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University of Illinois Student Health Service Annual Reports

Materials linked below are PDF surrogates of University of Illinois Student Health Services Annual Reports.

They are organized chronologically and are described in more detail at

File Description Size Modified
[pdf] 1916_18_opt.pdf   8.6 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1918_19_opt.pdf   6.9 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1919_20_opt.pdf   7.6 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1920_21_opt.pdf   7.6 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1921_22_opt.pdf   8.6 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1922_23_opt.pdf   13.7 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1923_24_opt.pdf   22.3 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1924_25_opt.pdf   10.4 MB 2011-Jan-26
[pdf] 1925_26_opt.pdf   11.2 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1926_27_opt.pdf   10.7 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1927_28_opt.pdf   7.7 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1928_29_opt.pdf   10.8 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1929_30_opt.pdf   9.3 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1930_31_opt.pdf   11.2 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1931_32_opt.pdf   3.0 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1932_33_A_opt.pdf   9.5 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1932_33_opt.pdf   2.9 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1933_34_A_opt.pdf   50.9 MB 2011-Jun-08
[pdf] 1933_34_opt.pdf   3.1 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1934_35_opt.pdf   19.0 MB 2011-Jan-13
[pdf] 1935_36_opt.pdf   27.7 MB 2011-Jan-13
[pdf] 1936_37_opt.pdf   15.7 MB 2011-Jan-13
[pdf] 1937_38_opt.pdf   18.5 MB 2011-Jan-13
[pdf] 1938_39_opt.pdf   21.1 MB 2011-Jan-13
[pdf] 1939_40_opt.pdf   19.6 MB 2011-Jan-13
[pdf] 1940_41_opt.pdf   18.1 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1941_42_opt.pdf   12.0 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1942_43_opt.pdf   12.3 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1943_44_opt.pdf   8.6 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1944_45_opt.pdf   8.7 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1945_46_opt.pdf   9.2 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1946_47_opt.pdf   9.7 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1947_48_opt.pdf   10.4 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1948_49_opt.pdf   11.2 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1949_50_opt.pdf   4.0 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1950_51_opt.pdf   5.7 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1951_52_opt.pdf   4.7 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1952_53_opt.pdf   4.7 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1953_54_opt.pdf   4.8 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1954_55_opt.pdf   7.9 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1955_56_opt.pdf   8.6 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1956_57_opt.pdf   4.3 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1957_58_opt.pdf   5.0 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1960_61_opt.pdf   2.2 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1961_62_opt.pdf   3.4 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1962_63_opt.pdf   3.6 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1963_64_opt.pdf   3.8 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1964_65_opt.pdf   3.7 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1965_66_opt.pdf   3.6 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1966_67_opt.pdf   5.1 MB 2011-Jan-14
[pdf] 1967_68_opt.pdf   4.1 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1968_69_opt.pdf   1.7 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1973_74_opt.pdf   8.3 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 1974_75_opt.pdf   5.7 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 2006-07_opt.pdf   15.9 MB 2011-Jun-08
[pdf] 2007_08_opt.pdf   4.0 MB 2011-Jan-25
[pdf] 2008_09_opt.pdf   3.8 MB 2011-Jan-25
57 Files - 0 Folders   Total size: 556.2 MB