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Society for the Preservation of Greek Housing Records (Records Series 12/8/24) | Electronic Records

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[dir] 505 E. Chalmers, C (Newman Hs)   [dir] 2013-Sep-16
[dir] 1011 S. Sixth, Champaign   [dir] 2013-Sep-16
[dir] Alpha Sigma Phi 5.2008 razed 2008   [dir] 2013-Sep-16
[dir] C-U Chapter houses   [dir] 2013-Sep-16
[dir] Sigma Chi, 3.2010   [dir] 2013-Sep-16
[dir] Sigma Nu House, 3.2004   [dir] 2013-Sep-16
[dir] Theta Xi, 5.2008   [dir] 2013-Sep-16
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