbert "Gil" L. Brandon Papers
Lawrence Gushee Papers
Gustavus A. Schmidt Album
Guy H. Thompson Scrapbook
Gwladys Spencer Papers
Gymkana Material
Gymnasium Handbooks and Regulations
H. A. Ruehe Notebook
H. C. Coles Milling Company Records
H. George Friedman, Jr. Papers
H. Heaton Baily Papers
H. Paul Bateman Papers
H. Thomas Merritt Scrapbook
H.C. Stevenson Farm Record
Haas Family Farm Records
Habitat for Humanity Records
Halbert E. Gulley Papers
Halbert H. Thornberry Papers
Haldane W. Bean Papers
Frances Wilson Hall Sheet Music Collection
Hammerhead Records Business Records
Handbook for Advisors to Graduate Students
Handbook for Graduate Students
Handbook for Home Economics Students
Handbook for Majors and Prospective Majors
Handbook for Married Students
Handbook for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
Handbooks and Guides
Handbooks and Manuals
Hans Brems Papers
Hans Frauenfelder Papers
A Austin Harding Papers
A Austin Harding Family Papers
Hardy Cross Papers
Harlan D. Fairchild Photographic Collection
Harold B. Stewart Scrapbook
Harold Beaty Papers
Harold Bruno Jr. Papers
Harold C. M. Case Papers
Harold D. and Lulu L. Hughes Papers
Harold D. Guither Papers
Harold E. Babbitt Papers
Harold E. Grange Papers
Harold G. Halcrow Papers
Harold H. Armstrong Farm Records
Harold H. Mitchell Papers
Harold M. and Margaret Osborn Papers
Harold M. Westergaard Papers
Harold Moon Landscape Photographs
Harold N. Hillebrand Papers
Harold R. Wanless Papers
Harold W. Hannah Papers
Harold W. Scott Papers
Harp Club Account Book
Harriet Bell Merrill Papers
Harriet E. Wallace Papers
Harris F. Fletcher Papers
Harris Family Papers
Harrison E. Cunningham Papers
Harry Applewhite Papers
Harry C. Swam Scrapbook
Harry Darby Papers
Harry H. Barber Papers
Harry H. Hilton Papers
Harry J. Fienhold Scrapbook
Harry J. Fuller Papers
Harry J. Skornia Papers
Harry L. Owen Scrapbook
Harry M. Tiebout Papers
Harry R. Pendarvis Scrapbook
Harry S. Broudy Papers
Harry W. Anderson Papers
Hart Mirror Plate Company
Hartley D. Price Papers
Harvard Club of Eastern Illinois Records
Harvey H. Jordan Papers
Harvey J. Schweitzer Papers
Harvey M. Choldin Papers
Hawkes' Photo-Play Series
Haynes W. Dugan Papers
Hazel Belle Coffey Scrapbook
Hazel I. Horton Papers
Hazel Taylor Spitze Papers
Hazel Yates Photographs
Headquarters Office Advisory Committee to Journal of Legal Education File
Headquarters Office Committees File
Headquarters Office Subject File
Health Education Program Announcements
Health Occupations Publications
Health Science Librarians of Illinois Records
Health Services Facilities System Annual Financial Reports
Health, Education and Welfare Grant Research Reports
Hearings File
Gregory Heath Papers
Hector H. Tyndale Notebooks
Heimskringla Archives
Heinz von Foerster Papers
Donnie Heitler Sound Recordings
Helen L. Price Scrapbook and Papers
Helen M. Welch Papers
Helen Tracey Edwards Scrapbook
Helene R. Dickel Papers
Helmut Hans Korst Papers
Helmuth J. Kircher Scrapbook
Hembrough Family Papers
Hennepin County Library Catalog Files
Henning Larsen Papers
Henry B. Ward Papers
Henry Bock Farm Records
Henry C. Balcom Scrapbook
Henry Ezra Chester Papers
Harry G. Drickamer Papers
Henry H. Francke Scrapbook
Henry Lancaster Mueller Papers
Henry M. Dunlap Papers
Henry P. Rusk Papers
Henry R. and Renee Kahane Papers
Henry Rossman Papers
Henryk Jedlinski Papers
William Herb Papers, Sousa Band Uniform and Travel Trunk
Herbert A. Laitinen Papers
Herbert C. Barrett Papers, 1950-1964
Herbert E. Carter Papers
Herbert Goldhor Papers
Herbert K. Hackbarth Papers
Herbert M. Hamlin Papers
Herbert O. Farber Papers
Herbert R. Hearsey Papers
Herbert S. Gutowsky Papers
Herbert W. Mumford Papers
Herman B. Dorner Papers
Herman G. James Papers
Herman S. Pepoon Papers
Harvey Albert Hermann Music and Papers
Hester Suggs Papers
High School Assistant's Letterbooks
High School Coaches Football Clinic Materials
High School Conference and Visitor Publications
High School Conference Proceedings and Programs
High School Courses of Study
High School Manuals
High School Mathematics Texts
High School Teachers Summer Institute Programs
High School Visitor's Reports
Highway Engineering Conference Materials
Highway Traffic Safety Center Research Reports
Hikers' Records
Hill Hall Records
William G. Hill Papers
Hillel Foundation Records
Hillel Post, Hillel Bulletin, and Hillel Magazine
Mark H Hindsley Papers
Hiram and Portia Gilkerson Papers
Hiram T. Scovill Papers
Historic Building Documentation and Photographs
Historic Preservation Report
Historical and Promotional Publications
Historical File
Historical File
Historical File
Historical File
Historical Files
Historical Material
Historical Material
Historical Materials
Theatre Department Historical Materials
Historical Memorandum
Historical Newspaper Directory
Histories and Anniversary Celebration Programs
Histories and Guides
Histories of the Hog Industry
History of the Illinois Fire Service Institute
History & Records of National Collegiate Championships
History and Bibliography of Publications
History at Illinois
History Department Faculty Portraits File
History Graduate Student Association File
History of Housing
History of the Department and School of Education
History of the Graduate College
History of the Navy Pier
History of the Physiology Department
History of the University File
History of the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library Science
History Project File
Mary E Hoffman Papers
Home Account Books
Home Advisers Handbook
Home Economics Alumni Association File
Home Economics Alumni Association History
Home Economics Club Records
Home Economics Comments
Home Economics Education Conference Programs and Proceedings
Home Economics Education Publications
Home Economics Education Source Materials
Home Economics Extension Photographs and Presentations
Home Economics Extension Publications
Home Economics Extension Reference Service Letters
Home Economics Home Furnishing Materials
Home Economics Student Council Records
Home of Their Own
Home Rule
Home Yard & Garden Pest Newsletter
Homecoming Badges
Homecoming Film
Homecoming Register
Homemakers Extension Federation Material
Homemakers' Camp Records
Homer D. Wilkes Papers
Homer E. Woodbridge Papers
Honorary Degree Citations
Honorary Degree File
Honorary Degrees File
Honors Committee Bronze Tablet Record
Honors Day Programs
Honors Day Programs
Honors Program Minutes
Honors Program Publications
Honors Program Subject File
Horace M. Gray Papers
Horacio A. Porta Papers
Horticultural Audio/Visual Teaching Aids
