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Stanley Smith Papers, 1957-2006 (Series 15/5/50)

Browse Stan Smith's course materials and course webpages. Smith spent much of his career developing computer-based educational materials for general and organic chemistry. He migrated much of his software to a web-based format in the late 1990s and early 2000s. For more information, please see Smith's catalogue record in Archon.

PLEASE NOTE: These folders contain a number of web pages, some of which work and some of which do not. Most were designed to be used on a PC with an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. 'Index' pages have been noted when known. Please feel free to browse through his files, but know that many of the file formats are older or out-of-date and are to be used at your own risk.

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[dir] BCCE   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] BrownBag   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] ch106Brass   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Ch231Ex1sample   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Chem 234 PP F02   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] chem234exams   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Chem234old   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Chem234syll02   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] chem337   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] chem337syllabus   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] chemaze   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] nRogers   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Organic   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Rogers   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Word Documents   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] WWWroot   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
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