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Collection Overview

Title: ILIR Library International Union and Federation Vertical File, 1932-2004

ID: 35/3/404

Extent: 9.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: Alphabetical by country and alphabetical by organization thereunder

Date Acquired: 07/29/2007

Subjects: Labor and Industrial Relations, Institute of, Labor Union Organization, Labor Unions

Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish;Castilian, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Turkish, Swedish, Japanese

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations Library International Union and Federation Vertical File (1932-2004) includes constitutions and by-laws, contracts, agreements (wages, salaries, benefits, pensions ), correspondence, memoranda, news publications, recruitment materials, promotional materials, and reports pertaining to labor organizations of specific countries, international labor unions and international federations and their actions in terms of services for the members and negotiations with employers.

Subject/Index Terms

Labor and Industrial Relations, Institute of
Labor Union Organization
Labor Unions

Administrative Information

Repository: University of Illinois Archives

Acquisition Source: Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations Library

Box and Folder Listing

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Series 1: Unions by Country
Box 1
Folder 1: Argentina - Confederacion General Del Trabajo, 1964-68
Announcements, Union Newspapers, Union Publications
Creator: CGT
Folder 2: Australia - Administrative Clerical Officers' Association, 1966-69
Constitution and Rules, Promotional Pamphlet, Union Newsletter
Creator: ACOA
Folder 3: Australia - Amalgamated Metal Workers Union, 1967-76
Rules, Promotional and Recruitment Materials, Monthly Journal, The Amalgamated News, Research Centre Bulletins and Reports, Reports, Wage Proposals, Handbooks, Conference Minutes
Creator: AMWU
Folder 4: Australia - Amalgamated Metal Workers Union - Contracts, 1972-75
Contracts With General Motors, Chrysler, Borg-Warner, Caterpillar and others.
Creator: AMWU and Cos.
Folder 5: Australia - Association of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Draughtsmen of Australia, 1967-76
Constitution and Rules, Union Newsletters, Reports, Conference Proceedings, Promotional Materials
Creator: AAESDA
Folder 6: Australia - Australian Council of Salaried and Professional Associations, 1967-74
Constitution and Rules, Promotional Pamphlet, Historical Information
Creator: ACSPA
Folder 7: Australia - Australian Council of Trade Unions, 1974-75
Organization Chart, Standard Hours Award, Wages Resolution, Information Sheet
Creator: ACTU
Folder 8: Australia - Australian Teachers' Federation, 1967-69
Constitution, Salaries Agreement, Annual Reports, Conference Proceedings
Creator: ATF
Folder 9: Australia - Australian Workers' Unions, April, 1969
Industrial Agreement
Creator: AWU
Folder 10: Australia - Boilermakers and Blacksmiths' Society, 1969
Conference Delegate's Guide Book, Industrial Agreement
Creator: BBS
Folder 11: Australia - Commonwealth Public Service Association, April, 1969
Union Official Organ
Creator: CPSA
Folder 12: Australia - Electrical Trades Union, 1968-77
Rules, Handbook, Union Newspaper, Union Official Organ, Annual Report
Creator: ETU
Folder 13: Australia - Federated Clerks Union, 1975
Rules, Reports, Agreement Proposal
Creator: FCU
Folder 14: Australia - Federated Ironworkers' Association, 1966-74
Rules, Labor Agreements, Drafts and Amendments, Retirement Plan, Union Newspapers, Minutes of National Meetings, Union Election Materials
Creator: FIA