Horticultural Society Programs
Horticulture Building and Landscape Architecture Drawings
Horticulture Club Photo
Horticulture Facts
Horticulture Publications
Horticulture Series Publications
Hospital and Health Care Issues File
Hospital and Health Service Reports
Hott Memorial Center Brochure
John C. Houbolt Papers
Household Science Bulletins
Household Science Department Letterbooks
Barry L. Houser Papers
Housing Advisory Information
Housing Coedification File
Housing Inspection Folders
Housing Reports
Housing Research Publications
Housing Research Subject File
Housing Review Committee File
Housing Statistics
Howard E. Shuman Papers
Howard G. Roepke Papers
Howard Lanan Farm Records
Howard Paul Hetzner Papers
Howard R. Cramer Papers
Hoyle B. Puckett Papers
Hubert L. Allen Papers
Hudson M. King Scrapbook
Hugh C. Atkinson Papers
Hugh R. Beveridge Papers
Human and Community Development Planning Documents and Transition Team Reports
Human Ecology Committee File
Human Resources and Academic Professionals Committees File
Humanities Administrative Publications
Humanities Division/School Subject File
Humanities Preservation Project Files
Karl Humble Sound Recording Collection
Hunleth Music Store Sheet Music and Photograph Collection
George Hunter Sound Recordings and Personal Papers
Hurst H. Shoemaker Papers
Hussey Family Papers
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program Records
Hydraulic Engineering Series
"I" Men's Directories
IBHE Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Ice Skating and Ice Carnival File
Icko Iben Papers
Ida Mae Shotwell Dechman Papers
If You Want to be a Teacher
IFYE Publications
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ILIR Colloquia and Lecture Sound Recordings
ILIR Library Newletters File
ILIR Library Collection of Illinois CAMPS Memoranda and Reports
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ILIR Library Milwaukee Police Department Arbitration File
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ILIR Library Universities File
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Ill.Cert. Pub. Accountant Laws & Regs.
Illi Notes
ILLIAC Bulletins, Guides and Manuals
ILLIAC I-IV Research and Development Administrative Files
ILLIAC Internal Reports
ILLIAC IV Project File
Illinet Output
IlliNet Publications
Illini Agri News
Illini Alpha Delt
Illini Century: 100 Years of Fighting Illini Basketball
Illini Dames Records
Illini Farm Report Sheets and Tapes
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Illini Union File
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Illini Week and Inside Illinois
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IlliniPAC Records
Illinois Agricultural Association Materials
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Illinois Agricultural Handbook, 1949 and Type-of-Farming Statistics
Illinois Agriculturist
Illinois Alliance to Prevent Nuclear War Publications
Illinois Archaeological Survey Publications
Illinois Assembly Series
Illinois Association for Adult Education Conference Announcements, 1935, 1943, 1957-62
Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Archives
Illinois Association of Teachers of English Archives
Illinois Astronomy Pre-Prints
Illinois Bankers Agricultural Conference File
Illinois Biological Monographs
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Illinois Chemist File
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Illinois Fertilizer Conference Proceedings
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Illinois Horse Report
Illinois in India
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Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities records
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Illinois Regional Library Council File
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Illinois Sheep Day Proceedings
Editorial Correspondence File
Illinois Society of Engineers and Surveyors Reports
Illinois Songs and Music
Illinois Sports Biographies and Monographs, 1989, 1997, 2000, 2005
Illinois Spray Service Reports
Illinois State Bar Association Correspondence
Illinois State Geological Survey Films
Illinois State High School Press Association Publications
Illinois State Nutrition Committee Files
Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association Conference Programs
Illinois State Wide Curriculum Study Center Reports
Illinois Statewide Planning Conference Proceedings
Illinois Statistical Abstract
Illinois Structural Engineering Conference Materials
Illinois Student Association Records
Illinois Studies in Anthropology
Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences
Illinois Studies of the Economically Disadvantaged
Illinois Teacher of Home Economics
Illinois Teachers Association Meeting Programs
Illinois Track Club Records
Illinois Training School for Nurses Annual Reports
ITARP Publications
Illinois Union Publications
Illinois Union Records
Illinois Vegetable Farmer's Letter
Illinois Veterinary Conference Programs and Proceedings
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program Materials
Illinois-Iowa Dairy Handbook
Illio Editor's File
Illio Masters File
Illiola Literary Society Records
Iltis Mendeliana Collection
Incremental Motion Control Systems and Devices Newsletters
Independent Student Organization Records
Independent Women Housing File
India and Illinois
India at Illinois
Indian Agricultural Development Publications
Indian Agricultural Projects File
Indian Agricultural University Publications
Indian Institute of Technology Project File
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Indian Students at University of Illinois under USAID Contracts
Individual Differences in Psychological Phenomena Tech. Reports
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INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre Records
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Inspection Trip Itineraries
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Installation Publications
Installation Publications
Installation Publications
Installation Publications
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Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations Press Releases and Newspaper Clippings File
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Institute on Law and Planning Proceedings
Institute Publications
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Instructional Videotapes for Computing
Instructional Videotapes, 1975-93
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Integrated Systems Lab Website
