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Digital surrogates of the Annual Reports (Record Series 60/7/801)

This page shows links to digitized records of the Annual Reports of the Library, containing a summary statement of the progress of the library and reports on staff and organizations acquisition program, cataloging program, physical changes and improvements and supplementary statistical information.

File Description Size Modified
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01947i00000_opt.pdf   598.6 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01948i00000_opt.pdf   980.2 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01949i00000_opt.pdf   1.7 MB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01950i00000_opt.pdf   812.8 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01951i00000_opt.pdf   709.3 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01952i00000_opt.pdf   657.4 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01953i00000_opt.pdf   930.3 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01954i00000_opt.pdf   536.0 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01955i00000_opt.pdf   453.6 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01957i00000_opt.pdf   366.7 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01958i00000_opt.pdf   477.0 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01959i00000_opt.pdf   824.2 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01960i00000_opt.pdf   1.1 MB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01961i00000_opt.pdf   1.5 MB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01965i00000_opt.pdf   302.4 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01967i00000_opt.pdf   318.8 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01968i00000_opt.pdf   325.3 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01971i00000_opt.pdf   510.2 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01972i00000_opt.pdf   527.1 KB 2008-Mar-31
[pdf] uiclibraryannualv01974i00000_opt.pdf   697.4 KB 2008-Mar-31
20 Files - 0 Folders   Total size: 14.1 MB