Folder 15: Australia - Federated Tobacco and Cigarette Workers' Union of Australia, 1969
Agreement between Rothman's of Pall Mall and FTCWUA
Creator: FTCWUA
Folder 16: Australia - Labor Council of New South Wales, 1975-95
Rules, Enterprise Development Agreement, Industrial Agreement, Annual Report
Creator: LC of NSW
Folder 17: Australia - Metal Trades Industry Association, 1958-75
Rules, Promotional Booklets, Educational Booklets, Policy Paper, Policy Review
Creator: MTIA
Folder 18: Australia - Municipal Officers' Association, 1964-75
Rules and Amendments, Hand book, Union News Paper, Reports, Awards, Policy Document, 50th Anniversary Materials,
Creator: MOA
Box 2
Folder 1: Australia - New South Wales Nurses' Association, 1968-69
Constitution and Rules, Union History, The Lamp - Union Journal
Creator: NSWNA
Folder 2: Australia - Public Service Association of New South Wales, 1966-76
Constitution and Rules and By-Laws, Union Official Organ, Annual Conference Agenda and Report, Union Newspaper
Creator: PSA of NSW
Folder 3: Australia - Vehicle Builders Employees' Federation, 1964-82
Rules, Union Journal, Union Bulletin
Creator: VBEF
Folder 4: Australia - Victorian Public Service Association, 1966-75
Rules and By-Laws, Union Journal
Creator: VPSA
Folder 5: Australia - Water and Sewerage Employees' Union, 1973-74
Industrial Agreement, Labor Dispute Decision
Creator: WSEU
Folder 6: Bolivia, 1996
Foreign Labor Trends Report - Bolivia
Creator: U.S. Dept. of Labor
Folder 7: Canada - Canadian Auto Workers, 1954-94
News Release, Newspaper Clipping, Educational Booklet, Union Magazine, Union Newsletter, Reports
Creator: CAW
Folder 8: Canada - Canadian Labour Congress, 1952-83
Publications List, Union History, Educational Pamphlet
Creator: CLC
Folder 9: Canada - Canadian Union of Public Employees, 1981-88
Collective Labor Agreement, Union Publication
Creator: CUPE
Folder 10: Canada - La Confederation des Travailleurs Catholiques du Canada, Inc., 1945
Publication - Syndicalisme ou Politique
Creator: CTCC
Folder 11: Canada - Council of Postal Workers (Conseil des Unions des Postes), 1970-84
Agreements, Handbook
Creator: CPW
Folder 12: Canada - Ontario Federation of Labor, CLC, 1961-81
Summaries of Policies, Historical Background, Educational Pamphlet, Legislative Proposals
Creator: OFL
Folder 13: Canada - Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, 1971-73
Agreements with the Treasury Board
Creator: PIPSC
Folder 14: Canada - Public Service Alliance of Canada, 1971-84
Agreements with the Treasury Board
Creator: PSAC
Folder 15: Canada - Public Service Alliance of Canada (2), 1971-74
Agreements with the Treasury Board
Creator: PSAC
Folder 16: Canada - Quebec Unions General, 1979-89
Box 3
Folder 1: Canada - U - Canadian Railway, 1948
Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Employees History
Creator: CBRE
Folder 2: Canada - Mixed Unions, 1971-82
Agreements of Council of Graphic Arts Union, Canadian Merchant Service Guild, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Federal Government Dockyards Trades and Labour Council, Canadian Office Employees Union, Canadian Air Traffic Control Association
Creator: CGAU et al.
Folder 3: China - General, 1973-2002
Shandong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Conference Proceedings, Newspaper Clippings
Creator: SPFTU; Washington Post; New York Times; Chicago Tribune
Folder 4: Czechoslovakia - Czechoslovak Revolutionary Trade Union Movement, 1969-81
Congress Documents, Magazine
Creator: ROH
Folder 5: Denmark - General, 1973-86
Newspaper Clippings Regardings 1973 Strike, Report of National Union of General Workers' Growth Commission
Creator: Wall Street Journal; NUGW
Folder 6: France - General, 1946-73