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Intercollegiate Flying Club Records
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International Registry of Reproductive Pathology Research File
International Seminar for Hydrology Professors Proceedings
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Interpersonal Perception and Psychological Adjustment Technical Reports
Interpersonal Relations Influence on Team Members Technical Reports
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Intramural and Recreational Sports Scrapbooks
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Investment Reports
Invitations and Programs
Ion C. Baianu Papers
Iota Sigma Pi Records
Iowa Survey File
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Irene Tinker Collection
Iris Chang Papers
Irish Foundation Series
Irl C. Webb Farm Records
Irma A. Latzer Papers
Irving and Irma Reiner Papers
Irving Dilliard Papers
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Isabel Bevier Papers
Isabelle Fitch Grant Papers
ISPFMRA Archives
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Issuances and Announcements
Issuances and Announcements
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Issuances for Interns and Residents
Issuances for Patients
Issuances to Faculty and Staff
Illinois State Water Survey Tornado Research
Illinois Summer Youth Music Administrative and Business Records
It's At
Ivan Racheff Papers
J. Craig Ruby Papers
J. F. Hessel Finance Company Records
J. Frank Felter Papers
J. Howard Beard Papers
J. Jerry Uhl Papers
J. Kerker Quinn Papers
J. Marvin Weller Papers
J. McVicker Hunt Papers
J. Nelson Spaeth Papers
J. Thomas Hastings Papers
J. Thomas Rickman Papers
Jack A. Scanlan Scrapbook
Jack R. & Harry V. Harlan Papers
Jack Sherman Baker Papers
Jack W. Peltason Papers
Jacob Goldstein Papers
Jacob Zeitlin Papers
Jakob Kunz Papers
James A. Dewey Sr. Papers
James and Olive Ansel Dewey Farm Records
James B. Kitzmiller Papers
James B. Reston Papers
James B. Sinclair Papers
James C. Martin Papers
James Charles Lund Scrapbook
James Collins Papers
James D. Hogan Papers
James D. Raths Papers
James E. Etherton Scrapbook
James E. Robertson Papers
James E. Smith Papers
James F. Evans Papers
James F. Young Papers
James G. Clark Papers
James G. Randall Papers
James G. Sternburg Papers
James H. Brewster Notebooks
James Harvey Young Papers
James J. Doland Papers
General Correspondence File
James J. Stukel Papers
James J. Stukel Photograph File
James B. Kaler Papers
James Leonard Bates Papers
James N. Matthews Papers
James O. Smith Papers
UNPROCESSED James P. Warfield papers
James R. Anderson papers
James Russell Vaky Publications
James W. Snively Papers
James T. Barrett Papers
James V. and Wilbert N. Stevenson Farm Records
James W. Bayne Papers
James W. Carey Papers
James W. Garner Memorial Loan Fund Records
James W. Garner Papers
James W. Phillips Papers
James W. Young Fund Publications
James Webb Young Speeches and Articles
James Webb Young Fund Administrative Records
James Williams Papers
Jane Hayes Rader Papers
Jane Hayes Rader Papers
Jane Loeb Papers
Comparative Literature Program Restructuring File
Janet Weston Papers
Janice M. Smith Papers
Jantzen Family Papers
Japan Alumn Club Articles of Organization and Directory
Japan House Publications
Japanese Students Christian Association Publications
Japanese Tapes
Jasper O. Draffin Papers
Jay Allen Papers
Jay Rosenstein Papers
Jean Burridge Papers
Jean Geil Papers
Jean Haak Boehme Papers
Jefferson B. Fordham Papers
Jeffrey O'Connell Papers
Jennette E. C. Lincoln Papers
Jerold Ziff Papers
Jerome (Jarislav) W. Dvorak Papers
Jerome D. Fellmann Papers
Jerome K. Miller Papers
Jerry Hirsch Papers
Jerry S. Dobrovolny Papers
Jesse Sampson Papers
Jessie Wright Richardson Papers
Jewish Studies Program Subject File
Jiffy Johnson Papers
Jo Ann Fley Papers
Jo Miller Means Papers
Joel Stebbins Papers
John "Red" Kerr Papers
John A. Easley Papers
John A. Fairlie Papers
John A. Ockerson Album
John A. Thornton Papers
John A. Wieland Papers
John B. Sirich Papers
John Bardeen Papers
John Burrell Papers
John C. Alison Farm Records
John C. Bailar Papers
John C. Spitler Papers
John D. Dyson Papers
John E. Corbally Papers
John E. Lamar Papers
John E. Pearson Papers
John F. Bell Papers
John F. Clark Papers
John F. Due Papers
John F. Kennedy Memorial Ceremony File
John F. Stacks Papers
John H. Carter Papers
John H. Herbst Papers
John H. Litchfield Papers
John H. Powell Notebook
John Hower Papers
John J. DeBoer Papers
John J. Joseph Papers
John K. Tuthill Papers
John L. Heller Papers
John L. Lynch Papers
John L. Pierce Memory Book
John L. Strohm Papers
John M. Gregory Papers
John M. Gregory Scrapbooks
John McCarty Papers
John N. Todd Papers
John P. Altgeld Papers
John R. Case Papers
John R Snively Scrapbook
John R. Trevett Papers
John Reuben Sieberns Photographs, 1888-1895
John S. Crandell Papers
John T. Flanagan Papers
John T. Holliday, Jr. Papers
John V. Ross Papers
John W. Kitchell Papers
John W. Lloyd Papers
John W. Raushenberger Papers
John Wesley Swanson Papers
Arthur Johnson University of Illinois Orchestra South American Tour Records
Joint Commissioning Exercises Programs
Joint Committee, Joint Panel, and Task Force Publications
Joliet Manufacturing Company Records
Jon Schueler Publications
Jordan Agricultural Information Project File
Jordan Project Publications
Jorge Chapa Papers
Rafael Joseffy Music and Personal Papers
Joseph A. Russell Papers, 1920-90
Joseph Ackerman Papers
Joseph B. Casagrande Papers
Joseph C. Blair Papers
Joseph E. Johnson Farm Records.
Joseph F. Jackson Papers
Joseph J. Semrow Papers
Joseph Kastelic Papers
Joseph S. Vandemark Papers
Joseph T. Tykociner Papers
Joseph Tobias Papers
Joseph W. Royer Architectural Drawings
Josie B. Houchens Papers
Journal of Aesthetic Education
Journal of English and Germanic Philology
Journal of English and Germanic Philology Editor's File
Journal of Industrial Teacher Education
Journal of Law, Technology & Policy
[i]Journal of Legal Education[/i]
Journal of Paleontology Administrative and Editorial Files
Journal of Paleontology Manuscripts File
Journal of the Geological Society of the Vermilion River
Journal of the Steward Anthropological Society
Journalism Accreditation Pre-Visit Reports
Journals & Ledgers
Joy Williamson-Lott Papers
Joyce D. Meyer Papers
Jozef B. Cohen Papers
Juanita Gammon Papers
Judy Ikenberry Papers
Julian H. Steward Papers
Julian L. Simon Papers
Julius Doerner Bookstore Correspondence
Julius Goebel Papers
