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Boris Balinsky Memoir (Record Series 15/35/57)

Typewritten 341 page memoir of Boris Ivan Balinsky (1905- ), including recollections of his early life in Kiev and Irpen; family and relatives; the Russian civil war (1917-21); the College of Paul Galahan; appointments and research in embryology and histology; research on newts, stoneflies and mice; the Omelchenko Biological Institute; the Ukranian Academy of Science; the Kiev University; summer excursion to the Crimea and the Caucasus; scientific colleagues; the Communist Party; NKVD raids and trials; the imprisonment of his wife Katia (1937-39); military service (1935); World War II and the German occupation of Kharkov and Kiev; and emigration to Poznan, Berlin, Tubingen, Heidelberg and Munchen (Munich); second marriage to Elizabeth Stengel (1947); research at the Institute of Animal Genetics in Edinburgh (1947-49); and departure for Johannesburg (1949).

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