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Carl Stephen Manuscript History of the University (Record Series 26/1/21)

This page includes digital surrogates of the manuscript from Box 1 of Record Series 26/1/21, the history of the early years of the University of Illinois.

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[pdf] Chapter1.pdf   3.2 MB 2013-Nov-04
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[pdf] Chapter4.pdf   7.8 MB 2013-Oct-31
[pdf] Chapter5.pdf   9.9 MB 2013-Oct-31
[pdf] Chapter6.pdf   8.3 MB 2013-Oct-31
[pdf] Chapter7.pdf   15.1 MB 2013-Oct-31
[pdf] Chapter8.pdf   16.0 MB 2013-Oct-31
[pdf] Chapter9.pdf   22.9 MB 2013-Oct-31
[pdf] Chapter10.pdf   18.9 MB 2013-Nov-01
[pdf] Chapter11.pdf   21.0 MB 2013-Nov-01
[pdf] Chapter12.pdf   27.9 MB 2013-Nov-01
[pdf] Chapter13.pdf   23.6 MB 2013-Nov-01
[pdf] Chapter14.pdf   13.7 MB 2013-Nov-01
[pdf] Chapter15.pdf   6.7 MB 2013-Nov-01
[pdf] Chapter16.pdf   7.6 MB 2013-Nov-01
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