NCTE/Junior College/ National Junior College Committee Subject File, 1954-80
Justin Palmer Papers
Justus F. Mueller Papers
K. DeWitt Pulcipher Papers
Kalamazoo College Trustees Minutes
Kandis Scott Clinical Legal Education Papers
Letritia Kandle Papers and Hawaiian Guitars
Kappa Alpha Psi Records
Kappa Alpha Theta History
Kappa Alpha Theta Programs
Kappa Delta Pi Chapter Files
Kappa Delta Pi Convocation File
Kappa Delta Pi Minutes and Proceedings
Kappa Delta Pi Publications
Kappa Delta Pi Record Journals
Kappa Delta Pi Records
Kappa Delta Pi Subject File
Kappa Kappa Gamma Records
Karl A. Windesheim Papers
Karl B. Lohmann Papers
Karl E. Gardner Papers
Karl Hess Papers
Karl J. T. Ekblaw Papers
Karl R. Wallace Papers
Karl Sundstrom Papers
Paul Karlstrom Papers
Merle B. Karnes Papers
Karolyn Worcester Simoneit Photographs
Walter J Kasura Russian Folk Music Collection
Katharine L. Sharp Papers
Katharine Sharp Memorial Correspondence
Katherine Staack Papers
Kathryn H. Anthony Papers
Kathryn Luther Henderson Papers
Kaufman's Inc. Records
Nick Kaufman Collection of American Wind Band and Orchestra Sound Recordings
Kazys Kestutis Simas Lithuanian Cemetery Photographs, 1993
KCPA News Releases and Newsletters
Keck Family Papers
James F Keene Personal Papers
Kehm vs. Procter and Gamble Case File
Robert Kelly Music and Papers
Kelsey-Liberty journals
Kendric Charles Babcock Papers
Kenneth A. Hinton Papers
Kenneth Appel Papers
Kenneth S. Carlston Papers
Richard E Kent Music and Personal Papers
Kharagpur Institute of Technology Publications
Kim B. Rotzoll Papers
King Broadrick Papers
King J. McCristal Papers
Everett D Kisinger Papers
Frank B. Knight Papers
Knowlton and Bennet Drugstore Records
Komenian Society Records
Korean Students Association Publications
Koupal Family Papers
Arthur Endres Kraeckmann Correspondence
Krannert Art Museum Bulletins
Krannert Art Museum Council Records
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Facilities Schedules
Krannert Center Performance Contracts
Krannert Center Student Association Announcements
Krannert Center Subject File
Krannert Reports
Krannert Scrapbooks
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Production File
Krebiozen File
Richard Kubetz Photographs and Papers
Kuhlemeyer Genre Family Papers
Kung Chie Yeh Papers, 1955-2002
Music and Performing Arts Library Alexander Kutin Balalaika Symphonic Orchestra Music
John M. Kuypers Papers
L. W. Faulkner and Co. Drugstore Records
La Casa Cultural Latina Publications
La Casa Cultural Latina Records
Lab Notebooks
Labor and Industrial Relations Committee File
Labor and Industrial Relations Course Descriptions
Labor and Industrial Relations Library Subject File
Labor and Industrial Relations Subject File
Labor Education Program Courses and Seminars File
Labor Law and Labor Journalism Series Handbooks, 1950-1951
Labor Press Assoc. & Journal Editors' Conference Pubs.
Labor-Management Relations Studies
Laboratory Course Materials
Laboratory Dedication Programs
Laboratory Directions and Outlines
Laboratory of Animal Genetics Publications
Laboratory Publications
Laboratory Research Publications
Lachlan F. Blair Papers
Ladislas Goldstein Papers
Ladislas J. Meduna Papers
Lamb Feeders and Flock Owners Letters
Lambda Chi Alpha Records
Lambda Phi Epsilon Records
Land Acquisition Records
Land Contract Ledger
Land Correspondence
Land Grant College Act Study
Land Grant Endowment Fund History
Land Register
Land Tax Receipts
Landscape Exchange Problems Archives
Landscape Management Course Materials
NCTE/Language and Literacy Series
Large and Small Animal Clinics Building Plans
Larry Edward Ribstein Papers
Larry King Papers and Opera Collection
Larry Miller Sports Videotapes
Larry Smarr Papers
LAS Leaders Student Group
LAS Newsletters
LAS Student Academic Affairs Subject File
Laser Bibliographies
Latin American and Caribbean Library Subject File
Laura Ethel Smith Papers
Laura J. Huelster Papers
Laurence M. Larson Papers
[i]Law Books Recommended for Libraries[/i]
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Law on the Farm; Government in Agriculture
Law Placement Records
Law Schools General Correspondence File
Law Schools Inspection File
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Lawrence E. Metcalf Papers
Laurence J. Norton Papers
Lawrence M. DeBrock Dissertation
Lawrence S. King Papers
Lawrence W. Murphy Papers
Laws and Statutes of the University
LeRoy Henry Fischer Papers
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Leadership Training Institute Publications
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Lecture Notes from the Graduate Summer School
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Ledyard R. Tucker Papers
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Lee H. Sentman Papers 1960-2005
Lee J. Cronbach Papers
Lee Rayburn Scrapbook
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Kalev Leetaru Papers/UIHistories Project File
Legal Advisor's Correspondence
Legal Announcements
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Legislative Action Publications
Legislative Campaign File
Legislative Campaign File
Legislative Campaign File
Legislative History
Legislative Materials
Legislative Staff Intern Files
Leland Publishers Records
Lens and Speaker
Leo C. Pigage Papers
Leo Gutting Postcard Collection
Leo S. Lavatelli Papers
Leon Dash Papers
Leon Deming Tilton Papers
Leonard F. Heumann Papers
Herbert Leonard Parcel Scrapbook
Leonard H. Whitney Notebooks
Leonard L. Steimley Papers
Leonard Otte Farm Records
Nelson J. Leonard Papers
Leonidas H. Kerrick Papers
Leroy C. Ferry Papers
Leroy F. Mumford Papers
Leslie A. Bryan Papers
Leslie E. and Eva G. Card Papers
Leslie W. Dunlap Papers
Lester E. Elliot Papers
Lester Muir Papers
Letters to Applicants
Letters to Schools and Colleges
Letters, Statements and Studies
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Levis Faculty Center Board of Directors Minutes and Agenda Items
Levis Faculty Center Subject File
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Lewis Lehman Papers
Lewis T. Gregory Scrapbook
Oscar and Ruth Lewis Papers
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Liberal Arts and Sciences Anniversary Videotapes
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Life Science News
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Lillian Cade Papers
Lillian E. Hoddeson Papers
Lillian G. Katz Papers
Lillian Skeele Papers
Lincoln Hall Storyography Project, 2011-
Lincoln Hall Terra Cotta Decoration Photographs
Lindsay M. Black Papers
Jack Linker American Bands Sound Recording Collection
