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[dir] 32nd Armored Regiment After Action Reports, Photo, and War Diary   [dir] 2016-Aug-16
[dir] 33rd Armored Regiment After Action Reports, Log Book, and Eaton's 5 Stars to Victory   [dir] 2015-Apr-27
[dir] 36th Armored Regiment After Action Reports and Regimental History   [dir] 2015-Apr-22
[dir] Anthony Hufnagel Oral History   [dir] 2013-Nov-22
[dir] Hanford Counts   [dir] 2014-Feb-17
[dir] Lee Garrett   [dir] 2012-Mar-03
[dir] Pictures of Dora-Mittelbau Concentration Camp   [dir] 2015-Mar-20
[dir] Publications of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment   [dir] 2014-Feb-28
[dir] Route maps of 3AD Divisions   [dir] 2014-Apr-29
[jpg] Airfield in Grossostheim, Germany 1945 3rd Armored division.jpg   2.6 MB 2013-Dec-18
[jpg] Cover page 3AD Historical and Pictorial Review.JPG   2.8 MB 2014-Jun-18
[jpg] Foreward of Spearhead in the West.jpg   3.1 MB 2014-Aug-07
[pdf] Miscellaneous Letters and Reports.pdf   3.7 MB 2014-Jul-03
[pdf] Patton's Desert Training Center, Article.pdf   3.5 MB 2015-May-08
[pdf] Photos of German Armor.pdf   504.0 KB 2014-Jul-03
[jpg] Spearhead Doughboy Cartoon.jpg   100.3 KB 2014-Jun-18
[jpg] Torten, Dessau map.jpg   2.8 MB 2014-Jun-17
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