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Digital Surrogates from the Council of Administration Records, 1900-1905 (Series 3/1/1)

Materials linked below include textual documents and other files drawn from the University Archives holdings. They are organized numerically by classification/record series number. Descriptions of the records may be searched via our holdings database in Archon.

File Description Size Modified
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index1-15.pdf   645.3 KB 2012-May-04
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index1-23.pdf   832.6 KB 2012-May-04
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index16-30.pdf   932.0 KB 2012-May-04
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index31-45.pdf   749.8 KB 2012-May-04
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index46-60.pdf   714.2 KB 2012-May-04
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index61-75.pdf   727.9 KB 2012-May-04
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index76-90.pdf   674.8 KB 2012-May-09
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index91-105.pdf   776.3 KB 2012-May-09
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index106-120.pdf   740.9 KB 2012-May-09
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index121-135.pdf   766.1 KB 2012-May-09
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index136-150.pdf   801.3 KB 2012-May-09
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index151-165.pdf   919.2 KB 2012-May-09
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index166-180.pdf   698.5 KB 2012-May-09
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index181-195.pdf   845.1 KB 2012-May-16
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index196-210.pdf   848.3 KB 2012-May-16
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index211-225.pdf   993.7 KB 2012-May-16
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_III_index226-228.pdf   180.4 KB 2012-May-16
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index12.pdf   3.7 MB 2012-Apr-30
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index13-30.pdf   736.5 KB 2012-Apr-30
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index31-48.pdf   840.2 KB 2012-May-02
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index49-65.pdf   837.4 KB 2012-May-02
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index66-82.pdf   1,007.9 KB 2012-May-02
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index83-100.pdf   997.4 KB 2012-May-02
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index101-119.pdf   956.2 KB 2012-May-04
[pdf] 0301001_1_1_vol_II_index120-138.pdf   1.1 MB 2012-May-04
25 Files - 0 Folders   Total size: 22.5 MB