Lists of Accredited High Schools
List of Publications
Listener Surveys
Listing of Past Studies and Data Holdings
Listings of Employees Retiring Prior to 1941
Lita Bane Papers
Literature and Arts Annual Reports
Literature and Arts Budgets
Literature and Arts Correspondence
Literature and Arts Departmental Histories
Litigation Files
Little America
Livestock Management Newsletter
Livestock Outlook News, 1960-67; Livestock & Meats
Lloyd and Evelyn Garrison Papers
Lloyd E. Harris Scrapbook
Lloyd G. Humphreys Papers
Lloyd Morey Papers
Lloyd S. Burdick Papers
Ronald and Barbara Hedlund Biographical Papers on David Lloyd
Landscape Architecture & City Planning Publications
Local Government Notes
Long Distance Racing Committee File
Long Range Planning Reports
Long-Bell Lumber Co. and Pickering Lumber Co. Reorganization Records
Long-Range Planning File
Lorado Taft Papers
Lou and Betty Mautz Scrapbook
Louis and Ruth Wright Papers
Louis B. Wetmore Papers
Louis F. and John A. Latzer Papers
Louis J. Koester Papers
Louis N. Ridenour Papers
Louis R. Henson Papers
Louisa A. Gregory Notebooks
Louise B. Dunbar Papers
Louise Freer Papers
Louise J. Pellens Scrapbook
Lowell D. Hill Papers
Lowell Griffith Negatives
Lucien W. White Papers
Lucile Huntington Wilkinson Papers
Lucille M. Wert Papers
Lucy H. Carson Papers
Ludvik Family Papers
Ludwig F. Audrieth Papers
Merton Robert Lundsten Band Scrapbooks and Sound Recording Collection
Lydia Mather Forbes Papers
Lyell J. Thomas Papers
Lyle F. Hammer Papers
Lyle H. Lanier Papers
Lyndon R. Wilson Scrapbook
Lynn Martin Papers
Lyric Theatre @ Illinois Production Records
M&IE Alumni Affairs and News Subject File
M. K. Blanchard Papers
Ma-Wan-Da Records
Mabel F. Thorne Papers
Mabel Z. Hamilton Papers
Hall Macklin Orchestra and Glenn Lee Orchestra Music and Records
Madhavarao Balachandran Papers
Maggie L. Stewart Papers
Gabriel Magyar Papers, 1953-2010
Mahlon M. Day Papers
Mailing Services Publications
Malcolm C. Shurtleff Papers
Management Case Studies
Michael Manion Music and Papers
Manteno Young Women's Country Club's Secretary Books
Manual of Pattern Shop Practice and Management
NPC Manuals of Information
Manuscript Addreses
Manuscript Addresses
Irene Hope Berkley Mapes Family Papers and 1812-era clarinet
Mapping History at the University of Illinois
Campus, Community, and State Maps
March for Science Champaign-Urbana Records
Marcus L. Hansen Papers
Marcus M. Rhoades Papers
Marcus S. and Olive Goldman Papers
Margaret Case Scrapbook
Margaret Chaplan Papers
Margaret Edwards Scrapbook
Margaret Erlanger Papers
Marguerite J. Pease Papers
Maria Leach Papers
Maria Leonard Papers
Marian B. Miller Interview
Mariangela Segre Case File
Marianna Tax Choldin Papers
Marianne Ferber Papers
Marie H. Nichols Papers
Marion E. Sparks Papers
Marion L. Stuart Papers
National Clearinghouse on Date and Marital Rape Subject File
Marjorie Virginia Guthrie Papers
Mark Naoumides Papers
Mark P. Hale Papers
Mark Skidmore Papers
Mark Sutton Papers
Market Notes
Marketing Department, Photographs and Slides, ca. 1980s
Marketing Symposia Proceedings
Marmion Walsh Papers, 1967, 1970-79, 1981, 1986-87, 1989, 1991-92
Married Student Housing Handbooks
Marshall J. Scott Papers
Martha E. Williams Papers
Martha Finnigan and John L. Klein Scrapbook
Martha Friedman Papers
Martha H. Boggs Love Photographs
Martin J. Prucha Papers
Martin L. Mosher Papers
Martin Wagner Papers
Salvatore Martirano Music, Personal Papers, and Sal-Mar Construction
Marvin H. Mischnick Papers
Marvin P. Steinberg Papers
Mary Beth Allen Papers
Mary Elizabeth Martin Laning Scrapbook
Mary Frances Collins Papers
Mary L. Bull Papers
Mary Lee Spence Papers
Mary Lynn Krohn Scrapbook
Mary Pollock Papers
Mary T. Howe Papers
Mary-Elizabeth Hamstrom Papers
Mask and Bauble File
Master of Business Administration Subject File
Master's Program in Social Science File
Masters of Professional Journalism Examination
Materials Science and Engineering Newsletters and Alumni News
Materials Sciences Annual Technical Reports
Mathematical Club Minutes and Protocol Books
Mathematical Needs of Prospective Students
Mathematics Library Subject File
Matriculation Record
Matthias L. Dunlap Papers
Maurice B. Cook Papers
Maurice T. Price Papers
Max A. Berns Papers
Max Abramovitz Papers
Max B. Higgins Dance Programs
Max Beberman Papers
Max Fisch Papers
Max Schall Erdman Papers
Maxwell J. Dorsey Papers
Maxwell R. Garret Papers
May Pole, May Day and May Fete Programs
Maynard Brichford Papers
Mayo General Hospital Publications
McKinley Hall Scrapbooks and Photographs
Gary McPherson Instructional and Administrative Papers
ME 275 & 375 Slide Documentaries
Measurements Laboratory Manuals and Catalogs
Mechanical Drafting Plate Specifications
Medical Center Commencement Programs
Medical Center Commission Annual Reports
Medical Center News
Medical Center Student Ledger Cards
Medical Education Program Publications
Medical Sciences Publications
Medical Technology Publications
Medicare 7, 8, or 9 Dixieland Cooperative Band Records
Medicare Records
Melissa G. Stidham Papers
Melon Growing Photographs
Melville J. Eames Papers
Melvin L. Enger Papers
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Membership Clause File
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Class of 1931 Membership Literature
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Memoranda and [i]Preview[/i] of U.S. Supreme Court Cases
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Memorial Publications
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"Memories of Galesburg"
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Men's Student Records
Merle M. Ohlsen Papers
Merrill J. Schnebly Papers
Otto Mesloh Music and Papers
Meteorological Observations Record
Metropolitan Areas Study Source Material
Mexican Student Association Records
Michael C. Loui Papers
Michael E. Schlesinger Papers
Michael F. Kenyon Papers
Michael Faiman Papers
Michael Ginsburg Papers
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Michael Scher Papers
Michael Stern Hart Papers
Peter Michalove Music and Papers
Michele M. Thompson Rose Bowl Trip Memorabilia
Microfiched Electrical Engineering Records
Microfilmed Serials Holdings List
Microform Alumni Record Cards, 1882-1981
Mid-Year Senior Convocation, Tape Recording
Midwest Deans Conference Records
Midwest Electronics Research Center Publications
Midwest Governor's Conference Papers
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Midwest Universities' Consortium for International Activities Pubs.
