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Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity Board of Directors
  Series No. 41/90/1 Board of Directors/High Council Minutes
  Series No. 41/90/2 Board of Directors/High Council Correspondence
  Series No. 41/90/3 Board of Directors/High Council Subject File
  Series No. 41/90/4 Financial Records
  Series No. 41/90/5 Constitutions, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures
  Series No. 41/90/10 Membership Clause File


Alpha Tau Omega Foundation
  Series No. 41/91/1 ATO Foundation Board of Governors Minutes and Reports
  Series No. 41/91/2 ATO Board of Governors Correspondence and Foundation Subject File
  Series No. 41/91/5 ATO Scholarships File
  Series No. 41/91/6 ATO Leadershape Institute Subject File


Alpha Tau Omega Administrative Staff and Services
  Series No. 41/92/1 Chief Executive Officer Correspondence and Subject File
  Series No. 41/92/2 ATO National Headquarters Correspondence and Subject File
  Series No. 41/92/3 Communications and Publications Subject File
  Series No. 41/92/4 ATO Administrative Form Letters
  Series No. 41/92/5 ATO Expansion File
  Series No. 41/92/6 Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group Correspondence and Subject File
  Series No. 41/92/7 ATO National Headquarters Plant and Personnel
  Series No. 41/92/9 Ritual Subject File
  Series No. 41/92/15 ATO Membership Card File
  Series No. 41/92/17 ATO Membership Registers
  Series No. 41/92/19 Embossing Cuts and Engraving Dies
  Series No. 41/92/20 ATO Slides
  Series No. 41/92/21 ATO Negatives File
  Series No. 41/92/22 Films, Videotapes, and DVDs
  Series No. 41/92/23 ATO Sound Recordings
  Series No. 41/92/24 ATO Architectural Drawings
  Series No. 41/92/26 Clippings File
  Series No. 41/92/801 ATO Palm (loose issues)
  Series No. 41/92/802 ATO Manuals
  Series No. 41/92/803 ATO Directories
  Series No. 41/92/804 ATO Palm Microfilm
  Series No. 41/92/805 ATO National Newsletters
  Series No. 41/92/806 ATO Chapter Newsletter Publishing Service File
  Series No. 41/92/807 ATO Website
  Series No. 41/92/810 ATO Palm (bound volumes)
  Series No. 41/92/823 ATO Songbooks and Sheet Music


Alpha Tau Omega National Officers
  Series No. 41/93/1 Rulings, Orders, and Opinions
  Series No. 41/93/2 ATO Founders
  Series No. 41/93/3 ATO National President's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/4 Worthy Grand Chaplain's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/5 Worthy High Chancellor's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/7 National Treasurer's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/8 Province Chief Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/9 Alumni Director's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/10 Educational Advisor Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/11 ATO Historian Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/12 Legal Advisor's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/13 Music Director's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/14 Public Relations Director's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/15 Ritual Counselor's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/16 Worthy Grand Keeper of the Annals Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/17 National Secretary's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/20 Leadership Conference Director's Correspondence
  Series No. 41/93/31 Edgewater Conference File
  Series No. 41/93/33 ATO Expulsions


Alpha Tau Omega Congresses, Conferences, and Workshops
  Series No. 41/94/1 ATO Congress Proceedings
  Series No. 41/94/2 ATO Congress Subject File
  Series No. 41/94/3 ATO Special Gatherings
  Series No. 41/94/4 ATO National Officers Conference Subject File
  Series No. 41/94/5 ATO Regional Leadership Conference Subject File
  Series No. 41/94/6 Chapter Officers' Leadership Conference Subject File
  Series No. 41/94/801 ATO Congress Published Proceedings


Alpha Tau Omega Chapters
Series No. 41/95/1 ATO Chapter Files
  Series No. 41/95/2 Chapter Composites File
  Series No. 41/95/3 ATO Chapter Photographs File
  Series No. 41/95/4 ATO Chapter Condition and Standing Reports
  Series No. 41/95/5 ATO Chapter Charters


Alpha Tau Omega Alumni Associations
Series No. 41/96/1 ATO Alumni Associations Subject File
  Series No. 41/96/8 Alumni Publications


Alpha Tau Omega Personal Papers
  Series No. 41/97/1 Nathan Ford Giffin Papers
  Series No. 41/97/2 Robert J. Simonds Papers
  Series No. 41/97/3 Paul R. Hickock Papers
  Series No. 41/97/4 John J. Joseph Papers
  Series No. 41/97/5 Max Schall Erdman Papers
  Series No. 41/97/6 Albert Allen Wilbur Papers
  Series No. 41/97/7 Guilbert "Gil" L. Brandon Papers


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