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Digital Surrogates from the College of Engineering Annual Reports, 1906-1959, 1970-1971, 1987-1988 (Series 11/01/03)

Browse the digital surrogates from the College of Engineering Annual Reports. For more information, please see the Annual Reports catalogue record in Archon.

File Description Size Modified
[pdf] 1906_1909_opt.pdf   23.0 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1912_1913_opt.pdf   24.0 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1912_1913_statistics_opt.pdf   24.0 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1915_1920_opt.pdf   93.3 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1920_1923_opt.pdf   86.8 MB 2014-Apr-10
[pdf] 1924_1928_opt.pdf   77.6 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1928_1938_opt.pdf   67.5 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1939_1949_opt.pdf   47.5 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1949_1959_opt.pdf   33.0 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1960_1970_opt.pdf   52.9 MB 2014-Apr-11
[pdf] 1970_1971_opt.pdf   15.7 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1978_1979_opt.pdf   7.0 MB 2014-Apr-11
[pdf] 1987_opt.pdf   8.4 MB 2014-Apr-08
[pdf] 1988_opt.pdf   8.0 MB 2014-Apr-08
14 Files - 0 Folders   Total size: 568.9 MB