MILC(CRL) Newsletter
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MITE and JETS Programs and Reports Files
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Nat'l Assn. of Student Personnel Administrators Records
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NCSA Conferences and Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Itineraries
National Center for Supercomputing Applications Photographs and Negatives
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Nat'l Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice Planning & Arch. Subj. File
National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice Planning and Architecture Publications
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National Conference File
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Illinois Weather Station Observations
National Corn Handbook
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National Council on Educational Research
National Defense Program Files
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National Recreation and Park Association Accreditation Self Study Evaluation
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NCTE/Studies in Mass Media
NCTE/NCTE Teacher's Introduction Series
NCTE/Whole Language Umbrella Administrative File
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NCTE/Theory into Practice and Theory and Research into Practice
NCTE/ College Forum Committee File, 1994-2005
NCTE/Doublespeak Newsletter File
NCTE/Member and Market Surveys, 1993-98
NCTE/Middle Level Section Files, 1998-2003
NCTE/NDEA Summer Institute Project Files, 1967-69
NCTE/Copyright and Publication Permission Files, 1944, 1946-77, 1980-83, 1987, 1991, 1995-2000
NCTE/ Reading Task Force Files
NCTE/Research Foundation Minute, Meetings, Correspondence and Agenda
NCTE/Adventuring with Books
NCTE/Advisory Council, Research Foundation and International Committee Minutes
NCTE/Affiliates and Assemblies, Caucuses, and Special Interest Groups Publications
NCTE/Annual and Board of Directors Meetings and Agendas
NCTE/Annual Business, Board of Dir. and Exec. Committee Meeting Minutes
NCTE/Annual Reports
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NCTE/Books for You
NCTE/Censorship File
NCTE/Classroom Practices in Teaching English
NCTE/College Section Committee Publications
NCTE/Commission on the English Curriculum Publications
NCTE/Commission on the English Language Publications
NCTE/Commission on the Profession
NCTE/Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces Publications
NCTE/Committee on College Reading Publications
NCTE/Committee on Public and Professional Relations Publication File
NCTE/Committee on Research Promising Researcher Award Files
NCTE/Committee on Thematic Units Publications
NCTE/Comparative Literature Committee Publication File
NCTE/Composition Commission File
NCTE/ Conference For Secondary School English Department Chairpersons Subject File
NCTE/Conference for Secondary School Publications
NCTE/Conference on College Composition and Communication Publications
NCTE/Conference on College Composition and Communication File
NCTE/Conference on College Composition and Communication Queer Caucus File
NCTE/Conference on College Composition, Minutes and Financial Statements
NCTE/ Conference on College English Leadership Subject File
NCTE/Conference on English Education Publications
NCTE/Conference on English Education, Minutes and Financial Statements
NCTE/Connecticut Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Convention Registration Statistics, 1971-96
NCTE/Cooperating Organizations File
NCTE/Curriculum Commission File
NCTE/Director of Special Programs File
NCTE/Directory of Council Committees
NCTE/English for Today
NCTE/English Monographs
NCTE/ERIC Reading Communication Skills Project Administrative Files
NCTE/Executive Administrator For Business Affairs File
NCTE/Executive Committee Agendas
NCTE/Executive Committee and Board of Directors Publications
NCTE/Executive Committee Memoranda
NCTE/Executive Director and Offices Publications
NCTE/Executive Secretary's Correspondence
NCTE/Financial Statements and Ledgers
NCTE/High Interest--Easy Reading
NCTE/Ideas Plus
NCTE/Illinois Association of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Indiana Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Iowa Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Kentucky Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Language Commission File
NCTE/Literature Commission File
NCTE/Michigan Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Mutual Aid Leadership Conference Administration File
NCTE/National Conference on Research in English Publications
NCTE/NCTE Concept Paper Series
NCTE/NCTE/ERIC Studies in the Teaching of English
NCTE/New England Association of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/New York State English Council Publications
NCTE/Oregon Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Pamphlet Publications
NCTE/Professional Conference File
NCTE/Publicity Clippings
NCTE/Racism and Bias Task Force File
NCTE/Reading Commission File
NCTE/Reading Initiative Files
NCTE/Recommended English Language Arts Curriculum Guides, K-12
NCTE/Robert F. Hogan Papers
NCTE/Section Minutes
NCTE/Section Publications
NCTE/Sections Files
NCTE/Southeastern Ohio Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Staff Appointments File
NCTE/Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Publications
NCTE/The Dartmouth Seminar Papers
NCTE/Two-Year English College Association (TYCA) Subject File
NCTE/Virginia Association of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English Publications
NCTE/Your Reading
NCTE/College English
NCTE/Council Gram Subject File
NCTE/Reports, Surveys, and Working Papers
NCTE/Strategic Planning Committee
NCTE/The English Journal
NDEA Institute for Advanced Studies in History File
Negative and Glass Plate File
Negro Matriculants List
Nehru Agricultural University Project Publications
Neil L. Block Papers
Nelle M. Rietz Papers
Nellie E. Goldthwaite Papers
Nellie L. Perkins Papers
Nellie Stuart Papers
Nelson J. Smith Farm Records
Nelson Wax Papers
Bruno Nettl Papers
Neuropsychiatric Institute Bulletins
New Revels Players Records
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New Students' Illini
New Year Convocation Tape Recording
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Newspaper Library Annual Reports File
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Nick Holonyak, Jr. Papers
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Nina Ruth Harding Papers
Nina T. Shepherd Papers
Ninth Letter
Nitrogen as an Environmental Quality Factor Project File
Njala University College Opening Album
Njala University-College Subject File
Noah Lenstra Papers
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Norman A. Parker Papers
Norman E. Whitten, Jr. Papers
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North Central Association Higher Education Commission File
North Central Association Institutional Reports
North Central Association Newsletters
Minutes and Proceedings
Subject File
North Central Association Quarterly
North Central Experiment Station Directors' Meetings
North Central Region Research Project Committee Files
North Central Regional Publications
Notable Visitors' Events Materials
"Notes from the School of Music"
Notes on Train Resistance
NCTE/Notes Plus
Notices and Bulletins
Noyes Laboratory Centennial Celebration File
NROTC Publications
Nuclear Physics Laboratory Publications
Nuclear Radiation Shielding Studies
Nuclear Weapons Effects on Hardened Structures Technical Reports
Numerical Subject File
Nursery Record
Nutrition Division General Reports
