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Digital Surrogates of Highway Engineering Conference Materials, 1914-1934 (Series 11/05/831).

Browse the digital surrogates of the Highway Engineering Conference Materials. For more information, please see the Conference Materials catalogue record in Archon.

File Description Size Modified
[pdf] elements_necessary_for_highest_success_1925_opt.pdf   4.2 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1914_opt.pdf   3.8 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1915_opt.pdf   5.7 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1916_opt.pdf   7.5 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1917_opt.pdf   7.9 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1918_opt.pdf   4.5 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1919_opt.pdf   4.6 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1920_opt.pdf   1.6 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1921_opt.pdf   6.0 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1922_opt.pdf   2.4 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1924_opt.pdf   2.7 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1925_opt.pdf   2.8 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1926_opt.pdf   2.7 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1927_opt.pdf   2.3 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1928_opt.pdf   2.1 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1929_opt.pdf   2.3 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1931_opt.pdf   2.6 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1932_opt.pdf   1.1 MB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_1934_opt.pdf   1,000.6 KB 2013-Aug-21
[pdf] short_course_evening_session_1931_opt.pdf   508.3 KB 2013-Aug-21
20 Files - 0 Folders   Total size: 68.2 MB