Alpha Tau Omega Archives Access Policies


The Alpha Tau Omega Archives are maintained for ATO by the University of Illinois Archives at Urbana-Champaign.  They are available for use at the UIUC Archives Research Center, 1707 South Orchard, Urbana, Illinois.

Access of ATO Archives materials is governed by the general University Archives policy and the deposit agreement between ATO and the University.  New materials enter the collection on a biannual basis; processing these files takes considerable time and effort.  Consequently, not all of the collection may be available to ATO Archives visitors.

In general, ATO publications and photographs may be viewed without requiring special permission from the ATO National Headquarters.  This also applies to chapter files more than seven years old.  Either the ATO Headquarters or the ATO Archives can approve such uses.  If you request specific articles from ATO publications or specific portions of the "open" chapter files, the Archives can copy and send up to twenty pages to you at no charge.  The same applies to photocopies or faxes of photographs.  Duplication of photographs is more complicated; you will be charged for any and all reproduction costs unless you bring your own camera for private study.  All uses of the ATO Archives will be recorded on a standard University Archives reference card.     

Use of other materials in the collection requires advance permission from the ATO National Executive Director, those offices will then relay your request to the Archives.  You will have to complete and sign a User Agreement Form.

Special restrictions govern access to correspondence files less than seven years old and to materials concerning the Ritual and Secret Work.  For more information, contact the ATO National Executive Director (or his designee).

Users of photos and other items from the ATO Archives agree not publish any portion of them without the express written permission of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.  Further, they assume sole responsibility for any infringement of the copyright, literary, or other rights which pertain to this material.

Types of Use
  Looking at original materials in the ATO Archives
  Requesting photocopies and faxes of items in the collection.
  Requesting and using photographs


Forms and Policy Statements
  ATO Archives User Agreement Form
  ATO Archives Photographic Use Policy
    -Policy and procedures for National Headquarters users
    -Policy and procedures for non-NHQ users
  University Archives reference card
  UIUC Archives Photographic Use Form
  UIUC Agreement on Duplicating Textual Archival and Manuscript Materials


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