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Course Catalogs and Registers (Record Series 25/3/801)

Download full text of Course Catologs and Registers. A printed index is available in the Archives Search Room.

File Description Size Modified
[dir] Box 03   [dir] 2013-Feb-04
[pdf] 1867.pdf   1.3 MB 2006-Feb-23
[pdf] 1868-1869VERSION A.pdf   1.7 MB 2006-Feb-23
[pdf] 1868-1869VERSION B.pdf   1.7 MB 2006-Feb-23
[pdf] 1868.pdf   1.0 MB 2006-Mar-15
[pdf] 1869-1870.pdf   1.7 MB 2006-Feb-23
[pdf] 1870-1871.pdf   2.2 MB 2006-Feb-23
[pdf] 1871-1872.pdf   3.0 MB 2006-Feb-23
[pdf] 1872-1873.pdf   3.3 MB 2006-Feb-24
[pdf] 1873-1874.pdf   3.0 MB 2006-Feb-24
[pdf] 1874-1875.pdf   3.2 MB 2006-Feb-24
[pdf] 1875-1876.pdf   3.3 MB 2006-Feb-24
[pdf] 1876-1877.pdf   3.3 MB 2006-Feb-24
[pdf] 1877-1878Version A.pdf   3.3 MB 2006-Mar-01
[pdf] 1877-1878Version B.pdf   3.3 MB 2006-Mar-15
[pdf] 1878-1879.pdf   3.6 MB 2006-Mar-01
[pdf] 1879-1880.pdf   3.3 MB 2006-Mar-01
[pdf] 1880-1881.pdf   3.1 MB 2006-Mar-01
[pdf] 1881-1882.pdf   3.2 MB 2006-Mar-01
[pdf] 1882-1883.pdf   3.2 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1883-1884.pdf   3.5 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1884-1885.pdf   4.5 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1885-1886.pdf   5.0 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1885.pdf   4.1 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1886-1887.pdf   3.9 MB 2006-Mar-14
[pdf] 1887-1888.pdf   4.5 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1888-1889.pdf   5.2 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1889-1890.pdf   5.2 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1890-1891.pdf   3.4 MB 2006-Mar-03
[pdf] 1891-1892.pdf   9.6 MB 2006-Mar-03
[pdf] 1892-1893.pdf   12.5 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1893-1894.pdf   7.1 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1894-1895.pdf   10.0 MB 2006-Mar-03
[pdf] 1895-1896.pdf   10.1 MB 2006-Mar-08
[pdf] 1896-1897.pdf   9.1 MB 2006-Mar-06
[pdf] 1897-1898.pdf   10.8 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1898-1899.pdf   11.7 MB 2006-Mar-07
[pdf] 1899-1900.pdf   12.4 MB 2006-Mar-07
37 Files - 1 Folders   Total size: 184.4 MB