Reports to Confederation Generale du Travail, Newspaper Clippings Regarding French Labor
Creator: CGT; Washington Post; Chicago Tribune; New York Times;
Folder 7: France - Confederation Francais des Travailleurs Chretiens, June, 1963
Report to the National Council
Creator: CFTC
Folder 8: Germany - Deutsche Angestellten-Gewerkschaft, 1974
Newspaper Clippings, Organization Chart
Creator: DAG; New York Times
Folder 9: Germany - Deutsche Gewerkschafts-Bund, 1955-66
Union Newsletters, Bulletins, Declaration on the Reunification of Germany
Creator: DGB
Folder 10: Germany - I.G. BAU (Construction Workers Unions), 1963-73
Address Before Convention; Newspaper Clipping
Creator: I.G. BAU; Washington Post
Folder 11: Germany - I.G. Metall, 1971-94
Newspaper Clippings, Agreements, Educational and Promotional Booklets, Anniversary Publication, Union Magazine, Theses Possibilities Regarding I.G. Metall
Creator: I.G.M.; Washington Post; Wall Street Journal
Folder 12: Great Britain - General, 1951-2004
Newspaper Clippings, Postcards, Union Journals, Anniversary Publications, Agreements, Union Newspapers, Constitutions and Rules, Conference Proceedings
Folder 13: Great Britain - Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers, 1932, 1947
Conference Proceedings
Creator: AUBTW
Folder 14: Great Britain - Clerical and Administrative Workers' Unions, 1954-71
Handbooks, Conference Proceedings, Agreement
Creator: CAWU
Folder 15: Great Britain - Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (Amalgamated Engineering Union), 1954-87
Conference Proceedings, Promotional and Educational Booklets, Handbooks, Agreements, Union Newsletter, Newspaper Clippings
Creator: AUEW
Folder 16: Great Britain - Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (Amalgamated Engineering Union) (2), 1953-61
Conference Proceedings
Creator: AUEW
Folder 17: Great Britain - Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Draughtsmen, Undated
Negotiating Procedure and Agreements, Informational Publication
Creator: AESD
Folder 18: Great Britain - General and Municipal Workers, 1953-96
Union Journals, Accounts Report, Educational and Promotional Booklets, Handbooks, Policy Documents, Reports to Annual Congress, Rules,
Creator: GMW (GMB)
Folder 19: Great Britain - General Federation of Trade Unions, 1937, 1971
Report of Trade Union Organization, Federation News - Quarterly Publications
Creator: GFTU
Folder 20: Great Britain - National and Local Government Officers Association, 1965-68
Constitution and Rules, Reports,
Creator: NALGO
Folder 21: Great Britain - National Union of Mineworkers, 1945-73
Organization Chart, Information Pamphlets, Newspaper Clippings
Creator: NUM; Chicago Tribune
Folder 22: Great Britain - Association of Patternmakers and Allied Craftsmen, 1956-74
Agreement, Reports
Creator: APAC (UPA)
Box 4
Folder 1: Great Britain - Society of Radiographers, July, 1974
Submission of Evidence to the Halsbury Committee of Enquiry
Creator: S of R
Folder 2: Great Britain - Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions, 1953-75
Agreements, Promotional Booklet, Conference Proceedings
Creator: CSEU
Folder 3: Great Britain - Association of University Teachers, January, 1978
AUT Bulletin
Creator: AUT
Folder 4: Great Britain - National Union of Teachers, 1968
NUT Member's Handbook
Creator: NUT
Folder 5: Great Britain - Trades Union Congress, 1954-84
Promotional Booklets, Training and Short Course Materials, Educational Booklets and Pamphlets,Union Reports on Economics and Membership, Rules and Standing Orders, Agreements, Policy Documents, Handbooks, Union Histories, Newspaper Clippings,
Creator: TUC; New York Times
Folder 6: Great Britain - Transport and General Workers Union, 1952-75
Union History, Handbooks, Agreement, Informational Booklets, Report, Union Newspaper, Newspaper Clippings