Nutrition Education Program Materials
Nutritionists Photographs
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John O'Connor Papers
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Occasional Papers
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Off-Campus Housing Materials
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Office Manual
Office of Collective Bargaining and Illinois Labor Relations Boards Documentation File
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Office of Governmental Relations Subject File
Office of Instructional Research Reports
Office of International Programs in Education File
Office of Planning and Budgeting Graduate Surveys
Office of Records, Illinois Gifted Children Program Plan
Office of Recreation and Park Resources Publications
Office of Research Grant and Proposal Reports File
Office of Solid Waste Research Subject File
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research Subject File
Office of Vocational Education Research Publications
Office of Volunteer Programs Administrative File
Office Supply Store Catalog
[i]Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools[/i]
Official Letterbooks
Official NAFB Historian's Records
Official Notices from the Daily Illini
Yolande Oglesby Theater Programs and Kitty Cheatham Papers
Oil and Gas Drilling in Illinois
OIR Issuances
Oldham Brothers Drugstore Records
Joseph Olivadoti Music and Personal Papers
Olive C. Hazlett Papers
Oliver M. Dickerson Papers
Olympic Collection
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Ombudsman's Subject File
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Omicron Owl
Onion Culture Experiments
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Open House and Lecture Announcements and Programs
Open House and Student Engineering Exhibit Programs
Open House and Visitors Brochures
Ora D. McClure Notebook
Oral History Tape Transcriptions
Orange and Blue Observer
ORBES Newletter
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Order of the Coif - Publications
Order of the Coif - Applicant and Membership File
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Organic Seminar Abstracts
Organization Fund
Organization of Admissions and Records Officers of State Universities in Illinois (OARSUI) Archives
Organization Petitions
Organization, Elections and Publications File
Orientation Program in American Law Subject File
Ornithological Survey Photographs
Orr M. Allyn Family Papers
Orrin Gould Papers
Orthopaedic Surgery Circulars
Orville G. Bentley Papers
Oscar V. Seed Papers
Otis W. Hoit Papers
Otto A. L. Dieter Papers
Otto Brunkow Papers
Otto G. Schaffer Papers
Otto Stuhlman Papers
Our Gang Infant Day Care Center Papers
Outdoor Sculpture Inventory
Outlook Update Publications
Overseas Project Director's Subject File
Overseas Projects and Foreign Visitors File
Overseas Technical Progress Reports
Oversize Building Floor Plans
Owen J. Reamer Papers
Eldon Oyen Recordings and Personal Papers
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Temira Pachmuss and Vladimir Zlobin Collection
Pakistan NWFP Agricultural University Project File
Pandora's Rag Records
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Panhellenic Files
Panhellenic Organizations File
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Parade Ground News
Harry Partch Estate Archive
Music and Performing Arts Library Harry Partch Collection
Participants and Staff File
Participation Point Books
Partners with India
Patent and Invention Disclosure Files
Patent Committee Subject File
Patent File
Patricia A. Justice Papers
Patricia A. Thrash Papers
Patricia Stenstrom Papers
Patricia Webster Tabler Papers
Patricio Aviles Papers
Patterns in Pedagogy
Paul A. Funk Award Publications
Paul B. Anderson Papers
Paul Becker Papers and Scrapbook
Paul Bresee Papers
Paul C. Beaver Papers
Paul C. Schroeder Papers
Paul D. Converse Papers
Paul E. Mayes Papers
Paul Grady Papers
Paul Gray Drawing Book
Paul H. Luhrsen Papers
Paul H. Tracy Papers
Paul Handler Papers
Paul Landis Papers
Paul M. Dauten Papers
Paul M. Green Papers
Paul R. Berryman Scrapbook
Paul R. Hickock Papers
Paul Swain Papers
Paul V. B. Jones Papers
Paul Wieland Papers
Paula Kaufman Papers
Paula Treichler Papers
Selim H. Peabody Addresses and Publications
Selim H. Peabody Correspondence File
Peace Corps India Training Program File
Pearman Family Papers
Peer Handbill
Pellicles from Diacetate Negatives
Pennsylvania Residence Hall File
People Like Us
People Publications
People's Day Care Center Records
Peoples' Alliance on Central America Publications, 1983-1991
Peoples' Alliance on Central America Records
Percival and Moorehead Hardware Store Records
William Percival Sound Recordings
Performance Announcements
Performing Arts Center Press Conference, Tape Recording
Periodic Letters
Periodicals Lists
Periscope Records
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Perry G. Holden Memoir
Perry H. Mykins Papers
Perry M. & Lena C. Rhue Papers
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Personal Letterbooks
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Personnel Correspondence
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Personnel File
Personnel File
Personnel File
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Personnel Files
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Personnel Publications
Personnel Services Bulletin
Personnel Technology Technical Reports
Pest Survey Management & Crop Development Bulletin
Pet Talk
Peter Axel Papers
Peter Braunfeld and Family Papers
Peter E. Yankwich Papers
Peter Schran Papers
PH Factor
Ph.D. Final Examination Programs
Phi Alpha Theta Records
Phi Alpha Xi Records
Phi Beta Kappa Records
Phi Delta Kappa History
Phi Delta Kappa Publications
Phi Delta Psi Minute Book
Phi Epsilon Pi Records
Phi Eta Sigma Archives
Phi Eta Treasurer's Accounts
Phi Gamma Delta Records
Phi Kappa News
Phi Kappa Phi Records
Phi Kappa Psi Publications
Phi Kappa Tau Records
Phi Lambda Upsilon Chapter Records
Phi Lambda Upsilon Publications, The Register
Phi Lambda Upsilon Records
Phi Mu Pledge Book
Phi Sigma Sigma Records
Phi Upsilon Omicron Records
Philip E. Mosely Collection
Philip J. Dziuk Papers
Philip Kolb Papers
Philip M. Mitchell Papers
Philip Monypenny Papers
Phillips L. Garman Papers
Edna Phillips Papers
Philological Society Minutes
Philomathean Society Records
Philosophy Club Records
Phineas L. Windsor Lectures
Phineas L. Windsor Papers
Photogrammetry Series
Photograph Album
Photograph Album
Photograph Albums
Photograph Catalog and Open House Guide
YMCA Photograph Subject File
Photographic File
Institute of Aviation Photographic File
Photographic Negatives
Photographic Subject File
Photographic Subject File
Stock Publicity Photographs
NAPA Photographs and Audiovisuals, 2005-
NIC Photographs and Audio-Visuals
Physical Education Majors Club Records
Physics Department Annual Reports
Physics Department Reading Files
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Physics Laboratory Presentation
Physics Undergraduate Studies Committee File
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Pi Kappa Lambda Zeta Chapter Records
Pi Tau Sigma
Pittsburgh Illini Club File
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Placement Office Files
Placement Office Publications
Placement Publications
Planning and Public Policy
Planning Books and Special Publications
Planning Organization Publications
Plans and Construction Instruction Sheets
Plans and Specifications
Plant Disease Investigation File
Plant Pathology Departmental History File
Plant Pathology News Notes
Plant Pathology Slides
PLATO Course Lesson Plans
PLATO IV and V Technical Drawings
