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Born Digital Records from Neil L. Block Papers, 1979 -1987| Record series 35/3/418

This page includes a sample of electronic records from the Neil L. Block papers. For more information about this collection, please see the Neil Block Papers catalogue record in Archon.

File Description Size Modified
[dir] Fagan_DuncGa_001   [dir] 2015-Jun-08
[dir] GRR_DuncGa_001   [dir] 2015-Jun-11
[dir] Index to nearline contents   [dir] 2015-Jun-11
[txt] ASTMAPS.TXT   10.8 KB 1985-Oct-31
[txt] BIBLE.TXT   30.5 KB 1987-Sep-28
[txt] MW064137.TMP~d3riv.txt   6.1 KB 1987-Jan-16
[txt] MW194338.TMP~d3riv.txt   3.9 KB 1986-Dec-04
[txt] MW344097.TMP_2~d3riv.txt   21.1 KB 1987-Jan-13
[txt] MW344097.TMP~d3riv.txt   3.1 KB 1987-Jan-13
[txt] MW410313.TMP~d3riv.txt   1.1 KB 1986-Dec-04
[txt] MW432394.TMP~d3riv.txt   1.1 KB 1986-Dec-05
[txt] MW440614.TMP~d3riv.txt   1.1 KB 1986-Dec-04
[txt] MW464107.TMP~d3riv.txt   1.1 KB 1986-Dec-04
[txt] MW512673.TMP~d3riv.txt   1.1 KB 1986-Dec-04
[txt] MW521512.TMP~d3riv.txt   8.1 KB 1986-Dec-31
[txt] PLHOURS.TXT   10.5 KB 1987-Aug-23
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