Creator: TGWU; New York Times; Chicago Tribune; Wall Street Journal;
Folder 7: India - Hind Mazdoor Sabha, 1958
Convention Report and Address, Code of Discipline in Industry, Submission to Pay Commission
Creator: HMS
Folder 8: India - Indian National Trade Union Congress, 1953-59
Reports, Session Proceedings and Addresses, Constitution
Creator: INTUC
Folder 9: India - Rashtriya Mill Mazdoor Sangh, Undated
Union Booklet, Union Newspaper
Creator: RMMS
Folder 10: India - Tata Workers' Union, 1956
Creator: TWU
Folder 11: Ireland - Irish Congress of Trade Unions, 1980
Annual Report
Creator: ICTU
Folder 12: Israel - Histadrut, 1966-85
Union Newsletter, 50th Anniversary Publication, Union Magazine
Creator: Histadrut
Folder 13: Italy - General, 1972-74
Report to FISBA-CISL Convention, Newspaper Clipping
Creator: FISBA-CISL; New York Times
Folder 14: Japan - General, 1949-86
Labor Agreement, Union Newsletter
Folder 15: Japan - Denki-Roren (Electrical Machine Workers' Union), 1961-84
General Information, Handbook
Creator: Denki-Roren
Folder 16: Japan - Densan (Electrical Power Workers Union), April, 1953
Recent  Internal Trade Union Developments
Creator: Densan
Folder 17: Japan - Fujitsu Workers Union, Undated
Young Members' Publications
Creator: FWU
Folder 18: Japan - Japan Radio Workers Union, June, 1954
Creator: JRWU
Folder 19: Japan - Jichiro (Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union), 1962
Summary of Union Activities
Creator: Jichiro
Folder 20: Japan - Jidosha Roren (Federation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions), 1983-84
Educational Booklet, Informational Booklet, Agreement
Creator: Jidosha Roren
Folder 21: Japan - Kokuro (Railway Workers' Union of Japan), 1961-73
Constitution and Rules, Newspaper Clippings
Creator: Kokuro; St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Chicago Tribune; Wall Street Journal
Folder 22: Japan - Matsushita Electric Industrial Workers Union, 1979-86
Survey Results, Informational Booklet, Agreements, University of Illinois ILIR Translation of Union Materials (Constitution, By-Laws, Union Song, Collective Agreement, Sub-Agreements on Wages and Salaries and Severence Pay)
Creator: MEIWU; U of I ILIR
Box 5
Folder 1: Japan - Nikkyoso (Japanese Teachers' Union), 1964
Papers on the Japanese Teachers' Union
Creator: Nikkyoso
Folder 2: Japan - Sohyo (General Council of Trade Unions of Japan), 1953-72
Informational Booklets, Summary of Union Activities, Union Correspondence, Policy Documents, Report on Wages
Creator: Sohyo
Folder 3: Japan - Tanro (Japan Coal Miners' Union), 1959
General Information Booklets
Creator: Tanro
Folder 4: Japan - Tekkororen, May, 1964
General Information and Organization Chart
Creator: Tekkororen
Folder 5: Japan - Zendentsu (Japan Telecommunications Workers' Union), ca. 1961
General Inforamtion Booklet
Creator: Zendentsu
Folder 6: Japan - Zenro (Japanese Trade Union Congress), 1954-60
Policy Documents, Charter
Creator: Zenro
Folder 7: Mexico - General', August, 1974
Newspaper Clipping Regarding Authentic Workers Front
Creator: Wall Street Journal
Folder 8: Netherlands - Nederlands Verbond van Vakverenigingen (Netherlands Federation of Trade Unions), 1952
International Information Bulletin (4 editions - 15, 18, 19, 20)
Creator: NVV
Folder 9: New Zealand - New Zealand Federation of Labour, 1977-86
Minutes and Reports of Conference Proceedings, Presidential Address, Report of Unemployment Conference, Union Newspaper
Creator: NZFoL
Folder 10: New Zealand - New Zealand Federation of Labour - Bulletin, 1978-81
Union Newspaper
Creator: NZFoL
Folder 11: Nigeria - General, 1971
Reprinted Agreement of Nigerian Union of Bank, Insurance and Allied Workers (International Institute for Labour Studies)