PLATO Lesson Authority Files
PLATO Lesson Catalog
PLATO Notes Files
PLATO Site Licensing Files
PLATO System Software Printouts
PLATO User's Memos and Companion Booklets
Play Announcements and Programs
Plym Traveling Fellowship File
Pogo Studio Audio Recordings and Business Records
Police Issuances
Police Training Institute Briefs
Police Training Institute Program Materials
Constitutions, Policies, and Procedures
Policy and Rules
Policy Committee File
Policy File
Policy Statements
Policy Studies Journal
Policy Studies Organization Publications
Policy Studies Review
Polish Club Zagloba Records
Political Science 306 Materials
Pomology and Breeding Reseach Photographs
Pomology Course Material
Pomology Publications
Pork Industry Day Programs & Proceedings
Pork Industry Handbook
Position Announcements
Possible Tape Exchange Sound Recordings
Post Graduate Program Announcements
Poster Children and Salaryman Bands Records
Postgraduate Course Announcements
Poultry Day & School for Hatchery Operators Publications
Poultry Division Reports
Poultry Handbook
Morgan Powell Music Manuscripts
Prairie Observatory Log Books
Prairie Alliance Archives
Prairie Ensemble Records
Prairie State Games Planning Files
Pre-College, New Student and Freshman Issuances
Preliminary Announcement of the Summer Session
Preliminary Estimates of Physical Facilities
Preliminary Examinations File
Preparation of English Teachers Committee File
Preparatory School Register
Presbyterian House Records
Presbyterian Mission to Etah, India Photo Album
Preservation Administration Subject File
Preservation and Conservation Association Historic Building Files, 1987
Preservation Interpositives
Preservation Photocopy Masters
President's Club File
President's Events Invitations
President's Office Correspondence
President's Office Correspondence
President's Office Legal Council Correspondence File
President's Office Scrapbook
President's Reports
President's Reports to Trustees
Presidential Biographies
Presidents Speeches Press Releases
Presidents' Newsletter Messages
Presidents' Wives File
Press and Radio Field Day Programs
Press Bulletins
Press Bulletins
Press Release
Press Releases
Press Releases (Public Affairs Office)
Press Releases
Press Scrapbook
Preston H. Tuttle Papers
"Price of Bounty" Production File
Paul Price Percussion Music and Papers
Principal Cataloger Subject File
Printed Books on Architecture
Priscilla Affolter Scrapbook
Private Pension Planning Conference Proceedings
Prizes and Awards
Pro and Drop List
Probation and Drop Statistics
Proc. & Summaries of Reports of Assoc. of Summer Session Directors
Proceedings Indexes
Proceedings of the Institute on Zoning
Process Skills Publications
Professional Entertainment Publicity
Professional Groups Programs and Proceedings
Professional Meeting Announcements and Proceedings
Professional Meeting Programs
Professional Meetings Materials
Professional Services Occasional Papers
Puget Sound Alumni Club Program
Program Advisory Panel (PAP) Minutes
Program and Course Announcements
Program and Financial Aid Announcements
Program and Financial Aid Announcements
Program and Social Activities Publications
Program Announcements
Program Announcements
Program Announcements
Program Announcements
Program Announcements
Program Announcements
Program Announcements & Calendars
Program Announcements & Promotional Materials
Program Brochures
Program Brochures
Program Brochures and Course Announcements
Program File
Program for the Study of Cultural Values and Ethics Subject File
Programmed Instruction Technical Reports
Programming Mathematics Techinical Reports
NPC Programs
Programs and Announcements
Programs and Announcements
Programs and Announcements
Programs and Announcements
Programs and Announcements
Programs and Announcements
Programs and Announcements
Programs Statements
Progress Notes
Progress Reports
Progress Reports
Progressive Education Association Records
Project Announcements and Reports
Project File
Project Files
Project Files
Project Manager's Documentation File
NCTE/Projects File
Promotional & Descriptive Materials
Promotional and Administrative Material
Promotional and Descriptive Brochures
Promotional and Descriptive Materials
Promotional and Descriptive Materials
Promotional and Descriptive Materials
Promotional and Services Issuances
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures and Issuances
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures
Promotional Brochures and Announcements
Promotional Brochures and Booklets
Promotional Guides and Directories,
Promotional Issuances
Promotional Materials
Promotional Publications
Promotional, News, and Events Films and Videotapes
Prompters Records
Property Acquisition File
Property Acquisition File
Property Control Instructions
Province Chief Correspondence
Provost's Official Notices
Psi Chi and Undergraduate Psychology Association Records
Psychology Department Course Reports
Public i
Public Information Issuances
Public Information Subject File
Public Libraries Surveys
Public Relations Director's Correspondence
Public Relations Materials
Public Services Committees Minutes
Public Utility Research Publications
YMCA Publications
NIC Publications
Publications Based on University Archives Research
Publications Distribution Record
Publications Lists
Publications Lists
Publications Lists
Publications Lists
Publications Lists
Publications Lists
Publications of Staff Members
Publications of the Staff
Publications Policy File
Publications Scrapbook
Publications Scrapbooks
Publications Scrapbooks
Publications Scrapbooks
Publications Scrapbooks
Publicity File
Publicity File
Publicity File
Publicity Subject File
Publishing Program and Printing Services Issuances
Publishing Season Announcements
Quality in Higher Education Reports
Quantitative Economics Workshop Papers
Quarterly Digest of Urban & Regional Planning Abstract Files
Quarterly Review of Economics and Business
Donald E. Queller Papers
R. Bruce Weirick Papers
R. Joseph Mutti Papers
R. Linn Belford Papers
R. Tom Zuidema Papers unprocessed
Race Relations Video Tapes
Radio and Television Programming File
Radio Cicero Project Files
Radio Ici Urbana Tapes
Radio Program Listings
Radio Station WPGU File
Radio Talks File
Railroad Bridge Design Reports
Railroad Bridge Designs
Railroad Correspondence
Rails Investigation File
Railway Engineering Correspondence
Railway Engineering Locomotives Course Material
Railway Engineering Photographs
Railway Engineering Publications
Rainer Martens Papers Unprocessed
Ralph Allen Jr. Farm Records
Ralph C. Hahn Papers
Ralph D. Dralle Autobiography
Ralph E. Flexman Papers
Ralph E. Grim Papers
Ralph E. Yaetter Papers
Ralph K. Hursh Papers
Ralph Langenheim Papers
Ralph M. Line Papers
Ralph O. Wertz Papers
Ralph T. Fisher Papers
Ramona P. Borders Papers
Ranney Family Papers
Rapp (J.Q.) General Store Records
Rare Book and Manuscript Library Subject File
Rare Earth Research Journals
Ray and Richard Pierson Farm Records, 1923-77
Ray H. Simpson Papers
Ray I. Shawl Papers
Raymond B. Cattell Papers
Raymond Eliot Papers
Raymond J. Ackerman Papers
Raymond M. Leuthold Papers
Raymond P. Stearns Papers
Raymond W. and Raymond G. Pasnick Collection
Reaburn James O'Harra Papers
Reading File
Readings in Program Development
Real Estate Research Publications
Recitation Schedules
Recognition and Trips:  Programs & Memorabilia
Recognitions and Honors Publications
Record of Examinations Cards
Record Service Business Records
Recreation and Athletics Administrative Subject File
Recreation and Park Administration Publications
Sam Reese Papers
Reflections on September 11, 2001 Disasters
Reference Folders
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