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David Eisenman and Project 500 Files

The records shown on this page are digital surrogates of originals held by the University of Illinois Archival Research Center. The collection includes notes, letters, and articles about Project 500. These materials are intended for scholarly research purposes and should not be republished or redistributed. If an objection to their use occurs, please contact the University Archives.

File Description Size Modified
[pdf] Folder_001_Student_Protests_1965-1967.pdf   6.6 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_002_Ad_Hoc_Faculty_Group_1968-1969.pdf   7.0 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_003_Project_Press_Clips.pdf   8.3 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_004_Raw_Stuff_1.pdf   16.8 MB 2011-Apr-08
[pdf] Folder_005_Raw_Stuff_2.pdf   6.1 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_006_Illini_Union_Sit_In_1968-1974.pdf   10.8 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_007_Illini_Union_Incident_Coverage.pdf   3.3 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_008_Illini_Union_Incident_Statement.pdf   2.2 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_009_Eisenman_Correspondence.pdf   8.3 MB 2011-Apr-08
[pdf] Folder_010_Admitting_Slum_Products.pdf   1.3 MB 2011-Apr-05
[pdf] Folder_011_Admitting_Slum_Products_Manuscript.pdf   2.9 MB 2011-Apr-01
[pdf] Folder_012_Project_500_Background.pdf   17.0 MB 2011-Apr-01
12 Files - 0 Folders   Total size: 90.7 MB