Creator: IILS
Folder 12: Norway - General, 1947-55
Agreements of the Norweigan Federation of Trade Unions
Creator: NFTU
Folder 13: Pakistan - General, February, 1956
All Pakistan Confederation of Labour Publication (Including Constitutions and Lists of Unions)
Creator: PCL
Folder 14: Philippines - General, 1982-89
Agreement of Precesion Electronics Corp. Workers Union, Newsletter of Philippine Workers Support Committee
Creator: PECWU; PWSC
Folder 15: Philippines - Kilusang Mayo Uno, 1986-2003
Union International Newsletter
Creator: KMU
Folder 16: Philipinnes - Philippines Trade Union Council, 1958
Newspaper Clippings, Leadership Listing, Yearbook
Creator: PTUC
Folder 17: Singapore - General, June, 1973
Newspaper Clipping Regarding Singapore Workers Unrest
Creator: Washington Post
Folder 18: Singapore - National Trade Unions Congress, 1981-98
Conference Reports and Addresses, Policy Documents, Promotional Booklets,May Day Souvenir Magazine
Creator: NTUC
Box 6
Folder 1: Singapore - Perjuangan, 1968-73
Official Organ of the National Trade Union Congress
Creator: NTUC
Folder 2: Singapore - Perjuangan, 1974-80
Official Organ of the National Trade Union Congress
Creator: NTUC
Folder 3: Singapore - National Union of Plantation Workers, 1965
Photographs, General Report
Creator: NUPW
Folder 4: Singapore - Amalgamated Union of Public Employees, 1966-67
Mimbar - Journal of the AUPE
Creator: AUPE
Folder 5: South Africa - General, November,1972
Newspaper Clipping Regarding Right-Wing White Unionists
Creator: New York Times
Folder 6: Spain - General, April, 1972
Newspaper Clippings Regarding Matadors' Strike
Creator: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Folder 7: Sweden - Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), 1973-95
Union Library Materials, Union Newsletter, Union History, Educational Material, Informational Booklets, Report Summaries, Addresses, Organization Chart
Creator: LO
Folder 8: Sweden - LO Agreements, 1946-58
Creator: LO
Folder 9: Sweden - LO Press Releases, 1962-70
Press Releases
Creator: LO
Folder 10: Sweden - LO Press Releases, 1971-91
Press Releases
Creator: LO
Folder 11: Sweden - Swedish Metalworkers' Union, 1965-82
Promotional Booklet, Report, Union Magazine
Creator: SMU
Folder 12: Sweden - Swedish Railwaymen's Union, ca. 1948
Promotional Booklet
Creator: SRU
Folder 13: Sweden - Central Organization of Salaried Employees (TCO), 1964-94
Promotional and Educational Booklets, Newspaper Clipping
Creator: TCO; Wall Street Journal
Folder 14: Sweden - Swedish Professional Workers, 1967
Informational Booklet
Creator: SACO
Box 7
Folder 1: Switzerland - Schweizerischen Metall- und Uhrenarbeitnehmer-Verbandes, 1976-77
Union Newspaper - SMUV Zeitung
Creator: SMUV
Folder 2: Taiwan - Chinese Federation of Postal Workers, 1980-2002
Union Newsletter
Creator: CFPW
Folder 3: Thailand - General, 1996
Foreign Labor Trends Report - Thailand
Creator: U.S. Dept. of Labor
Folder 4: Trinidad - General, ca. 1974
Agreement of Seamen and Waterfront Workers' Union
Creator: SWWTU
Folder 5: Turkey - General, 1977
News Bulletin of Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (TURK-IS)
Creator: TURK-IS
Folder 6: USSR - General, December, 1990
Newspaper Clipping Regarding Soviet Military Labor Movement
Creator: Memphis Commercial Appeal
Folder 7: USSR - All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, 1951-72
Constitution, Report, Policy Document, Rules
Creator: AUCCTU
Folder 8: USSR - Metallurgical Workers Union, 1966
Creator: MWU
Folder 9: Yugoslavia - General, 1968
Report of Congress of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Yugoslavia
Creator: CTUY

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